Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Street Art Stencils that are NSFW by London Street Artist The Krah


A one time regular on the streets of East London it's been some time since we've seen some street work from London based street artist The Krah. The last few months has seen the artist focus on studio work and other projects including a number of exhibitions he has curated in his West London space.

Last week saw his welcome return to the streets of London hitting up the Shoreditch neighbourhood with a black and white series of large scale pasteups, some featuring new imagery and others drawing from the artists archive one of which is included in this post.

THeKrah_HOOKEDBLOG_7703_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYThe Krah's Weird World pasteups in Shoreditch, London.

#StreetArtPorn Stencils

Alongside the new pasteup work, The Krah has also been working on a new series of stencil pieces which have started to appear in West London and soon we are told over here in the East. The street artists new #FuckStreetart stencil works pictured below might possibly be considered a little NSFW for some. The stencil pieces feature some of most recognisable street art symbols or Street Logos as Tristan Manco referred to them in his 2004 book of the same name.

These iconic street logos have been incorporated into various explicit scenes in which he has replaced the human figures heads with the logos of some of the leading street artist from across the globe. Street artists which feature in The Krah's stencils include Banksy, Invader, Obey, Faile, Eine, Os Gemeos and D*Face to name a few. Check out the images below to see what other artists are featured in this new stencil series.

Os Gemeos, Barry McGee, D*Face, KAWS, Banksy, Eine, Sickboy, Invader, The London Police, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

THeKrah_HOOKEDBLOG_7908_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY THeKrah_HOOKEDBLOG_7964_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYPure Evil, Miss Van and Kaws with a Banksy paparazzi rat lurking in the background. Eine and Invader too.THeKrah_HOOKEDBLOG_7967_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYFaile and Obey with Banksy, Invader and Pure EvilTHeKrah_HOOKEDBLOG_7987_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY
D*Face, Banksy, Obey, Os Gemeos, Invader and Keith Haring.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

French Street Artist Invader's Tea Drinker Mosaic removed by London building owner

Earlier this week while on our way to one of our favourite coffee spot, Brooklyn Coffee on Commercial Street, our attention was drawn to workman stood in front of the recently installed Invader piece . The work by the French street artist was one of 12 new works he installed in London last month as part of his 18th invasion of this city (Previously on Hookedblog). The mosaic work pictured above titled LND_147 or 'The Tea Drinker' as nicknamed by fans was a much loved piece despite it's short life span.

As we got closer to the workmen it was evident that they were removing the Invader work from the wall. It is not often that we witness let alone photograph the removal of a street piece. By its nature most street art is ephemeral and the ever changing nature of street level work is something that we have become accustomed to but Invader's carefully selected locations high above the streets have traditionally ensured that his works have had a much longer life span than other street works.

Unfortunalty there was no going back as at this point they had chiselled away over half the work and it was beyond rescue. We spoke to the two workmen and asked why, to which they responded that they were employed by the building owner who had instructed them to remove the blue/white/red mosaic affixed to building. They asked why so many people were stopping to take photographs and I explained to them it was the work of a well know street artist. Had they known they said they would have attempted to get the owner to keep the work but with the mosaic smashed in pieces on the ground it was too late.

  Invader_HOOKEDBLOG_7714_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYInvader_HOOKEDBLOG_7715_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY Invader_HOOKEDBLOG_7728_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY Invader_HOOKEDBLOG_7719_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYThe worker removing the Invader piece. Invader_HOOKEDBLOG_7734_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYInvader tile dust! Invader_HOOKEDBLOG_7736_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY Invader_HOOKEDBLOG_7726_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY
All that was left of Invader LDN_147 was the adhesive on the wall.
We shot a short video which was broadcast live on Hookedblog's Periscope while the worker was removing the work and have posted a version of it to Hookedblog's Youtube page.

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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Ben Eine REBEL REBEL London Mural


We caught with British street art Ben Eine (Previously on Hookedblog) a few weeks back at work on a new wall on Sclater Street in East London for the Rebel Aliance space also on the street. The artist know for his typographic works spent two days working on this Rebel Rebel mural painted in one of his signature fonts in this instance his iconic circus font.

Hookedblog have been sitting on our photos of the artist at work holding off until we had managed to capture a clear shot of the entire wall. As this is a busy street,  a wall this scale nearly always has cars parked where you don't want them and getting a clear shot is always problematic. A number of revisits to this spot did not result in a clear shot and we recently returned from Belgium to discover the wall has been reclaimed by graffiti crew The Rolling People who have had this wall as theirs for a number of years now. So is the nature of street level murals in London, you blink and they have have been painted over, keep things fresh we guess. Check out some of the images we did manage to capture of Eine at work.

  Ben_Eine_HOOKEDBLOG_8554_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYBen_Eine_HOOKEDBLOG_8409_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY Ben_Eine_HOOKEDBLOG_8519_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY BENEINE_HOOKEDBLOG_8566_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYTrying to get a final shot of the wall.

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Friday, May 06, 2016

Montreal's MURAL Festival 2016 Edition


Montreal, Cananda — Last summer saw us here at Hookedblog taking to the skies and hitting North America for a #HookedblogonTour adventure. Following a short stopover in New York, we made our way to Newark Airport to catch a flight to Montreal for the third edition of the MURAL international public art festival. On our arrival at the departure gates we bumped into South African artist Faith47(Previously on Hookedblog) who as one of the invited festival artists was on the same flight to Montreal. After short flight and we were landing in Montreal ready for the week of good art, music and food that was ahead of us.

Having been to Toronto many times over the years visiting family and friends this was our first visit to Montreal and we certainly hope it will not be the last. And as much as we enjoyed our time in Toronto over the years, we have to say Montreal wins hands down as the better city, sorry Toronto! The combination of a modern North American city combined with an old world European vibe gives this city the edge and when you add to that some top festivals such as MURAL thats not going to change anytime soon. The 2015 edition of MURAL grew from a 4 day event as in 2014 into an impressive 11 day festival adding 20 new murals to the neighbourhood. An with large parts of the Boulevard St-Laurent closed off to traffic for the entire duration of the festival it attracted close to 1.15 millions visitors. Below are some of the murals we captured during our stay in the city.

BSF_HOOKEDBLOG_0644_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYBicicleta Sem Freio(Previously on Hookedblog), Mural 15. Montreal 2015.
ROA_HOOKEDBLOG_9969_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYROA, MURAL 14. Montreal 2015. Faith47_HOOKEDBLOG_0738_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY Faith47, MURAL 15. Montreal 2015.
PIXELPANCHO_HOOKEDBLOG_0485_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYPixel Pancho, Mural 14. Montreal 2015.
Nychos_HOOKEDBLOG_0866_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYNychos, Mural 15. Montreal 2015.

ELIAN_HOOKEDBLOG_0823_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYElian, Mural 15. Montreal 2015.

A collection of Fuji instax polaroids taken during our time at the festival.

MURAL 2016 Edition

The 4th edition of the MURAL international public art festival is just around the corner and is set to take place from June 9th to 19th 2016 in Montreal. The talented team behind the festival announced at a recent press conference this years oficial program.

Once again the 2016 edition of the MURAL Festival will bring together another exciting group of world-renowned artists from 8 different countries, including: D*Face (UK)(Previously on Hookedblog), Buff Monster (USA), Meggs (Australia)(Previously on Hookedblog), Natalia Rak (Poland), Felipe Pantone (Spain), Evoca1 (USA)(Previously on Hookedblog), Hush (USA)(Previously on Hookedblog), Grems (France), Klone Yourself (Israel), and Acidum Project.

The festival will also host many well-known Canadian artists, including: Fonki, Jonathan Bergeron, Zek, HSiX of A’Shop, X-Ray, Five-Eight, Jason Botkin, Roadsworth and Miss Terri.

Alongside the planned murals this years festival will with see the creation of several temporary and semi-permanent original sculptural art installations; featuring artists Maser (Ireland)(Previous on Hookedblog), Felipe Pantone (Spain), Fafi (France), Stikki Peaches (Canada)(Previously on Hookedblog) and many others.

For full details of this years festival schedule of events and VIP ticket info head over to the MURAL 2016 festival website To get a sense of what you can expect this year check out the teaser video MURAL have released above. Hookedblog hope to return to Montreal once again for what looks set to be another impressive MURAL Festival.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

UK Blog Awards 2016 #UKBA16 Finalist Hookedblog

Those of your following Hookedblog on twitter may have seen us tweeting about reaching the final stages of the UK Blog Awards 2016. There were 2,000 blogs selected this year and the #UKBA16 team counted 73,352 votes that were cast during the public voting round in January. Thanks to everyone who voted for us in this round and helped us get shortlisted for not one but two categories this year, Best Art & Culture Blog and Best Photography Blog

It's now the second year that we have been nominated for the UK Blog Awards. Our 2015 nomination for the Art & Culture Blog category saw us make it through the public vote and Hookedblog was one of ten blogs in the category shortlisted for the award. On the night we unfortunately didn't win the top spot but we were Highly Commended by the judges in this category alongside Natasha Nutall's blog Graphique Fantastique.

With less than 48 hours to go the excitement is beginning to build at Hookedblog HQ, the #UKBA16 invite has finally arrived in the post, new suit and shoes have been bought and we have taken delivery of a box of business cards! All ready to go for Friday nights award ceremony where the winners of the 2016 UK Blog Awards will be announced. The award ceremony will take on Friday 29th April at the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster, London and we will be live tweeting from the event for those of you on Twitter. You can also follow our evening on Snapchat at Hookedblog Snapchat. You can connect with us on Twitter at @Hookedblog and follow the hashtag #UKBA16 to find out what happens next…

Below are the other finalists who have been shortlisted for the 2016 UK blog Awards – Arts & Culture category as well as the photography category, have a look you might another blog of interest to follow.

Arts & Culture Individual Shortlist

Audit's Pen - http://www.aditispen.com
Blazing Minds — http://blazingminds.co.uk
Film Doctor — http://filmdoctor.co.uk
HCMovieReviews - https://hcmoviereviews.wordpress.com
Hello Emma Kay — http://helloemmakay.com
Shelley Makes - https://shelleymakes.wordpress.com
Making A Scene - http://www.makingascene.net
Slmpickings - http://www.slmpickings.com
Urban Kultur Blog - https://urbankulturblog.com

Photography Individual Shortlist

Bea's Cookbook - http://beascookbook.com
Lifestyle District - http://www.lifestyledistrict.co.uk
GEM BOY - http://gemboy.co.uk
Feather & Film - http://featherandfilm.com
Year of Nature - http://yearofnature.blogspot.co.uk
Creepers and Cupcakes - http://www.creepersandcupcakes.com
Explore With Ed - http://www.explorewithed.co.uk
The Urban Explorer - http://www.theurbanexplorer.co.uk
SR Photography - http://stephaniersphotography.blogspot.co.uk

Hookedblog would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all who made it through to the final stage of the process, not just in the Arts & Culture / Photography categories but everyone else too and we look forward to meeting you all there. Once again we want to thank you guys our readers who voted for us, we hope you continue to enjoy reading the blog. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @Hookedblog for all the news live on Friday night.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Marrakech and the MB6 Street Art Project


Art and travel are among two of our favourite things so when an email came through inviting us to the Marrakech Biennale we were pretty excited especially as it was the Moroccan Tourism Board who were extending the invitation to us.

Morocco has been on our list of places to visit for some time now and after a pretty grey London winter our vitamin D levels were in need of a top up and some North African sun was just what was called for!

Just under a four hour flight from London and we were landing in the impressive Marrakech Menara Airport. Unlike many of the budget airline routes that see you landing in airports miles outside the city where sometime the flight is shorter than travel time from the airport, Marrakech airport is conveniently located just 15 minutes outside the city. Our arrival in this beautiful city coincided with this years edition of the Marrakech Biennale now in its sixth year. Founded in 2004 by Vanessa Branson, the Biennale has since grown to become an internationally recognised event with a thriving visual art and literature programme now ranking among the top 20 biennales in the world.


This year's core programme has been curated by Reem Fadda, currently Associate Curator of Middle Eastern Art for the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Project. For the first time since the inauguration, Street Art formed an integral part of its programme in a form of 'parallel projects'. The MB6: Street Art parallel projects curated by Vestalia Chilton of ATTOLLO Art saw eleven international and local street artists invited to Morocco to participate in the project.

The artists who were invited to take part in the project included Mad C (Germany)(Previously on Hookedblog), Dotmaster (UK), Giacomo Bufarini aka RUN (Italy)(Previously on Hookedblog), Dag Insky (France), Kalamour (Morocco), Alexey Luka (Russia), LX.ONE (France), Lucy McLauchlan (UK), Remi Rough (UK)(Previously on Hookedblog), Sickboy (UK)(Previously on Hookedblog) and Yesbee (UK) who created murals in key public spaces which included the rooftops of the souks in the Medina (‘Gallery in the Sky’), the Bahia Palace area, the walls around Gueliz, the new part of Marrakech and in the city of Essaouira.

MADc_HOOKEDBLOG_7637_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYMadC. MB6 Street Art. Marrakech 2016.

LUCY_HOOKEDBLOG_7559_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY Lucy McLauchlan. MB6 Street Art. Marrakech 2016.

MAR01_HOOKEDBLOG_7555_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY Alexey Luka. MB6 Street Art. Marrakech 2016.

REMIROUGH_HOOKEDBLOG_7616_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY Remi Rough. MB6 Street Art. Marrakech 2016.



We were guests at the Sofitel Marrakech Palais Imperial during our Marrakech stay and we would like to thank Faical at the Morroco Tourist Board who hosted us during our Marrakech visit. We visited Marrakech on the 18th February, the Marrakech Biennale runs until the 8th May 2016. Stay tuned for the second part of our coverage of the MB6 Street Art project.

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ALL GOOD IN THE WOOD mural by London artist Ronzo in Wood Street, E17


East London — Woodstreet Walls have been giving their neighbourhood a fresh lick of paint throughout their month long Paint Your London event (Previously on Hookedblog),  an initiative to provide affordable work spaces for artist in East London.  The festival has seen them transform a number of bland and dreary buildings across Walthamstow, Leytonstone, Leyton & Chingford into colourful works of art. They have been achieving this with the help of some of the best local and international street artists, 20 in total who they have enlisted to help transform multiple locations over the duration of the event.

Hookedblog have already featured a number of the artists who have worked with Woodstreet Walls painting murals in the neighbourhood for their Paint Your London event including Louis Massai (Previously on Hookedblog), Remi Rough (Previously on Hookedblog) and most recently Maser (Previously on Hookedblog).

Artist and longtime friend of Hookedblog,  Ronzo was also among those invited by WoodStreet Walls to contribute to the event. Well known for his character design, Ronzo's monster characters and urban pigeon sculptures (Previously on Hookedblog) can still be seen hanging around Shoreditch. The artist worked on a number of ideas for his E17 mural located just a few minutes walk from the Wood Street train station next to The Duke pub. For his finished mural he chose to paint this fun masked urban fox character wielding a spray can, perhaps taking inspiration from the urban foxes that are now common sight here in London. Ronzo sent us over some of his initial sketches along with a making of video of him at work on the mural which you can check out below.

Some of Ronzo's initial rough sketches for his E17 urban fox character. (Image — ©Ronzo)

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Upfest partners with Mr Men Little Miss to create Mr Graff

Everyone favourite childhood story book characters Mr Men & Little Miss have officially partnered with Bristol based street graffiti festival Upfest to introduce a new member to the Mr Men family, check him out it's Mr Graff!

As part of Mr Men Little Miss’s 45th anniversary celebrations, the Mr Graff character has been designed by Bristol based graffiti artist Cheo who took inspiration from the festival and Bristol’s rich graffiti and street art scene. Plans are in place for a large scale version of this new character armed with a spray can to be painted live during the Upfest festival this year set to take place on 23rd- 25th July in Bristol.

Upfest Crowdfunding Campaign

Now in its 8th edition, Upfest have launched it's second crowdfunding campaign (see the video above) through fundsurfer.com/Upfest to raise an additional £15,000 to help the festival team pay for the infrastructure to manage the 30,000 expected visitors. This will also enable the crew to give away additional materials to the festivals 300 attending artists who support themselves with flights and accommodation over the duration of the festival. Working with the venues of North Street, Bedminster Town Team and other festival supporters, they have already managed to secure £45,000 towards the festival production and are looking to festival fans for their support to make this festival even more epic!

Fans who support the crowd funding campaign will have the opportunity to get their hands on the exclusive festival print from Gemma Compton, hand crafted Upfest Oscar cans courtesy of Czee13 and other stunning works donated by Guy Denning, Inkie, Louis Masai, Oli-T, Rob Wass, SHOK-1 and Spzero76 to name but a few. An exclusive limited edition print of Mr Graff by Cheo will also be available as a reward until the 17th May.

Upfest 2016 Artist Line-up

The line-up will include 2016 festival artist Gemma Compton, city favourites, Inkie, Jody, Cheba & Cheo, the distinctive Spanish duo Pichi&Avo, the phenomenal Dutch 3D floor artist Leon Keer, non-conformist urban/stencil artist Fin DAC, the incredible anamorphic graffiti artist – Odeith, the Pioneer of Aerosol X-ray Art SHOK-1 (Previously on Hookedblog), Dutch abstract graffiti artist Mr June in search of the perfect form and London based artist Louis Masai (Previously on Hookedblog) who͛s distinctive creations have been described as a form of environmental activism painting alongside 300 other artists including;

310squad (Russia), BirdO (Canada), Caiacom (Luxembourg), Chinagirl Tile (Austria), Copyright (UK), Cosmo Sarson, Dale Grimshaw (UK), Dan Kitchener (UK)(Previously on Hookedblog), Danielle Clough (South Africa), DinDin (Belgium), Diogo Galvao (Brazil), DON (UK), Fake (Netherlands), Fanankapan (UK)(Previously on Hookedblog), Goin (France), Key Detail & U-baba (Belarus), Mas972 (Israel), Mr Cenz (UK)(Previously on Hookedblog), Majilina (Italy), Nomad Clan (UK), Pulso (Argentina), Rob Wass (UK), Rocket01 (UK), Sallaikonen (Finland), Sarab Jokhadar (Syrian), Sokar Uno (Germany), Spent1 (Greece), Spzero76 (Bristol), TakerOne (Hungary), Tankpetrol (Poland), T.wat (UK), The Orion (Romania), Voyder (Bristol)

For more information visit the festivals website www.upfest.co.uk and to donate to their campaign visit www.fundsurfer.com/upfest

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French female street artist Annabelle Tattu hits the streets of London

Annabelle Tattu Pasteups, London.

French female street artist Annabelle Tattu re-visited London last month leaving a series of new works across East London. We have previously seen some of the multidisciplinary artist's unique pasteup works which caught our eye around Shoreditch. With printed/photocopied street art pasteups all to common in London and beyond it is refreshing to see a series of hand drawn works from Tattu with no to pasteups alike in the new series.

According to Tattu, her dreamlike and fantastic universe is built from the dialogue that she establishes with her characters. She gives them life, creating their stories, multiplies and transforms, while they invade her mind and her space; formed of impulsive traits they seem like their own guide.

She continues to say that, "each work, drawing or painting, combines attention to detail, spontaneity of the line, gaiety and brightness of colors to express her emotions without restraint. Her oeuvre, unmatched in the urban art scene, brings new energy, sensitivity and poetry to a current scene still dominated by men"

Below are a selection of Annabelle's works we discovered from this visit.

  Annabelle Tattu Pasteups, London.Annabelle Tattu Pasteups, London.We could be mistaken but this character on the TV looks a lot like British sitcom character Mr.Bean!Annabelle Tattu Pasteups, London.Annabelle Tattu Pasteups, London. Annabelle Tattu Pasteups, London. Annabelle Tattu Pasteups, London.Annabelle Tattu Pasteups, London. Annabelle Tattu Pasteups, London.

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