Monday, November 23, 2015

Visual Distraction Zine Volume 02


Sorting through the papers and mail next to our computer today we rediscovered a package from artist The Real Dill. The package arrived just as we were heading off out the door on a trip to Milan and it was only this afternoon that we found time to work our way trough the mail stack. We are huge fans of artist produced zine and the package contained the latest zine from The Real Deal.

This latest production is the second in the artists Visual Distraction zine series. We have previously featured the  artists zines including the first edition when it was released back in July of last year (covered here). This edition of Visual Distraction Volume 02 is a 24 page A5 sized art zine featuring the Real Dills work and photographs, it includes an A3 foldout in the centre and as with the previous edition is all handmade. The zine also comes with some matching screen printed vinyl stickers and Visual Distraction eggshell sticker.


Issue two of the Visual Distraction is available now online from the artists Bigcartel shop. Grab yourself a copy here ...numbers are limited so don't hang about.


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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hitting the Streets of Homerton with Insect, Dscreet, Malarko & David Shillinglaw


Heading east yesterday to Hackney Wick on the overground train we spied a flash of colour out the window as the train pulled into Homerton station. With our camera in our bag we hopped off the train to grab some shots of the work before continuing onward to the Wick.

The work that caught our eye was that of long time collaborators Paul Insect and Dscreet who have redecorated a shipping container with a lick of colour. Both artists are East London regulars and have featured on the blog many times before, we last saw the two artists hit up some roller shutters in Bethnal Green earlier this year (covered here).

For their latest street pieces the works have been painted on a stacked shipping container overlooking what looks like a car / scrap yard that is best viewed from the Homerton Overground train platform, but venture out of the station and discover some of the additional painted pieces on street level. You will also discovered Hatch who we suspect have given the artists permission to paint the shipping containers as they are located next to the building. Hatch is a multi purpose space right next to overground, you can see their hand-painted sign above the containers in our picture below.  Inside the space we found a large open space with a bar/ barber shop and a cafe serving some great coffee.


DSCREET_HOOKEDBLOG_4294_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYVARIOUS_HOOKEDBLOG_4317_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY Also spotted this next to the shipping containers slightly further down the tracks but not accessible, a second piece from Insect and Dscreet joined by dubltrubl crew member Ebot.


Joining Insect and Dscreet on the shipping container is another duo, Malarko and David Shillinglaw who have also collaborated many times together on street murals. Both artists work is also regularly featured across our social media channels and on the blog here and here and their addition pictured above completes the shipping container.


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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Colombian street artist Stinkfish returns to London


Colombian Street Artist Stinkfish has been back in London over the last fews weeks in the run up to his first solo exhibition in London. We bumped into the artist last week on Bethnal Green Road while we were shooting New York artist Jordan Seiler at work who was also in town installing some work. Stinkfish tipped us off to one of new walls he had just completed in the area.

Located just off Hackney Road on Clare street, the first of two new London works from Stinkfish saw him collaborate with fellow Mexican artist Mazatl. The mural a mix of abstract freehand spray work along with some multi-layered stencils were used to build up the layers of colour and shapes in the creation of this signature street portrait work from Stinkfish. Having previously collaborated on a number of murals with Stinkfish, Mazatl using a black and white palette for this joint work has encircled Stinkfish's portrait of a young boy with a snake.


We last saw work from Stinkfish in London back in July of this year when he stopped in town and left us with two works both of which have since been painted over but you can see our pictures from this earlier visit here.  For his second mural on this recent visit, the artist created the vibrant and energetic piece pictured below, located opposite the Pure Evil Department Store gallery space where Stinkfish's  ‘Crossroad Portraits’ exhibition is taking place. Both murals are still on view should you find yourself in London.



Stinkfish's ‘Crossroad Portraits’ exhibition is now on until the 6th December at Pure Evil Gallery Department Store on Leonard Street, London. Nearest tube station: Old Street Station.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

French artists Bom.k hits the streets of London


French artist and DMV crew member Bom.k took to the streets of East London yesterday, beginning work on a new mural located on Pedley Street off Brick Lane. It's been a few years since we have seen work up on the streets of London from this talented French artist, it was back in 2012 when he collaborated with artist Liliwenn on a fun hyper realistic mural on Hanbury Street (covered here).

The French artists is back in town ahead of his first London solo show, which will see him present a collection of new paintings and sketches. The exhibition titled L'imprevisible Imaginative, is set to give us a powerful look into the various subjects Bom.K experiment with as an artist and will offer viewers a glimpse into the mysteries behind his unique vision. The exhibition is presented by MYA and Suben Art Management exclusively for the visitors of the Moniker Art Fair 2015.

The opening reception for the exhibition will take place on Thursday, October 15th at the launch of Moniker Art Fair. Please note this is a ticketed event, to attend RSVP is required.

RSVP to the opening reception:


The Moniker Art Fair launched Thursday 15th October and will run over the weekend, closing it's door on Sunday evening the 18th October, tickets for the fair are available from the official Moniker Art Fairs website here. You will find Bom.k's L'imprevisible Imaginative exhibition located at Stand #3 within the art fair. Stay tuned for progress updates on this new mural work.

After working for 4 days non-stop Bom.k finished this impressive mural, check out the completed work below.


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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Buenos Aires artist Mart Aire returns to London


Argentinian artist Mart Aire has been on a four month Europeon tour and returned to London this week before he heads home to South America. We last heard from the artist back in July when he stopped over in London en route to Blackpool for this years edition of the Sand Sea & Spray Street Art festival where he was invited to paint. His last London visit saw him taking some time to paint a number of murals in town, one at the Old Truman Brewery in East London (covered here) with help from our friends at Pigment London and a second mural in Camden in collaboration with fellow South American artist Onesto (covered here).


Hookedblog caught up with Mart yesterday at work on the second of two new murals he has already completed in London since his arrival. Returning to the Old Truman Brewery off Brick Lane, Mart finished work last night on his latest mural located along Dray Walk.  The Old Truman Brewery is also the location for this years edition of the Moniker Art Fair 2015 which opens it's doors to the public on Thursday 15th October. Mart shared with us that he will be showing some of his canvas work at this years edition of the art fair with Pigment London who are presenting a collection of South American Artists in association with Dortmund gallery 44309 STREET//ART GALLERY.


The Moniker Art Fair launches this Thursday 15th October and will run over the weekend, closing it's door on Sunday evening the 18th October, tickets for the fair are available from the official Moniker Art Fairs website here. If you are in the area be sure and check out the new murals from Mart, the one above is located on Great Eastern Street* opposite the American carwash (*be quick if you want to see this one, as works on these hoarding don't last so long) and the second pictured below can be found on Dray Walk just off Brick Lane.


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Monday, October 12, 2015

WoodStreet Walls Spacehive Fundraiser


With less than a week left in their Spacehive fund raiser, our E17 friends over at WoodStreet Walls have reached 94% of their target. They still need your help to raise the final 6% to begin the next phase of their project which will see them converting an abandoned building into a creative hub with brand new studio and community spaces for local artists and residents.

Some of our regular readers will be familiar with Woodstreet Walls who we have previous featured here on the blog on a number of occasions. Hookedblog have been covering the murals they have  helped organise in and around the Walthamstow area over the last year, some of which has included works from street artists We Like Static (covered here and their second mural was covered here),  Malarky (covered here), Dale Grimshaw (covered here), Conor Harrington (covered here) and The Toasters (covered here).


As we have been away travelling there are a number of new mural additions to the neighbourhood that WoodStreet Walls have organised and we have yet to photography. These include mural works from Mr. Cenz, Teddy Baden, ATM, Phlegm, Mark McClure, Fanakapan and Irony & Boe. An E17 visit is now on the cards for us this week now that we are back in London to check out the murals we have missed and we suggest you visit the neighbourhood too. To ensure WoodStreet walls are able to continue with the great work they are doing and get the second phase of their project up and running head over to the projects Spacehive site here and show your support by donating.

TOASTERS The Toasters Mural

Malarky_HOOKEDBLOG_6818_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY Malarky's Rent Too High Mural

There are just a few days left in the WoodStreet Walls crowd funding campaign. Help them reach their target by donating to the project on their campaign website here.

Below we have put together this street art map below which features a number of the the Wood Street Walls should you want to visit, stay tuned for the updated version later this week with the addition of the murals we have missed while we were away on tour.

Roll over the map to see the locations and images of the Wood St Walls Murals.

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Friday, October 09, 2015

Aux Tableaux Residency Project in Marseille, France


Any excuse to travel is always good for us and on this occasion we found ourselves in the South of France and for the first time in the city of Marseille. Leaving London's chilly summer weather behind, we landed over-dressed for the 37 degree heat of Marseille. Having received an email fro the organisers with details about the Aux Tableaux project, we decided to book ourselves a flight to check out this residency project in this southern French  city. Our visit to Marseille coincided with the official press launch of the Aux Tableaux residency, which opened its doors to the public mid June. On our arrival at the cities main train station, high on a hill overlooking the city we spied the familiar shapes of French artist Invader on a slightly weathered tile kick starting our adventure in this new city.


Located in the centre of Marseille, Aux Tableaux is a four month long show hosted in a former private catholic school which closed its door in 2012. The project invited 40 artists to take up residency at the former school, with each given a space to work on during their stay at the space. For most of the artists partaking in the residency this meant taking over one of the former classrooms spread across three separate school buildings on the school grounds. One of the first works we encountered at Aux Tableaux was that of London artist Remi Rough, whose large scale work greets those on entry to the old schools courtyard. We were invited to join a number of the artists and stay at the residency for two nights during our visit to the city, staying in one of the nuns former bedrooms, still with a crucifix on the wall!


On our arrival most of the 40 artists had completed work on their space but a number were still in residence and we're putting the finishing touches to their classroom spaces. We met a number of the French collective 9eme concept who were still working on their spaces, Stephane Carricondo, Theo Lopez, NED, and Alexandre D'alessio who as well as being part of the collective curated the artist selection for the residency. Since our visit the space has been opened to the public and all of the rooms have been finished with a series of live events planes throughout the duration of the show.


Artists who took part in the residency at the school included the following:

AuxTableaux_HOOKEDBLOG_8835_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY AuxTableaux_HOOKEDBLOG_8750_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYAuxTableaux_HOOKEDBLOG_8744_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYAux_TABLEAU_HOOKEDBLOG_8699_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYAuxTableaux_HOOKEDBLOG_8824_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY Here is the video trailer for the project.

Find Aux Tableaux at:
Ancienne école Saint Thomas D’Aquin, 23 rue Dieudé, 13006 Marseille, France.

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