Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Troy Lovegates Artist Book & Exhibition‏

Other aka Troy Lovegates

Here at Hookedblog we have been big fans for a number of years now of the work of Canadian artist Troy Lovegates aka Other. We have featured the artist on the site a number of times over the years as we are big fans of the artists self produced publications and fanzines such as last years Forest Fire Book, as well as his multi-coloured lino print editions.

We were contacted by Ryan Thompson who is curator for OuterSpace a contemporary mobile art gallery in a converted moving truck based in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. Alongside the mobile Gallery project Ryan is also a publishers at Anteism who work with artists and galleries to produce exhibition catalogs, monographs and artist books. Ryan is currently working on three new projects for 2014 with Other, Luke Ramsey and Hiro Kurata. They plan to host exhibitions with each of the three artists and would like to produce an art book with each for their exhibitions. This is where they need our help.

Ryan currently has a Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to print the books and host the exhibits. They are also trying to get past the minimum funding goal to allow them to commission the artists to paint a mural during each of the exhibit. Work is well under way on the first prototype of the Troy Lovegates books (check out the clip below). Troy Lovegates has designed a pattern which was then cutout of 140lb acid free watercolour paper. The book is set to highlights 40 pages of recent drawings by artist and you can secure your copy of this limited edition book with a $35 donation towards their Indiegogo campaign fund.

Depending on your budget be it a $1 or $1000 there are various other perks on offer in exchange for your donation towards their fundraiser from t-shirts, tote bags, postcard, surprise prints as well as originals from all three artists. Go show some support on their Indiegogo campaign page and help Ryan make this project happen while picking up something nice for yourself.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ed Bradbury & Florence Blanchard, B&B Gallery

Sheffield-based artists Ed Bradbury and Florence Blanchard are amoung two of the artists currently showing their work in the Printing Sheffield exhibition, on display at the Millennium Gallery. The exhibition reflects the diversity and abundance of contemporary printing in Sheffield and also includes works by Jo Peel, James Green, Phlegm and many more.

In this short film above Ed Bradbury and Florence Blanchard discuss the printing techniques they use at their own studio and gallery space, B&B Gallery. We also get to see Florence Blanchard working on her new Millennium screen print edition of three, which are on display in the exhibition and are available for purchase directly from Blanchard's online web shop here.

The Printing Sheffield exhibition continues at the Millennium Gallery until Sunday 15 June 2014.

Millennium Gallery — Arundel Gate — Sheffield — S1 2PP

RONE London Solo Show At Stolen Space Gallery

Having recently spent 7 days working 10 hours a day, using 10 liters of paint on what is possibly Australia's largest mural by one person, Melbourne based street artist Rone is currently in London having finished work on the impressive nine story mural at 80 Collins Street in Melbourne.

The artist has been in city for the last week taking a short break ahead of his first solo show entitled 'Wallflower' with Stolen Space Gallery here in East London. We caught up with Rone earlier this week for some beers and managed to take some progress shots of the artist at work on a new mural which he has been working on over a number of days, building up the layers of paint between rain showers.

We passed by late this evening and it looks like Rone has now completed work on his mural, which can be seen in person on Hanbury Street just off Brick Lane in East London. If you happen to be in town, pop along to Stolen Space Gallery and join Rone in celebrating the opening of what looks set to be a stunning exhibition. We will hopefully see some of you our readers at the gallery.

RoneRoneRone The Wallflower exhibition opens with a private view, Thursday 10th April from 6 — 9pm and the exhibition will be on public view from 11th April until 4th May.

StolenSpace Gallery — 17 Osborn Street — London — E1 6TD

For more info on Rone on his work check out his website or his instagram account. http://instagram.com/r_o_n_e 

Monday, April 07, 2014

NemO’s “Before and After" Mural in East London


Italian artist NemO's has been in London and over the weekend began working on one of his large scale 'Before and After' murals in the Sclater Street car park just off Brick Lane.

As with the artists previous 'Before and After' murals he begins with an initial sketch which he uses as a guide, he then creates the work in reverse painting the first layer of what will eventually become the final or "After" image. NemO’S then covers the surface of the first paint layer with a layer of glue and sheets of newspaper, covering the entire image that is underneath. Once complete, the paste and paper is left to dry before NemO's begins working over this paper layer with a second illustration (the Before image) re-skinning the skeleton image with skin and items of clothing.

This newspaper layer is destined to detach over time as the elements and the public interact with the mural which will eventually reveal the original character. Below are a selection of images of NemO’S creating the various layers of the mural. Hookedblog will continue to document the mural as it evolves and the paper layers begin to decay. Stay tuned.

  NemOs NemOsNemOsNemOsNemOsNemOsNemOsNemOs

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Borondo's "Looking For...." Mural in London


Spanish artist Borondo continues to impress with each new mural he paints on the streets of London. We have previously featured the stunning 'Narcissus' piece in Hackney Wick (covered here) as well as some of his other Shoreditch pieces including a collaborative mural with JAZ which has since been painted over (covered here).

Pictured here is a one of three new pieces painted over the last few days. The mural titled 'Looking for....' is located on New Yard Inn just behind the Old Blue Last Check back soon for updates on the other two murals.  As with some of Borondo's other London works the artist has once again worked with film maker and photographer Fabian Caputo who produced the short film below.


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Monday, March 10, 2014

Studio Visit /Preview 'Hysteria' At Maison Bertaux, Soho


Following on from their vibrant site specific installation at the The Vestibule Gallery back in October, all girl collective Hysteria return with a new body of work for their upcoming exhibition of the same name at Soho's legendary patisserie Maison Bertaux. The UK collective of artists Shuby, Aida and Collagism will take over the patisserie's gallery space with a series of large scale joint panel works, collages and prints featuring each of the artists signature trademark images and icons brought together in the collaborative one-off artworks.

We caught up with the collective at one of their studios in Hackney Wick earlier last month as they began the process of screen printing, cutting and painting all the images and elements which have been used to create the works. Wonky Cats, Wild Cats, Rainbow Iced Turbans, Bananas, Female Icons,  animal prints and pink poodles were among some of the imagery we captured during our visit to the studio.


"Their new body of work explores their relationship between food, sex, gender and symbolism. Their interpretation of celebrity subversion devours pop culture serving it up in as explosive dish of delectable proportions. 

This two floor exhibition promises riots visual misconduct and infamous bad behaviour using mainstream, historical and religious imagery all to be enjoyed with the sumptuous taste of Maison Bertaux’s legendary tea and cakes."

HYSTERIA_05_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEYHYSTERIA_02_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEYHysteriaHysteria - Aida, Shubby & CollagismHysteria - Aida, Shubby & CollagismHysteria - Aida, Shubby & CollagismHysteria - Aida, Shubby & CollagismHysteria - Aida, Shubby & Collagism

A number of workshops with the artists are planned, as well as a very special High Tea with HYSTERIA, providing a rare insight into their collaborative workings. For the latest info on these workshops and event be sure to follow HYSTERIA on Twitter @hysteriaart @aidaprints @collagism and @shubyart 

The Hysteria exhibition opens with a private view on the 12th March, starting at 8pm - 10pm.
Open to public from 13 March to 15 June 2014.

Maison Bertaux — 28 Greek Street— Soho — London — W1D 5DQ

Friday, March 07, 2014

London Street Art Photo Roundup — Edition 33

_MG_2991_Hookedblog_©2014_Mark_Rigney A quick photo round up of some of the recent London street art we at Hookedblog have shot in and around Shoreditch and Brick Lane over the last few days. Stickers, paste-ups, stencils with work from Captain Kris, Pang, Toasters, Skullphone, ALO, St8ment, Jinks Kunst plus a few pieces from some artists whose names we don't know, if anyone knows who is doing the black and white cartoon paste ups let us know.

_MG_2573_Hookedblog_©2014_Mark_Rigney_MG_2544_Hookedblog_©2014_Mark_Rigney_MG_2950_Hookedblog_©2014_Mark_RigneyJinks Kunst







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Run & Pablo Delgado in Lower Clapton

Run & Pablo Delgado

We found ourselves passing through Lower Clapton the other day and came across this mural we had not seen before. The wall had been painted by Italian artists RUN, who has previous painted this spot just of Lower Clapton Road. The artist has been extremely active in this part of London with a number of murals featuring his work still to be found around the Clapton area in East London, some of which we have previously featured on the blog here, here and here. This latest addition to the neighbourhood is a collaborative mural and also features the work Mexican artist Pablo Delgado.
Have a look at some of our pictures below.
Run & Pablo DelgadoRun & Pablo DelgadoRun & Pablo Delgado Later this month will see RUN take over the downstairs space of Hang-Up Gallery on the 21st March, creating for them the gallery’s first Street Art installation. This will be followed by RUN's solo show at the gallery which is planned for June 2014. Stay tuned for more info.

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Monday, March 03, 2014

Face 2 Face with Gregos in London


The launch of new publication Vitry ville street artat East London's Stolen Space Gallery saw an invasion of artists on the city of London. The group of artists many of them French all featured in the new book which documents their work created in and around Vitry, a southeastern suburb of Paris.

On of the artists in attendance for the launch party was Parisian artist Gregos, whose 3D self portraits can be seen all across Paris and beyond. We spoke to the artist about his work and learned that to date six different expressions of his face have been cast for him to use on the streets. We asked him about the process of reducing the 3D cast of his face for the miniature pieces which also appear outdoors. The smaller peces are the result of a long process which involves scanning the full size cast with a 3D scanner...this then allows for a 3D wire frame to be created. Once the artist has this he is able to adjust the size of the wire frame on a computer to the size he wants, which he then prints with the help of a 3D printer. With the miniature piece printed, this can then be used to make a mould for casting multiple plaster street pieces before they are then painted and ready to be installed in the streets.

With nearly 500 faces already installed around Paris, Gregos made the most of his time during his short visit to London and somehow managed to install 50 3D pieces over two days. Below are a selection of the pieces we have discovered so far, still quite a few to find. If you've seen any around your neighbourhood let us know.

GregosGregos GregosGregos

And should you find yourself in Paris in April, Gregos will be having a solo exhibition at the Joel Knafo Gallery. Details of his upcoming show can be found here. (In French only)


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