Based in Bogotá, Colombian artist Stinkfish is the latest South American street artist to visit London. The last few weeks we have seen new street works across East London from Brazilian artists Sliks and Bailon (covered here) along with a number of works from Cranio, also from Brasil (covered here and here).

Colourful Street Artist in London by Stinkfish 

As with the other three artists mentioned, Stinkfish is a regular visitor to London making the trip here about once a year and leaving his mark on the city on each visit. Some of his previous shutters' works (covered here) and rooftop pieces (covered here) can still be seen as well as some smaller paste-ups and stickers.

We caught up with Stinkfish over the weekend as he was working on his second piece of the day, both spots located with help from Global Street Art. 

These two new vibrant street portraits like most of Stinkfish's works are based on discarded photographs, magazines, old album covers, or photographs of anonymous characters on the streets he has taken himself. 

A mix of abstract freehand spray work along with some multi-layered stencils are used to build up the layers of colour and shapes in the creation of his street portraits. Below is a selection of images we capture of the artist at work.


STINKFISH_HOOKEDBLOG_7323_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYAdding the finishing touches to the piece.





The second of the two pieces created by the artist on Great Eastern Street, London.


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