Hookedblog has already featured Colombian street artist Stinkfish earlier this week covering the two vibrant stencil works the visiting artist created in Shoreditch, East London over the weekend (covered here).

Colombian Street Artist Stinkfish in London

Yesterday saw the street artist return to Shoreditch to create his third work pictured. As mentioned in our previous post many of the artist's works are based upon discarded photographs, magazines, old album covers, as well as the artist, own photographs. 

The life-sized standing figure with a small child is based upon a photograph Stinkfish took at Pokhara bus station in Nepal back in August of 2013, you can see the original image Stinkfish shared on his Instagram account below. 

The image was recently used by Stinkfish for a four-story mural he painted last month in Amsterdam and now recreated again here in London as a scaled-down version of the image.

A photo posted by stinkfish (@stinkfishstink) on

Photo was taken by Stinkfish in Nepal.


The finished London version of Stinkfish's work based on the photo above can be located on Rivington Street in Shoreditch.

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