Walthamstow Street Art Mural By Belgian Street Artist ROA featuring a large black and white badger

The last year in London has seen the loss of some long-running murals by Belgian street artist ROA, all of which have had goods run considering the high turnover rate of some London Street Art locations.

But lucky for us Londoners the Belgian street artist was in town back in October for a solo show at East London Gallery StolenSpace. Following the solo show, ROA returned again to London later that month to paint a new mural in the city.

Artist ROA's Waltham Forest street art

Commissioned by community organization St James Street Big Local, the street artist was invited over to the Walthamstow neighborhood to redecorate a large blank wall on the side of a supermarket next to the St.James Overground train station. 

We have previously featured another of their commissioned murals which saw them invite British street artist Phlegm to paint another wall further along the street.

The latest London mural painted by ROA features one of his signature large-scale black and white animals. As is usual for the artist, he paints wildlife that is specific or local to the country he is painting in, and for his Walthamstow street art mural, ROA has painted a large-scale badger.

It’s taken us a little longer than we had planned to get over to this part of town but the wait was worth it, the new mural is a great new addition to the city. Have a look at a selection of photographs we took of this new Walthamstow Street Art mural by ROA.

Close-up of Walthamstow mural by Belgian Street Artist ROA

Close-up detail of the ROA Walthamstow badger mural in London.

Close-up of Walthamstow Street art Mural By Belgian Street Artist ROA

Close-up of Walthamstow's Latest Mural By Belgian Street Artist ROA

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Close-up detail of Walthamstow's Latest Mural By Belgian Street Artist ROA featuring a black and white bird

Where to find the ROA mural?

Should you want to see the completed mural from ROA in person, make your way over to St. James Street in Walthamstow, London. 

The Walthamstow mural is painted on the side of the Tesco supermarket which is just next to St. James Street Overground train station. 

You can catch one of the many overground trains from Liverpool Street Station. Exit St. James Street train station and turn down the street to your left, you can't miss the mural work.

You can also check out this video below filmed by the team at Global Street Art of ROA at work on the St. James Street mural.

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