Friday, September 04, 2015

Unveiling Beauty with Vermibus


On a recent visit to Berlin Hookedblog were lucky that our trip coincided with the grand opening of Open Walls Berlin's new gallery space. Previously based in Stattbad, the gallery have relocated to their new home in the heart of Berlin at Schröderstrasse 11. Following a delayed flight from London, we arrived into Berlin on a warm summers evening just in time to catch the preview of the gallery's new joint exhibition titled 'Grand Opening', which featured the work of New York based Public Art pioneer Jordan Seiler together with European art activist Vermibus.

We first met Vermibus a few years back when he attended the 2012 edition of the Moniker Art Fair in London with Guillaume Valentin and Elodie Bellanger of Open Walls Berlin. It was during this London visit we were lucky enough to accompany Vermibus on one of his night time adbusting missions which saw him installing a number of works across the city including the piece pictured below.


We ran into the artist again earlier this year at the BSA edition of the Urban Nation in Berlin and were happy on this return visit to the city to be able to catch up once again with Vermibus as well as met Jordan Seiler. After a few drinks while checking the new space and exhibition, we joined both artists as they took a short break from their show to hit the streets. Taking over a bus shelter in the neighbourhood, the two artists unlocked the light boxes, removed the adverts and replaced the posters with their art before heading back to their exhibition opening.


With this seasons Fashion Weeks fast approaching, Vermibus shared details with us of his next big project 'Unveiling Beauty' which will see him follow the route of the most influential Fashion Weeks, travelling to New York, London, Milan and Paris. He will analyse and reveal the true beauty that lies hidden behind the various campaigns that are forced upon the public spaces of these cities.

Vermibus has created a short trailer online to promote this upcoming project Unveiling Beauty, which will see him reflect on the use of the body, and on standards of beauty imposed from above, within the framework of the Fashion Week circuit, via a new series of public interventions. Unveiling Beauty, as the name suggests, reveals the beauty that lies hidden behind the make-up and the retouching that are used within the fashion industry and also as it publicly stages itself through advertising.


The Unveiling Beauty project will run throughout September across four cities. Be sure and keep your eyes peeled for Vermibus's public interventions should you find yourself in any of the four cities New York, London, Milan and Paris during their fashion weeks.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Stick it up: Shoreditch Street Art Stickers 3

We are big fans of stickers, from the one off hand drawn/ hand painted kind often making use of the free UPS sticker labels to the super slick batch printed vinyl die-cut stickers, we love em all.

We tend to photograph street art stickers on a regular basis but often find ourselves only sharing them on our Hookedblog Instagram account so here is our third edition of our Stick it Up: Shoreditch Street Art Stickers featuring a selection from the neighbourhood that have caught our eye over the last week. Some of the artists featured below include The London Police, Miss Me Art, 616, Seed One, Jaust, Corpse and more.


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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Malarko's Shock of the Goo @Boxpark London


It's been some time since we ran into one time Shoreditch regular Malarko Hernandez on the streets of East London. It would appear the artist has been busy at work in his studio the last number of months on his upcoming project 'The Shock of the Goo’. The exhibition set to take place at Boxpark on September 3rd will showcases a series of recently completed works from Malarko which are part of a larger on going project, that are formed on a base of juvenile tendencies and direct action.

 "Impatience and questionable humour flow through the works and are coupled with naive energy and an inquisitive subject matter, leaving the viewer asking: What is Goo? Where does Goo come from? Or even the ambivilous, Am I Goo? 

Cues are taken from the most important artistic movements from the last century in line with the title of the show, which itself is a take on the 1980 Robert Hughes Documentary that examines the rise and fall of Modern Art."

The show will be largely focused around crudely made ceramics made by the artist and represents an exploration of process, embracing the qualities of the physical medium, clearly expressing the idiom; out with the old and in with the the Goo. This is a medium that the artist has been exploring and experimenting with for some time, having shown a small selection of ceramic works at his 2013 show Puppy Snatcher (covered here).

Some of the ceramic works pictured above from Malarko's 2013 Puppy Snatcher exhibition at Beach London.

Malarko's The Shock of the Goo (flyer via Malarko, pictured above) will be on show for the month of September at BOXPARK in Shoreditch, with a private view on the 3rd September.

To coincide with the exhibition Malarko will host a week long pop-up in Unit 26 from 1st September. The pop-up space will house limited print editions and original artwork from the artist all of which will be available for purchase. As an added treat, Thursday 3rd will see the launch of a new screen print from the artist!

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Sunday, August 09, 2015

L7M & Jimmy C London Mural

LM7 & Jimmy C

We last caught up with South American artist Luis Seven Martins, aka L7M late last year on a bitterly cold London evening. The artist was braving the winter weather and was working on a mural in Islington, creating one of his signature expressive bird artworks that has come to be associated with the artist. On that visit to city the artist was working with our friends at Pigment London and The Real Art of Street who assisted the artist in locating the wall in Islington.

The artist has been travelling through Europe in recent weeks and took the time to stop in London again. On this visit L7M teamed up with Australian London based street artist Jimmy C, aka James Cochran to create a collaborative mural fusing the two artists distinctive styles together. The new mural painted  last week is location a short walk from Bethnal Green Station on a wall hooked up by the Hidden Streets of London.

  LM7 & Jimmy CLM7 & Jimmy CLM7 & Jimmy C

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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Montreal Street Artist, Stikki Peaches visits London


Montreal based street artist Stikki Peaches passed through London a few weeks ago en route back from Paris, France to Canada. The artist took the opportunity to hit up the streets of East London during his visit with a series of his large scale multi layered paste up works. Many of the installed works were collaged paste ups some of which featured collaborations with New York based street artist Dain who also uses collage to create his paste ups works.

Taking to the streets of the East End, Stikki Peaches installed a series of new works with help from London based 'Hidden Streets of London' who showed the artist around the neighbourhood. A number of the artists works were quickly removed/ torn down in the vicinity of Brick lane due to some of the collage content, many of which featured cuttings and images from vintage copies of Playboy magazine. We were luck to catch a large selection of the work before getting taken down, check out the series of works from the artist below.


Close up of the above image featuring some of the vintage collaged Playboy magazines.

StikyPeaches_HOOKEDBLOG_7998_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYStikyPeaches_HOOKEDBLOG_7999_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYStikyPeaches_HOOKEDBLOG_8023_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY One of the collaboration with NY artist DAIN.


As we have already mentioned a number of these works have already been removed but a few of those featured here are still up and those wanting to see them in person should hit up Fashion Street, Redchurch Street and Heneage Street to see the remain wheatpasted works.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

RUN Mural in E16, London


While Hookedblog have been away travelling our Italian friend and artist Giacomo Bufarini aka RUN visited E16 in London where he paint a new mural across a long stretch of wall bordering part of London's East to West Crossrail train line which is currently under construction right across the city.

The mural located close to the Custom House DRL station has been painted with assistance from the Howard Griffin Gallery who located the wall for the artist. With the space positioned in front of the Excel Business Conference centre and not far from London's City Airport the artist made some reference to theses locations in the work he has created. Have a look at our series of photos and should you find yourself in E16 be sure and check out the mural for yourself.


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Monday, July 20, 2015

Onesto and Mart Aire New Camden Mural

Argentinian artist Mart Aire is currently in the UK for a few weeks and has already been featured on Hookedblog with the first mural the artist painted shortly after landing in London(covered here). On completing the London wall Mart Aire headed up to Blackpool where the artist was taking part in this year editions of the Sand Sea Spray festival that took place over the weekend of July 10th.

Now back in London the artist teamed up with our friends at Pigment London and the Real Art of the street to collaborate on a wall with fellow South American artist Onesto, who is visiting London from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Onesto was also on this years Sand Sea Spay festival line-up and returned with Mart to London. The two artists met up late last week to collaborate and painted this new work pictured here under one of the railway arches in Camden. Both artists will be in London for some time yet so we can expect to see more from these two in the coming weeks.

Onesto_Mart_HOOKEDBLOG_3645_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY” height=

Onesto_Mart_HOOKEDBLOG_3634_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY” height=
Onesto_Mart_HOOKEDBLOG_3642_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY” height=
Onesto_Mart_HOOKEDBLOG_3659_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY” height=
For those readers wishing to see some artists painting live you can catch up with Onesto who will be painting live at the upcoming LATA Street Culture Festival 2015, happening at the Red Gallery in Old Street. Hosted by Braziliarty & Pigment London you can expect outdoor live painting and exhibition, film, talks and workshops over the weekend of August 05th – 08th August, 2015. Joining Onesto for the live painting event will be Thiago Goms, ONIO and  Waleska Nomura. More info on the upcoming festival can be found via the events Facebook page here.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

eL Seed paints John Locke quote in Arabic script

We recently shared some work in progress images of the celebrated French Tunisian artist el Seeds (covered here) at work on a new mural in London. eL Seed has now completed work on the huge Village Underground wall located on Hollywell Lane in East London. The calligraffiti artist was in London for this his first UK commission as part of the Shubbak festival, a celebration of Arabic arts and culture happenings at various locations across London until the 26th July 2015.

Working on this new calligraffiti mural over three days we caught up with eL Seed at work on the beautiful mural produced for Shubbak by Cedar Lewisohn. "Born to Tunisian parents in the suburbs of Paris, eL Seed did not start learning standard Arabic until his teens. This triggered a renewed interest in his Tunisian heritage, quickly developing calligraphy and graffiti as a visual and democratic force to directly communicate with people. Since the revolution in 2011 he has created numerous bold works in the country, including an epic journey for his book The Lost Walls of Tunisia, which is available here."

For his London mural eL Seed based the script in his mural on a quote from English Philosopher John Locke which reads, 'It is one thing to show a man that he is in error, and another to put him in possession of truth'. Despite the huge scale of the Village Underground wall and the volume of work to finish the wall, the artist was super generous with his time taking breaks from painting to stop and talk to admirers of his work as well as signing black books for his London fans. Check out our photos of the artist at work over the three days as well as pictures of the completed mural.

The impressive completed mural from eL Seed pictured below.

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