Saturday, April 18, 2015

Large scale pasteups from Pyramid Oracle in East London


London based New York street artist Pyramid Oracle continues to impress with his large scale hand painted pasteups across the city. The artist has been extremely active on the streets since his arrival in town and we have enjoyed discovering Pyramid Oracle's works on our travels. We have already featured the artist's work on the blog in the last two months over two blog posts here and again here and we have just come across two new large pieces of work the artist has added to those already on the streets of East London.


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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

French artist Koralie hits up London


It's always a delight to come across a fresh new piece of street art work for the first time, especially when it's been found in the most unlikely of places. Yesterday Hookedblog discovered this beautifully hand painted pasteup by Brooklyn based French artist Koralie. We have long been admirers of the work of Koralie and that of her husband, fellow street artist and tattooist Supakitch, who we visited in his Brooklyn studio in 2011.

Graduating with an MA in Art from University Paul Valery and in Architecture from Ecole d’Architecture de Montpellier, it was during her early days while living in Toulouse that Koralie was introduced to graffiti and street art meeting the Truskool crew ( Tilt, Der, Ceet) along with female artists Fafi, Lus and Kat. Collectively they encouraged Koralie to take her work from canvas to the streets and paint her first street mural, which on her return to her hometown of Montpellier became a regular part of her working process.


What has now become recognised as her signature style, a flamboyant geisha as pictured here, featuring a mix of graphic and cultural codes from various countries, customs and folk art, both ancient and contemporary. These large scale works can now be seen on the streets of many major European, American, and Japanese cities.  Koralie says she “loves costumes, headgear, jewels, traditional objects such as African braids, kimonos, African ‘boubou’, Indian bridal sarees, English curls, Indian American objects, lacework, everything about Marie Antoinette, Japanese ‘obi’ belts, clips, Japanese etchings, chandeliers”, she likes to work on materials from various origins and mix them according to different cultures: Russian dolls, African braids, Indian jewels… and Japanese inspiration". 

Koralie has just painted a series of windows, which are currently on show at the Ministry of Culture and Communication in Paris for a show called Oxymores that also features the work of L’Atlas, Combo, Eltono, Jean Faucheur, Honet, Lek et Sowat, Marko 93, O’Clock, OX, Surfil, Thom Thom, Jacques Villeglé et Gérard Zlotykamien. It would appear Koralie is currently in London and we hope to discover more work in the coming days from this artist during her visit to the city, let us know if you spot anymore?


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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Montreal's En Masse Collective take on the Village Underground Wall


Montreal based collective En Masse are currently in London working on the large scale wall of Village Underground in Shoreditch, East London. A multi-artist collaborative drawing project, EN MASSE (from French) meaning “as a whole”, or “all together”, draws it life from the many creative individuals who take part in each project creating large-scale, highly spontaneous works in black and white.

Originally created by Tim Barnard and Jason Botkin back in 2009, the En Masse project is now under the direction of Botkin and Rupert Bottenberg who have work with nearly 250+ artists internationally. Hookedblog were first introduced to the collectives work back in 2011 by fellow Canadians Andre Bathalon and Yan Cordeau, two of the founders of the Montreal Mural Festival. At that time they were part of SAFEWALLS, an artistic project curated by Cirque du Soleil that sought to bring time-honoured circus posters into the 21st century by pairing up with renowned international street art and lowbrow artists. The project launched in London at the High Rollers Gallery before touring the globe and featured some large scale works from En Masse.


Having recently completed work on a project at the Paris edition of the Chromatic Festival, three of the En Masse collective have been working over the last three days on this huge new black and white mural on the massive Village Underground wall on Holywell Lane. We have stopped by a few times over the last few days to check the progress of the mural and will continue to update this post with images as new goopy characters are added to the mix.


En Masse has now completed work on this fantastic mural, check their work across the entire wall in our updated images below.


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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

JimmyC's Joe's Kid Mural on Fashion Street


Hookedblog last saw London based Australian street artist Jimmy C, aka James Cochran featured on the blog earlier this year when we stumbled across one of the artists classic street art murals in South London featuring music legend David Bowie (covered here).

Jimmy C is back in East London with a fresh new mural painted earlier this week with some help from Holmesfromthecrypt and Lollipop Gallery who helped hooked him up with the wall to paint. His latest mural pictured here is located on the side wall of independent coffee shop and cafe, Joe's Kid a recent addition to Fashion Street, just off Brick Lane. Painted in his signature pointillist / drip style, the work features a portrait of the cafe owner Danni when she was three years old along with her grandfather Joe, a cafe owner himself in 1930's in East London. Danni now carries on the family tradition with Joe's Kid Cafe.


We suggest checking out JimmyC's colour new work in person if you are in London, there are also some other great pieces further along this street worth checking too, you can just about see some work from Italian artist Hunto in the background and the latest shutter piece from Furia139 (covered here) is just around the corner. JimmyC's mural can be found at 50 Fashion Street and if you stop by make sure you visit Joe's Kid for some coffee and tasty cake!

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Friday, April 03, 2015

Street Portraits from Furia 139


We have seen a number of his murals on the streets of East London over the last few months and Hookedblog finally caught up this afternoon with artists Furia139.

Originally from Porto, Portugal the street artist and illustrator is currently based in London and has been pretty active on the streets since his move to the city, painting a number of large scale portrait works across London. Working predominantly in black and white, using found and recycled paints, we discovered Furia139 at work putting the finishing touches to this mural pictured on a roller shutter. If you are in the neighbourhood over the Easter weekend checking out some of the areas street art be sure and stop by the latest addition which is located on Commercial Road near Aldgate East tube station.


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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NEVERCREW's Highlighting Machine n°1 in Berlin

Swiss based street-artists duo Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni aka NEVERCREW have been working together since 1996 in the creation of paintings, sculptures, installations and murals. The last year has seen the two artists travel extensively and they have just published online a short film documenting their travels and work which saw them visit Hamburg, Dublin, Cairo, Belgrade, Berlin and Winterthur.


The video also included one of their most recent mural "Highlighting Machine n°1" painted for the most recent edition of Urban Nation in Berlin in conjunction with Project M7 “Persons Of Interest”, curated by Brooklyn Street Art. We were luck enough to be in Berlin for this edition of Urban Nation's Project M/7 and managed to catch NeverCrew's 'Highlighting Machine n°1' mural. This mural is one of several that are currently on view 24/7 on the street in Berlin. If you are in town you can find them at URBAN NATION, Bülowstraße 97, 10738 Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany.


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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Print Studio Visit with Best | Ever

Best Ever — New Print

We are big fans of screen printing here at Hookedblog, not only do we enjoy the process of printing but we also love that the format allows fans and collectors an affordable way to collect works from some their favourite artists. We have bought our fair share of prints over the years as well as having visited a number of screen printing studio both here in London and abroad but it's still a joy for us to visit a print studio and see the creation of new works. The opportunity recently presented itself for us to catch up with UK artists Best | Ever here in London as they were working on a new limited edition screen print due to be released early next month with Horn Of Plenty.

Jumping on the overland train we headed further East to catch up with the guys as they were setting up to print the next colour for this forthcoming edition. Working in collaboration with Marco Lawrence from Print Club London, the screens were already exposed and ready to go on our arrival at the space, as too were the next layers of colours to be used on this extremely technical edition.

Best Ever — New PrintExposed screens with the negative image of the design ready to get clapped into the hand bench and time to start printing.
Best_Ever_STREETART_HOOKEDBLOG_4639_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYBest EverBest EverBest Ever — New PrintPrintmaker Marco Lawrence checking the prints.Best_Ever_STREETART_HOOKEDBLOG_4613_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY

Expanding on their work shown with Horn of Plenty at this years Moniker Art Fair, Best | Ever explain that with this new edition they want to "continue to explore the complex nature of human sexual relationships and the reasons we form these temporary bonds and specifically to emphasise the void that can exist between masculine and feminine sexual motivation." 

Titled 'The Observer', the screen printed edition will be a five colour eight screen/layer edition, yes you did read that correctly, we were a little confused ourselves at first until Marco explained the process. Best | Ever are using five inks which would normally mean one screen for each colour, so five in total. But for this print they are utilising a blend of complex layering of translucent inks and highly technical half-tone techniques and for this process additional screens were needed to achieve the effects they wanted. Building up these translucent layers of colour gives sections of this edition the appearance of having a spot varnish which looks great as it catches the light, just check out some of the images we captured below.

Best Ever — New Print Best Ever
Best Ever

Before we knew it Marco had completed printing the next layer of the edition and with the prints drying on the print rack, we were out of time and had to finish up at the studio before we could get to see the remaining layers printed. The above image is a work in progress but gives you an idea of what you can expect from the finished edition from Best | Ever. Check in with Horn Of Plenty over the week to see images of the finished print.

Best | Ever's 'The Observer' edition is set to be released online, Friday 3rd April at 5pm UK time via the Horn Of Plenty website. It will be an edition of 30 and will be priced at £175.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pyramidoracle hits the streets of London


Hookedblog recently shared a number of images featuring the work of New York artist Pyramidoracle who is currently based in London (covered here). His large scale black and white portrait paste ups hand painted on what looks like brown wrapping paper were something that we discovered on the streets of London while walking around the neighbourhood with our camera, snapping anything that captured our eye. As we mentioned in our previous post it was refreshing to stumble upon Pyramidoracle work in person, having not seen any of it online via instagram / twitter or other social media channels.

Well it looks like Pyramidoracle has been hitting the streets once again with some fresh works, pictured here are two fresh new pieces we found earlier in the week, one located on the Street Art Tour hotspot of Hanbury Street just off Brick Lane and the other near Limehouse, we are not too sure of the street name. We look forward to discovering more from this artist while he is in London.


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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils: Dissonance at Lazarides


We last saw Portuguese artist Vhils aka Alexandre Farto on the streets of London back in the summer of 2014 when the artists created the above piece in the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve for the Phytology* Project (covered here). Later this week sees the artist return of to Lazarides Gallery in London to present a new body of multidisciplinary work featuring figurative compositions comprised of wood, billboard, metal and Styrofoam dioramas.

Alexandre Farto has been interacting visually with the urban environment under the name of Vhils since his days as a prolific graffiti writer in the early 2000s. For this his first London show since 2012,  Dissonance will showcase the ultimate culmination of his ideas initiated and developed in his last two solo exhibitions in 2014: Dissection, held at Lisbon's EDP Museum and Vestiges, showcased in Paris.

"I first saw Alex's work back in 2007 and was totally floored. Here was this crazy Portuguese kid, doing these mad portraits on the street by chopping out bits of walls. It was one of the most innovative techniques I'd ever seen. It has been a pleasure to see how much he has come on from those early days to his most recent museum show in Lisbon. Long may it continue." — Steve Lazarides


Dissonance at Lazarides Gallery opens to the public on Friday 27th March with a privte view the evening before on the Thursday 26th March, 6- 9pm. The exhibition will then continue at the space from 27th March until the 23rd April 2015.

Lazarides Rathbone, 11 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1HR

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The 3D Street Art Faces of French artist Gregos

Gregos in Shoreditch, London Streetart

Have you spotted any of these around London yet! They’re the work of Parisian street artist Gregos, who we caught up with last year when he paid a visit to London (covered here). The artist was in town for the launch of the French street art publication Vitry Ville Street Art, who along with a number of other French street artists were featured in the book. Taking to the streets during his trip, Gregos installed 50 small and large 3D sculptures all modelled on his own face, onto walls around the capital.

With over 500 faces already installed around Paris, it looks like the artist is back in town and plans to leave another 50 3D pieces for Londoners to discover, bringing his total up to 100 for London. Below are a selection of his installations we stumbled upon this afternoon as we took a wonder around Shoreditch and Brick Lane. Let us know if you spot any of the other 50 around London, feel free to share their location too!

  Gregos in Shoreditch, London StreetartGregos in ShoreditchGregos in ShoreditchGregos in ShoreditchGregos in ShoreditchGregos_HOOKEDBLOG_5661_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYGregos_HOOKEDBLOG_6021_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY

See some of our images from Gregos's first London visit here.

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