Best places to see street art in London's Brick Lane

Over the last 10 years, or so, London and more specifically East London have become known as the epicenter of the UK’s street art and graffiti scene and one of the street art capital of Europe. 

Internationally renowned street artists from across the globe and the UK travel to paint the neighborhood's famous walls, making it a must-visit street art destination.

Don’t miss the key London street art hotspots with our guide and Brick Lane Street Art complete with a Google location map.

Where is the best street art in London?

We often get asked where are the best places to find London street art, murals, and graffiti? Be the question via email or on Twitter we will more often than not suggest people take one of the many Brick Lane street art tours that are on offer in the neighborhood if they want to know a little more about the history of the area and the story behind Brick Lane's street art and the street artists who create the vibrant ever-changing works.

Our recommendations for those of you wanting to take this kind of tour would be Shoreditch Street Art Tours or Alternative London, both of whom have been awarded certificates of excellence by Trip Advisor. 

We have been friends with the teams who run these tours and take it from us they both have tour guides that are exceptionally knowledgable on the subject of Street art around Brick Lane and the surrounding neighborhoods of Shoreditch and Hackney.

For those of you who might not want to commit to a 2-hour tour with a large tour group, and maybe want to go it alone we have compiled a short Hookedblog Brick Lane Street Art Tour.

This guide includes some key street art locations and a Google map you can download to your own mobile device to help you track down some of the best street art and graffiti highlights in the area. Let’s jump in and take a look at where you can find the best Brick Lane street art.

Hookedblog Brick Lane Street Art Tour

The street art walking tour can be completed in about an hour depending on how long you spend at each location, but with street art to be found on every turn you might find yourself spending two or even three hours taking in all the artworks. And who knows you might be lucky and find a street artist in action at work on a new mural and stop to take in the progress.

Our self guided walking tour starts at Aldgate East Underground station ( District and Hammersmith and City trains stop at this station), taking you from one end of Brick Lane to another with our tour finishing up at the Shoreditch Overground Station.

On exit of the Aldgate East, Underground station turn right on to Whitechapel High Street walking toward Osborn Street. Turn down onto Osborn Street which continues onto Brick Lane.

01. Osborn Street, London

The first location is the Stolen Space gallery to the left as you head down Osborn Street. The gallery space is an artist-run gallery owned by London street artist D*face. The gallery regularly hosts exhibitions and it is always worth a visit for those who have an interest in street and urban art.

In addition to the exhibitions, the gallery has a small shop area to the front of the space with a selection of street art books for sale along with a selection of other artist merchandise from pin badges, stickers, teeshirts, and screen prints.

Continue down Osborn Street and the first spot on our Brick Lane Street Art map is a piece by Australian Street Artist Jimmy C pictured below.

There are a number of street artworks that are located on some of the side streets off Brick Lane and we have included a number in our list below as they are worth the short detour.

Jimmy C aka James Cochran - Brick Lane Street Art on Fashion Street, London

London based Australian street artist Jimmy C, aka James Cochran's mural on Fashion Street, London.

02. Fashion Street, London

A short detour to the left of Brick Lane down this side street is a must, there is a number of large pieces to be seen on Fashion Street including mural works from Australian street artists Jimmy C, Dreph, London graffiti artist Mr. Cenz, and HNRX. 

This is also a large wall of stickers and paste-ups that is frequently changing and features multiple artists both international and local. Street artists such as Donk London, Aida, Zombiesqueege aka Ben Rider to name a few. 

Double back down Fashion Street onto Brick Lane and our next stop is another must, head down Heneage Street which is adjacent to Fashion Street.

Street Art Tour of Brick Lane, London

One of a number of large-scale hand-painted paste-ups on Fashion Street, London. Pictured above is the work of American street artist Pyramid Oracle.

03. Heneage Street, London

Continue past the Pride Of Spitalfields pub ( great characterful old east end boozer) and head toward the outdoor kids play area towards the end of the street, turn back and you will see on the gable end of the buildings a large piece by London based Street Artist Phlegm

The black and white artwork features some of the artist's signature characters which work really well on this wall. 

Black and white street art mural by UK artist Phlegm

Directly opposite this Phlegm mural, you will see a small access passageway pictured below, cross into space and tucked away on the back wall is a large scale mural by London street artist Fanakapan with an impressive 3D helium balloon style piece featuring the lead character from the Pixar / Disney movie ‘UP’.

Other works on the street include an almost invisible piece by NY based artist Dan Witz, a shutter by Malarko (only visible when the business next to the Pride pub is closed), US street artist Never, and artists Hunto and Mr. Wany.

Street-Art-Tour-Brick-Lane Heneage Street

Hyper-realistic helium balloon Mural by Street Artist Fanakapan

London street artist Fanakapan's "UP" mural outside the 5thBase Gallery off Heneage Street, London.

Best places to see street art in London's Brick Lane

The striking mural work of British artist Dreph painted on one of the ever-changing walls in the Seven Star Yard car park located just off Brick Lane.

03. Seven Star Yard, London 

Back on Brick Lane and the next location on our walking tour is the Seven Star Yard, another small side access road to the left of Brick Lane. 

With a number of semi-legal walls to the back of the former Seven Star pub a now semi-derelict space, artists have over the years decorated the walls of the car park and this has now spilled over onto the walls of the building itself.

As to be expected with any hotspot the walls of the Seven Star Yard frequently changes and the images we featured here may differ to what you will see when you visit.

Layers and layers of posters and stickers have built upon the venue over the years and there is nearly always something interesting to photograph, and with the yard to the back scheduled from the hustle and bustle of Brick Lane, there is often artists to be found working on these walls.

Sweet Toof -  Brick Lane Mural Seven Star Yard

London Street artist Sweet Toof's mural in the Seven Star Yard.

Best places to see street art in London's Brick Lane

The black and white animal mural work of London based artist Thisone covers the entire back wall of the disused Seven Star Pub located just off Brick Lane, London.

Best places to see street art in London's Brick Lane

Layers and layers of street art paste-ups and stickers line this wall this ever-changing mural on Princelet Street as street artists frequently add new work to the wall.

04. Princelet Street, London

Continue down Brick Lane turn left onto Princelet Street where another pocket of street art has been slowing taking over some of the walls along this street. Here you will find some smaller paste-ups from both international and local street artists such as Barcelona based street artist Pez, French street artist Ardif

You will also find some smaller street murals include the much-photographed piece by London street artist Stik featuring two of his signature stick figures holding hands.

French street artist Ardif - Princelet Street

One of French Street artist Ardif's paste-ups on Princelet Street.

Best places to see street art in London's Brick Lane

Vibrant colours in the mural pictured above located toward the end of Hanbury Street painted by London based artist Jim Vision.

05. Hanbury Street, London

Leaving Princelet Street continue down Brick Lane until you reach Hanbury Street. The street intersects Brick Lane and you want to head down to the right rather than left, the large scale black and white crane painted by Belgian street artist ROA is hard to miss.

The much loved multi-story mural was painted by Belgian street artist ROA and is one of the few long-standing street art pieces in the area. Alongside the artists' work is another large work by Argentinian street artist Martin Ron with his nod to London with a larger than life Queens Guard break dancing.

The street is jam-packed with works to photograph, from the large works mentioned to smaller pieces on shop front roller shutters and a number of ever-changing smaller walls. Right to the end of Henage Street is a number of smaller walls with works from Columbian street artist Stinkfish and others.

Brick Lane Street Art Tour - London artist Dale Grimshaw - Hanbury Street

Pictured above is the work of London street artists Dale Grimshaw, Belgian street artist ROA and next to the ROA crane is the work of artist Martin Ron. 

This wall pictured with Dale Grimshaw's mural work is a popular location and the work frequently changes on this wall and it's possible you will see a different artwork on this wall when you visit, such is nature ephemeral nature of street art.

Mr.Cenz - Shoreditch Graffiti on Hanbury Street

One of a number of pieces by London based artist Mr. Cenz, pictured above is his piece on Hanbury Street, London.

The pictured Mr.Cenz mural was painted opposite the Dale Grimshaw mural above and again this is another wall that frequently changes. Both of these works have been painted over since we published this post with several other street artists having painted their works on these walls since. 

Street Art Tour of Brick Lane, London - Stinkfish

Close-up detail of the mural located at the end of Hanbury Street, painted by street artist Stinkfish.

06. Pedley Street, London

Further along Brick Lane, you will find Pedley Street a small alleyway that leads to the Allen Gardens park. The walls leading too and surround the park are popular spots with both street and graffiti artists with works frequently changing and no two visits will be the same in terms of what you will see. Should you visit over the weekend you are highly like to see some artists at work painting something new.

From Allen Gardens you can head under the rail bridge where you will find the Nomadic Community Gardens. A temporary community-built project on a plot of disused land that has was earmarked for development but the gardens have been growing and evolving over the number of years. Community allotments, a cafe plus a mixture of sculptures and buildings constructed found and salvages materials. 

The gardens have also acted as the hub for the London edition of the Meetings Of Styles, a graffiti festival which sees graffiti writers descend on the location to paint over a weekend each year. As such the walls along the train line are covered with an ever-changing selection of graffiti.

UPDATE: The Nomadic Community Gardens has sadly now closed but there is still plenty of graffiti and street art to be seen along the walls that line the Allen Gardens. This location of becoming of the new outdoor legal painting locations and the work on the walls frequently changes, sometimes almost daily! So always something new to be seen here on each visit.

Dan Kitchener aka DANK - Shoreditch Graffiti on Pedley Street

Close-up detail of the Pedley Street mural painted by London artist Dan Kitchener.

07. Grimsby Street, London

After exploring the Allen Gardens and the Nomadic Gardens we suggest heading back to Brick Lane and continuing onto Grimsby Street where you will find another large wall of ever-changing street art from small to large scale paste-ups and stickers and stencils. 

Be sure to look up and not miss the upside elephants painted by New York based artist Cernesto. Follow Grimsby street to the end where you will see another piece by London artist Stik. 

At the end of Grimsby turn left back down Cheshire street towards Brick Lane. There are some smaller pieces along Cheshire Street including the long-running piece by Irish artist FinDac.

Hookedblog's Brick Lane Street Art Tour - Cernesto flying Elephants Mural

Stik - Shoreditch Street Art on Grimsby Street

Towards the end of Grimsby Street, you will find this long-running piece by London street artist Stik.

08. Bacon Street, London

Back on Brick Lane continue until you reach Bacon Street on the left, but before turning onto Bacon Street be sure to check out the first building to the right featuring some stencil work from French street artist C215 and a large work by Brazilian artist Mateus Bailon

Cross over Brick Lane onto Bacon Street where we will find another long-running piece by Belgian Street Artist Roa whose black and white animal murals can be found in cities across the globe.

On this street, you will also find a tribute wall to local legend Charlie Burns who is often referred to as the 'King of Brick Lane'. Multiple artists have painted his portraits over the years and the current portrait features the work of Canadian street artist Kevin Ledo.

Hookedblog's Brick Lane Street Art Tour - C215 Stencil Portrait

Vibrant stencil work by regular London visitor, French street artist C215, pictured is just one of the artists many pieces in London.

Shoreditch Mural by Canadian street artist Kevin Ledo on Bacon Street

Portrait of Brick Lane legend Charlie Burns painted by Canadain artist Kevin Ledo on Bacon Street, London. Unfortunately, this wonderful mural by Kevin Ledo was heavily tagged over and it was not possible to repair the mural. A new portrait mural of Charlie Burns has replaced the damaged work by London based artist Jim Vision.

09. Sclater Street, London

Continue along Bacon Street turning right onto Sclater Street where we will find a number of painted walls along the last leg of our tour to Shoreditch Overground Station.

Expect to see work from British street artists D*Face / Himbad / Jonesy /Edwin / Mighty Mo and a number of others as some of the walls frequently change as international artists pass through the city.

From here it's only a short walk to the Shoreditch Overground Station next to Box Park ( the shipping container food and retail space) where our street art tour of Brick Lane concludes.

Artist D*face - Shoreditch Street Art Mural on Sclater Street

Pictured above is London street artist D*Face's mural on Sclater Street just off Brick Lane. The mural is painted on the outside of the artist Rebels Alliance coffee space.

Hookedblog Street Art Tour of Brick Lane Map

We have created a Brick Lane street art map below with all the key street art locations mentioned above with the featured artworks highlighted on the map, along with some other points of interest for food and drinks.

Feel free to download the map and save it to your mobile device for easy navigation. Should you want a more extensive tour that also takes in Shoreditch again we suggest getting in touch with one of the two Brick Lane Street Art tours we recommended at the start of the blog post.

Our London street art map will guide you to some of the area's street art hotspots where you are always guaranteed to see some of the classic London walls featured in this post as well as fresh new works.

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