Monday, October 24, 2016

Fresh new works by artist HOGRE

In recent weeks we have been seeing an increasing number of works by the artist calling himself HOGRE. A mystery artist who we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting and with no instagram that we know of  a rare thing these days we have managed to track down a HOGRE Facebook page featuring some additional works from the artist. HOGRE is possibly better known to some for his smaller stencil works some of which are still visible around Hackney Wick including this one pictured below.

We have been fortunate to spot some of the artists recent works on our travels which has seen him illegally installing a series of posters into the London Bus Advertising shelters, opening up the advertising spaces and replacing the existing advertisements with his alternative posters. Due to the nature of these works and how frequently these commercial posters are changed by the media companies these works often disappear before we get to see them in person let alone capture them on camera so to catch not one but three on our travels this week was a result.

HOGRE_03_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYOne of HOGRE's stencil works in Hackney Wick.


The first of the three works featured what at first glance looks like an advert for the U.K.'s second largest chain of supermarkets Sainsbury's. The brand colours and messaging style is all very similar but if you stop and happen to notice the advert you will see that the artist has altered the messaging replacing Sainbury's with Saintrobbery's along with the tag line 'live well for less, Try It For Free'.


The other two poster works (both pictured, one up top) we spotted by the artist are part of a series with matching colours, messaging and styles, looking like they are part of a campaign for a new movie. But again if you stop and take note you will see that these posters are not advertising a Hollywood flopbuster but a 'Reality Show Where You Get To Steal From The Landlords' called what else but 'SQUAT THE LOT' which according to the posters is 'Coming soon to a useless empty building near you'. All three posters were spotted in different locations across East London and there are possibly more out there that we have yet to see. If anyone has seen any of his works let us know below in the comments section.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Robert Janz Visits London

Our summer visit to New York this year saw us catch up with the one and only Daniel Albanese aka The Dusty Rebel. Albanese is a New York based photography who we first met in person back in 2015 while we were working in New York documenting the work of Berlin based artist Vermibus and his Unveiling Beauty Project.(Previously on Hookedblog).

We have been following The Dusty Rebel website online for a number of years as it is where Albanese posts his daily photos covering various subjects including New York Street Art and it was great to catch up with him in person again on this visit. While we were in New York we also were fortunate enough to catch up with another street art photographer, also called Daniel or Halopigg as he is better know on Instagram. Based in Brooklyn, Halopigg gave us a tour of his neighbourhood while we were in town and we have previously shared some of the street art we saw in this post: Bushwick Street Art Tour with Halopigg.

Having seen some of the street art in Bushwick we wanted to see what was going down in Manhattan and when it comes to what’s happening in and around the streets of Soho for street art there was no one better equipped to take us on a quick tour of this part of New York than Albanese. Luckily for us he had some free time and we caught with him one evening for a quick tour of Soho. One of the artists work we were shown on the street was that of New York based artist Robert Janz. We recognised the style of the work and we are sure we have seen some of his work before on the New York streets but we were not aware who the artist was. Albanese shared with us that Robert Janz is very active on the streets installing works almost daily and to our knowledge at the age of 82 is probably the oldest artist working outdoors in the streets!

Once again Albanese has tipped us off as to a London visit by Robert Janz, who will travel to London for an exhibition of his work at the ArtBookArt Shop on Pitfield Street in East London. The event flyer suggests there will be some live water painting by Janz which we are very much looking forward to along with some readings.

"My street drawings are particularly swift to vanish. Like us, they soon survive only in photographs." — Robert Janz

Above is a trailer for a documentary about Robert Janz and his art and working in the street, we are not sure if the final film has been finished yet, if anyone has details on this let us know.

Exhibition Details 
Location: ArtBookArt Shop, 17 Pitfield St, London N1 6HB
Exhibition: 20th October 3pm — 8pm

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Beautiful hand drawn pasteups by artist JDK


We have already mentioned in a previous post featuring the work of Ant Carver the sudden rise of wheatpasted posters on the streets of Shoreditch and Brick Lane. We had suggested that the rise may have been in part due to the warmer September and October we have had here in London this year which has seen street artists continue to work outdoors.

Hookedblog have been spotting small pasteups here and there throughout the last year or so by artist JDK. Other than a few shared message over Instagram we don't know too much about this artist, what we do know if that she has previously worked as a sculpture on a number of large scale public works with fibre glass being her preferred medium of choice before moving to the UK.

In the last few weeks we have seen a whole new series of beautiful small scale hand drawn pasteups from the artist installed around Brick Lane and Shoreditch. Pictured here are a selection of the works we found on our travels around the neighbourhood which might possibly be designs for future sculpture works!


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Friday, October 14, 2016

Save Yourselves Exhibition in Hackney Wick

Back in August we were asked by Time Out to select some of our favourite London street art from the summer(Previously on Hookedblog). One of the pieces we selected was the Lord Napier Pub in Hackney Wick which saw a host of previous and current resident street and graffiti artists or the ‘Lunatics’ as curator and artist Aida Wilde called them, takeover and transform the pub with a riot of colourful works.

The Lord Napier pub (pictured above) redecorated by the 'Lunatics' earlier this year for Hackney WickED.

Save Yourselves

This October from the 14th, Aida Wilde has once again assembled these ‘Lunatics’ to bring you an immersive, visual and historical experience to Stour Space. In the run up to the exhibition the locals of Hackney Wick, Hackney WickED and Save Hackney Wick were invited to share personal photos, archival images and footage to be featured in the exhibition ensuring with these contributions Save Yourselves promises not to be just another gallery show but will offer an insight into this unique community past and present.
 “For at least a decade, the urban art landscape of the Wick has shaped and developed the aesthetic of this unique pocket of East London. Save Yourselves celebrates the art and the artists who have personal and emotional connections to the area. Many of these artists have gone on to become some of the most prolific street artists of our time. As most buildings are doomed for demolition, subsequently so is the rich heritage of urban art in East London. Is there now anything left to Save, apart from Ourselves?”

We stopped by Stour Space earlier in the week as Aida Wilde and a number of the artists were busy at work setting up the exhibition. With paint and paste flying around in amoung the sea of ladders and scaffold towers we managed to shoot a few teaser images which we have shared in this post. With such an impressive line-up of artists many of whom have regularly featured on Hookedblog over the years this is set to be one of the must see London Street Art show of the year, you do not want to miss this show, trust us.


The Artist Line-Up

MOBSTR (Previously on Hookedblog), Donk (Previously on Hookedblog), Zombie Squeegee, Static, Fatherless, Edwin, Mighty Mo, Sweet Toof(Previously on Hookedblog), Dscreet (Previously on Hookedblog), Unga, Deso, Malarko, Float, DONE, Gregg Abbott (The Hidden Print), Vesna Parchet, Teddy Baden, John Atherton, Hin, Sony, Darren John, RUN, Ronzo, Rowdy, Neoh, David O’Shaughnessy, Cristina Lina, Brenda Goodchild, Helen Ashton, Jo Hicks, Anna Chilton, Xenz, Busk, Fifth Wall TV, Rosa Romeo, Felicity Taylor, Gina Pellicci, Juliette Stuart, Allie Li, Ego. A. Sowinski, Pang, Tek33, ODC & Nudo de Víboras.

Exhibition Details 
Opening Night: Friday 14th October 2016, 7-10pm, free entry.
Opening Hours: Exhibition will be open daily until 31st October 9am-5pm.
Location: Stour Space, 7 Roach Road, Hackney Wick, London, E3 2PA

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Vibrant new mural by French street artist BAULT

The ever changing walls of East London's Hanbury Street are getting a new lick of paint from French surrealist painter and street artist BAULT. We caught up with the artist this afternoon at work on his first mural as part of the residency with Unit 5 Gallery which will also see the opening of his debut UK solo exhibition titled 'TAR' later this week.

Originally from the Aveyron region in the South of France and currently a resident of Paris, BAULT began painting graffiti back in 1997. Having studied at École des Beaux-Arts d’Avignon before moving to the school of Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg where he began to build on his graffiti background, evolving his artworks and experimenting with video art, graphic design and illustration.

According to Unit 5 Gallery Bault plans to transform the gallery space for this his first London show with a huge variety of works created with a plethora of traditional and non-traditional materials.

Bault at work on his Hanbury Street mural today, we unfortunately had to leave before we could see the finished mural but stay tuned for images from the completed work soon.

UPDATE 13th October:
Bault has now finished his Hanbury Street Mural. See the finished pictures below.
Bault_05_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYLook out, he's behind you!! Bault_07_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY Bault_06_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYThe completed mural.

Exhibition Details 

The exhibition will run at the space from the 13th October until 3rd November 2016.
Private View: 13th October 2016 at 7pm with drinks supplied by London Fields Brewery.
Location: Unit 5 Gallery, The Yard, Yorkton St (Dunloe St. Entrance) E2 8NH. 
Nearest stations: Hoxton overground // Old Street and Bethnal Green underground.

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