Hookedblog caught up with the legendary Spanish street artist PEZ yesterday in Hackney. PEZ first started painting his now iconic ╩╗smiling fish╩╝ logo in the streets of Barcelona as far back as 1999. He arrived into London over the weekend from Bogota (Colombia) where he currently lives, to begin work on his first London solo show early next month at Tony's Gallery.

Wasting no time at all the artist was eager to hit the streets and we caught up with Pez as work began on this mural late afternoon, featuring his signature fish characters. We were lucky enough to hang out with the artist as work progressed on the wall but with the evening temperature dropping , light fading and possibly a touch of jet-lag, plus the calling of cold beers the artist decided to finish for the day. Pez plans to return later today to complete the wall and we will bring you some photos once it is finished so watch this space...
PEZ PEZ PEZ PEZ "A Pez fan stopped to say hello and got the artist to sign his bag" PEZ And as promised here it is the finished wall from PEZ in Hackney. PEZ Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for additional photos and news.