Based in Bogotá, Colombian street artist Stinkfish spent some time in London earlier this month and took the opportunity to create some new works while he was in town. Hookedblog caught up with the artist at work while he was in London and have covered the three vibrant street stencil pieces (covered here and here) he put up including the mural above in Shoreditch in East London.

Having left his mark on London and before flying back to South America, Stinkfish was invited down to Bristol by 1LoveArt who located a large wall for him to paint in St Werburghs Park, Bristol. 1LoveArt has just shared with us a short film they made with Vince John featuring Stinkfish at work painting this large Bristol mural titled 'Taj Mahal Girl'. Check out the film below and after stop by the 1LoveArt website to see some of the new original pieces Stinkfish painted for the gallery during his stay in Bristol.


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