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The Annual UK Blog Awards have rolled around again and Hookedblog are happy to share with you we have be nominated for the 2017 UK Blog Awards #UKBA17 by some of our readers, a big thank you for the nominations.

This is now the third year that we have been nominated for the UK Blog Awards which recognise a multitude of industry social media talent across the UK. Our 2015 and 2016 nominations saw the blog make it through the public vote both years, (thanks to all your votes) and we was one of ten blogs in the category shortlisted for the award. Hookedblog has been Highly Commended in this Art & Culture category for the last two years and this year we are hoping for a win!!

For this years awards Hookedblog has been nominated in two different categories of the 2017 UK Blog Awards: Art and Culture, and Photography. The 2017 UK Blog Awards are now open for public voting from 5th December - 19th December 2016 and we would very much appreciate your vote to get us though to the next stage. Once the Public Vote closes the top 10 Blogs from each category will be put forward to selected expert Industry Judges who will make the final decision on the overall winner.

As Hookedblog has been entered into two different categories you’ll see a drop down menu here with three options where you can opt to vote for both of these from the same page or alternatively you can opt to vote for only one category entry either Art & Culture or Photography by selecting your preferred category.

If you are planning to vote for us obviously we would prefer if you selected the first Art & Culture and Photography option as this will count as two votes, one for each category.  To cast your vote you will be asked to enter your full name and email address. 

Vote for Hookedblog here.

Each voter will receive a confirmation email from the UK Blog Awards once your vote has been registered. You will be able to vote off any mobile device or desktop. Thank you all in advance for your votes for the 2017 UK Blog Awards : Wish us luck and stay tuned as we will keep you updated on our progress.

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Distraction, Destruction and Power Tools Mural by Fanakapan

It's been some time since we last caught up with London based artist Fanakapan, we last featured the artist on the blog back in August when he collaborated on a mural in the Star Yard back with Canadian street artist Birdo aka Jerry Rugg and the Horror Crew (Previously on Hookedblog).

As we have been in and out of the country we have missed some of his more recent mural works including a collaboration in Camden with Inkfetish which has since been replaced by another mural also painted by Fanakapan this time collaborating with American street artist Elle. Fanakapan has certainly been keeping himself busy the last few months he has also repainted the wall in the Star Yard more recently with a deflated Helium Star ballon mural which we shared on the Hookedblog Instagram account earlier this week and pictured below.

A photo posted by Hookedblog (@hookedblog) on

Hookedblog managed to catch up with Fanakapan earlier this week as he has been working a new mural in East London which has has titled 'Distraction, Destruction and Power Tools'. Yesterday saw him complete work on the large scale Village Underground wall in Shoreditch, London with what is possibly Fanakapan's largest London mural to date. You can catch his latest creation in person on Holywell Lane in Shoreditch.

Fanakapan_06_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYFanakapan at work on the Village Underground Wall. Fanakapan_05_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYThe completed Distraction, Destruction and Power Tools by Fanakapan on Holywell Lane, London.

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Vibrant New Mural by London Artist Mr Cenz

East London's Star Yard recently saw the return of London based artist Mr Cenz (Previously on Hookedblog). The artist has previously painted this wall on a number of occasion in the yard located just off Brick Lane, returning to give the wall a fresh coat of paint with a new piece of work. We try to regularly pop into the Star Yard if we are passing through Brick Lane checking in on new additions to the walls there and on one such occasion we found artist Mr Cenz midway through this new mural with a small gathering of people watching him at work.

Mr Cenz recent series of works sees the artist focuses on female faces, which are distorts in his signature style. The artist says he works from portrait as well as fashion photographs to "create unique interpretations, which are abstracted in a spontaneous and freestyle way to create interesting and mysterious compositions." These female portrait works draw on all the different influences and technical skills Mr Cenz has acquired over the years.

MzCenz_MG_1596_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYMr Cenz at work on his mural with an audience.MzCenz_MG_02_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY MrCenz_02_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYCloser shots of some of the details in the new mural. MrCenz_01_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY MrCenz_04_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYThe completed Mr Cenz mural in the Star Yard, London.

As we were short on time that afternoon we only managed to catch a few images of the artist at work and planed to return at a later date to photograph the completed work. With winter sun casting shadows across the work on a subsequent visit a third trip to the Star Yard was needed to get a photo of the completed mural pictured above.

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London Street Art: Catching up with Virgin Atlantic

We love sharing our Hookedblog story with others and shouting out about some of the amazing street art we get to document and share on the website. So when an email dropped into our inbox from Virgin Atlantic we were only too happy to have a chat with them about street art and specifically the London Street Art scene for an article on the subject.

Virgin Atlantic wanted to give their customers travelling to London an introduction to the London street Art scene and with this feature for their Virgin Atlantic Ruby blog they met up with everyone from street art tour operators to street art culture experts, and festival organisers who revealed how we have reached 'this exciting point in urban art history.' 

Hookedblog founder and photographer Mark Rigney spoke to Virgin Atlantic sharing with them his story of discovering street art and setting up a website to document and showcase the work, Mark says; “I had stumbled upon this sub culture, and I started to discover works plastered across walls, doors, lampposts and street furniture. Once your eyes are open to it and you start to look around, you become hooked, and the city never looks the same again. It becomes this huge outdoor gallery.” 

Virgin Airlines also caught up with fellow street art photographer Dave Stuart, who runs the award winning Shoreditch Street Tours in London. Also featured in the article is Lois Stavsky, founder of US street art site Street Art NYC as well as East London’s End Of The Line who speak about their involvement with the graffiti festival Meetings Of Styles in London. You can read the entire article 'A guide to London’s Street Art scene' over on the Virgin Atlantic Ruby blog here.

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South American street artist Finok on the streets of London

Hookedblog ventured over to Waterloo earlier today to catch a look at the fresh new work of São Paulo based street artist Raphael Sagarra aka Finok. Finok is one of Brazil’s rising young artists who is currently in London ahead of his upcoming solo show at Lazarides Rathbone gallery. Tropical Miscegenation will be the artists first London solo exhibition which will features a brand new series of paintings alongside the artist's most iconic sculptures and installations. We have been following Finok's work online for some time via his instagram account and it's great to get to see some of his work in person and here in London.


Speaking about the upcoming show Finok has said, “Years ago, while travelling through my home country of Brazil, I could see and observe the existing cultural diversity here. I really looked at people’s characteristics and facial features to examine what a “racial mixture” might be. I researched my own background and discovered I have Japanese and Spanish descent. The foundations of Brazil and its culture are made up of small portions of the entire world. The Brazilian way of life and society make this explicit; you see the miscegenation through the music, the beliefs, the culture and the gastronomy. 

I then began connecting a number of events from past to present situations: multiculturalism, slavery and cannibalism. The main character trait in Brazilian culture is miscegenation, reflected in everything we do. In many situations the present mimics the past, which will end up repeating itself in the future but in a different way. The colonial slaves no longer exist yet slavery still exists in the contemporary. Nowadays in Brazil we do not eat human esh, as some indigenous tribes did in the past to give them their enemy’s qualities, but in contemporary society there are other cannibalistic ways that take advantage of the enemy’s skills. 

 “Tropical Miscegenation” presents all of this; miscegenation in its purest form.”

FINOK_01_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY FINOK_04_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY FINOK_07_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYThe metallic paint used in the mural by Finok catching the sun. FINOK_06_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY The completed mural by Finok in Waterloo, just around the corner from Leake Street, London.

Tropical Miscegenation will open at Lazarides Rathbone with a private view on the 24th November with the exhibition continuing at the gallery until the 23rd December. Finok’s new street work can be seen in Waterloo on Addington Street.

Exhibition Details

Private View: Thursday 24th November 6-9pm
Exhibition runs: 25th November – 23rd December 2016 
Location: Lazarides, 11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR.

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