Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mr. Cenz ‘Distortions’ at The Department Store

Mr. Cenz

London graffiti artist Mr. Cenz has been making some noise on the streets of Shoreditch for some time now hitting up a number of walls in last few months around the neighbourhood, including this recent piece painted earlier this month on Curtain Road in East London. Drawing on his years of experience painting letterforms, the artists current body of work has seen him fuse his different influences and technical skills to create these much loved colourful female portraits seen across the city.

Mr. Cenz Mr. Cenz

Mr. Cenz was captured at work on this mural in the short film posted below, produced by videographer Perry White who caught up with the artist ahead of his upcoming solo exhibition.We have also shared some additional photographs of the artists other works that are still to be seen around Shoreditch including one on Fashion Street and another located on New Inn Broadway.

Mr. Cenz Mr. CenzCenz

You can catch Mr Cenz's latest body of canvas work at his upcoming solo show Distortions, which will be the artists first solo in number of years.  'Distortions' goes on show from October 16th and will run at the gallery space until November 9th at Pure Evil Galleries' The Department Store.

The Department Store, 96-98 Leonard Street, London.

Want to find out more about Mr. Cenz? 

Find him online here:
Mr. Cenz website
Mr. Cenz Instagram

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Phlegm Mural on Hanbury Street

PHLEGM in London

Following on from his installation and mini exhibition with the Royal Opera House in London ( covered here) street artist Phlegm has had a busy few weeks working on some large scale murals in Cardiff for this years edition of the Empty Walls Festival as well an intricate indoor installation in Sheffield created for Sheffield Bazaar, which was part of the festival of the mind.

Yesterday saw the artist back once again in London to start work on a new piece on Hanbury Street in East London. Working late into the evening, we caught the finished mural from Phlegm this morning. Below are a selection of images of the finished work.

PHLEGM in LondonPHLEGM in LondonPHLEGM in LondonPHLEGM in London

Ludo Hits the streets of London

LUDO in London

X marks the spot for Paris based street artist LUDO has been in London the last week for his UK solo debut, The Chaos Theory which opened Thursday 10th at Lazarides Rathbone gallery space. The exhibition includes a unique site-specific showcase across Lazarides first floor exhibition space, with large-scale canvases in the artist's idiosyncratic neon green and monochrome colour palette alongside an experiential installation. (Photos to follow).

 It looks like Ludo is making the most of his London visit and has also taken to the streets, as we came across this huge pasteups earlier this morning from the artist. We expect we will be seeing some more from the artist so stay tuned.

  LUDO in LondonLudo ‘Chaos Theory’ Exhibition
10 October until the 13th November 2014.
Lazarides Gallery, 11 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1HR (Google Map)

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

CONSEQUENCES Exhibition in London


Hookedblog called out to a Hackney Wick studio to catch up with Mexican artist Pablo Delgado and London based Hong Kong artist HIN as they were putting the finishing touches to their contributions for the upcoming group show Consequences.

Following a successfully funded Kickstarter, "Consequences" will be the first event of Alessia De Pasquale's Qabinet Project. The forthcoming exhibition set to open at East London's Hoxton Gallery will showcase unique art collaborations between 10 international street artists who include 2501, Broken FIngaz, EMA, HIN, MILLO, Ozmo, Pablo Delgado, Pakal, Run, Zio Ziegler.


Her project researches the importance of sharing, questioning how we relate to each other in the current digital era, where technology has become a substitute for face-to-face conversations. She says "Everyone around me was constantly on a device, and that made me realise how much the way we share has changed; I felt many conversations were replaced by the digital entertainment that technology offers us. Acknowledging social media as the biggest sharing platform, I started to question how we can reconnect with sharing in the physical world".

Inspired by the urban environment of East London where she has lived for almost a decade, she felt that street art has become one of the most dynamic and democratic form of sharing in the physical space, whilst it is simultaneously using the digital space as a platform for sharing with communities worldwide, finally finding a balance between the physical and digital realm making the most of both forms of interaction. "It's all down to how we use technology, and how we can make the most of it without losing ourselves".

Using this as a point of departure, Alessia had the idea of inviting 10 international street artists to gather under the same roof in London to collaborate on something unique. She gave them a framework for creating a series of works in collaboration, based on the old paper "game of consequences".

HIN_HOOKEDBLOG_1332_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEYHOOKEDBLOG_1295_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEYPekal_HOOKEDBLOG_1307_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEYRUN_HOOKEDBLOG_1306_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEY The artworks which will be exhibited saw two or more artists working across both paper and wood pieces, with each creating a piece of work and passing it on to the next artist who would add to the work without having seen what the previous artist had created. Each of the sections were covered as each new artist added their contribution to the work and it will only be when all sections are complete that the final pieces will be revealed at the exhibition opening.

If you missed the Kickstarter you can watch the video below:

Private View: 11th October, from 7pm
Exhibition opens 12th — 19th October 2014.
Hoxton Gallery, 9 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AA

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Faith47 returns to London with Aqua Regalia

FAITH 47 — London

We last saw South Africa-based artist Faith47 in London back in May of this year when the artists was visiting London locking down the details of her forthcoming London show. It was also during this summer visit that Faith47 took some time to hit the streets and redecorate a number of walls around the city (covered here).

Returning to the city earlier this week, the artist has teamed up with Moniker Projects who will present her first solo show in London 'Aqua Regalia' at the Old Truman Brewery in East London. For us lucky Londoners this is the first stop for Faith47's exploration, Aqua Regalia, which will travel to Rome in 2015, and thereafter to the USA in 2016.

The exhibition title Aqua Regalia or ‘royal water’ is the alchemical name for a highly corrosive mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid that transmogrifies, dissolves and changes the most powerful substance - gold.

"In Aqua Regalia, the artist embeds found and created objects in an enshrined space and thus, in a manner of the reliquary, pays homage to the sacramental within the ordinary. Torn up begging cards, betting sheets, discarded eviction notices suggest the fall-out of a lost struggle, while visions of supplicants insist upon the power of faith.  Eclectic in its mash-up of art as fetish and art as rebooted trash object, it reprises the core question which drives the artist at odds with the cynical neo-liberal force at work today. Such affinities and discordances between hope, yearning and faith seek to restore value and re-inscribe new meaning to the rejected, discarded, the lost or the overlooked."

The Aqua Regalia exhibition is on display from the 10th – 19th October 2014.

Exhibition Times: Open 11am to 7pm daily with late night openings until 9pm on the 16th and 18th of October to celebrate Moniker Art Fair 2014.
Exhibition Location: Shop 12, Dray Walk, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL, United Kingdom
For futher information: Visit

Want to find out more about FAITH47?
Find her online here:
Faith47 website
Faith47 Instagram

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Stavanger, Norway: A Street Art Hot Spot - Part 02


As promised here is the second of our two part posts covering some of the street art we managed to capture on a recent visit to Stavanger in Norwary which plays host to the annual International Street Art Festival NuArt. For those who missed the first part of our coverage of this street art hot spot, the post featured work from Vhils, Evol, Dan Witz, Dolk, JPS, Martin Whatson, C215 and Pobel. You can catch up and see it here.

Continuing with our coverage of Stavanger street art we will be sharing work in this second post below from Dan Witz, David Choe, Swoon, Nick Walker, Hush, Herakut, Dolk and Eine. For a city of its size, Stavanger has a surprisingly extensive collection of quality street art on display on the streets that grows a little more each year with large scale murals, stencils, pasteups and stickers from some of the worlds leading international street artists all of whom have all passed through the city since the festival's inception in 2005.

With the festival organisers locating new walls each new year for these visiting artists, a large portion of the works from previous NuArt editions are still on view around the city. Some aged by the towns costal climate, others still looking surprising fresh considering their age. With works from as far back as 2008 still to be seen, Stavanger is unlike other urban centres were street artists often compete for a small number of wall spaces. This results in shorter live spans for many works which are on occasion painted over within 24 hours of their creation. While we are not in favour of seeing these empheral works protected or preserved behind perspex sheets, we do love seeing street pieces such as those in Stavanger that have been aged by time and the elements such as this weathered looking paste up below from D*face who was invited to Stavanger way back in 2008!



HUSH's vibrant mural from the 2013 edition of Nuart brightened up our day on a wet and windy afternoon as we took a stroll around the city with Natalie Hegert from Artslant who was invited as part of this years Nuart Plus program which saw her on the panel for a discussion on Street Art and Activism.



A few pieces from stencil artist Nick Walker are still to found on the city wall including a censored version of his iconic Mooning Lisa piece which is very impressive considering these stencils were created in 2009.


UNKNOWN_HOOKEDBLOG_0724_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEYSwoon_HOOKEDBLOG_1528_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEY Beautiful hand painted large scale paste-up from Swoon sits alongside the work of David Choe on this city centre wall.


The work of Dotmasters at Tou Scene, a multi-levelled former brewery and venue for the NuArt exhibition and Nu Music, Norway’s underground music festival which happens to takes place the same weekend Nuart begins.

For the street art enthusiast visiting the city there is a link to Google Maps available on NuArt festival website (and below) pinpointing some of the location of the work. The team at the festival have also created its own iPhone app powered by Geo Street Art that allows you to locate Nuart's street work on your iPhone from previous years around the city.

Stavanger city itself is only a short jump from London serviced with flights from Heathrow and Gatwick airports making this a great destination for lovers of street art and with us having only scratched the surface of the cities street art  in our few short days in town we look forward to our return to the city.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beau Stanton's 'Tenebras Lux' Exhibition

Beau Stanton's 'Tenebras Lux' Exhibition at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in Bristol

It's been some time since we here at Hookedblog have been in Bristol and with our good friend Beau Stanton down in Bristol for his first European solo show it was the excuse we were looking for to return to the city. We last caught up with the Brooklyn based painter and muralist when we hooked him up with an East London wall last October when he visiting London (covered here).

Following completion of the mural on Pedley street, Stanton headed down to Bristol to scope out the venue which is now housing his new body of work. Beau teamed up with another of our friends Andy Phipps to bring his exhibition entitled 'Tenebras Lux' to Bristol. The exhibition has been installed as a temporary site-specific installation within the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in Bristol. The collection of stunning stain glass works will be on display until the 5th October after which they will travel to London where they will go on show at StolenSpace Gallery. A collection of  new works on canvas will also go on show along with the stained glass in London. Check out a selection of image we took at the Bristol show opening below along with some extra information on the work from the exhibition press release.

Beau Stanton's 'Tenebras Lux' Exhibition at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in BristolBeau Stanton's 'Tenebras Lux' Exhibition at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in BristolBeau Stanton's 'Tenebras Lux' Exhibition at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in BristolBeau Stanton's 'Tenebras Lux' Exhibition at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in BristolBeau Stanton's 'Tenebras Lux' Exhibition at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in BristolBeau Stanton's 'Tenebras Lux' Exhibition at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in BristolBeau Stanton's 'Tenebras Lux' Exhibition at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in BristolBeau Stanton's 'Tenebras Lux' Exhibition at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in Bristol

"Tenebras Lux is a new body of work inspired by the imagery and techniques found in sacred spaces. Stained glass windows, elaborate oil paintings, and ornamented sacred objects create an immersive experience that references medieval art forms, ancient and modern religious iconography, and fetishized holy relics. The works re-imagine their original sacred function to inform the way we view the development of religious icons and enduring archetypes. 

While creating the work, Stanton employed classical, medieval, and 19th Century techniques alongside contemporary digital media achieving unconventional results within the vaulted crypt and tomb niches. This calculated manipulation of light and shadow results in vividly illuminated images achieved through panes of tinted glass as well as delicate layers of transparent paint film. 

These works are carefully concocted amalgamations that fuse archetypal symbols with familiar imagery from Classical Antiquity and Christian theology. The result is a visual orgy of light and ornament contrasting natural organic forms of ancient mythology with the macabre and grotesque images of martyred Christian icons."

Beau Stanton's 'Tenebras Lux' Exhibition at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in BristolBeau Stanton's 'Tenebras Lux' Exhibition at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in BristolBeau Stanton's 'Tenebras Lux' Exhibition at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in Bristol 'Tenebras Lux' at The crypt of St John the Baptist until the 5th October and then the show moves to London at Stolen Space Gallery from the 10th October. Stolen Space Gallery, 17 Osborn St, London E1 6TD.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bristol Street Art

The Lost Souls

Hookedblog hit Bristol over the weekend to catch the Beau Staton 'Tenebras Lux' exhibition in the city (covered here). In between hanging out at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist (the exhibition location) and sampling some of the cities ciders and beers (St Austel's KOREV Cornish Lager was a new one for us), we managed to capture some classic street art pieces as well as a few new additions to the city from The Lost Souls and Mr Penfold on our visit. Some of the older works still running included a number of pieces from See No Evil 2012 such as the ROA, Nick Walker & Sheone, Conor Harrington and Pixel Pancho works pictured below.

Pixel PanchoPixel Pancho NIck Walker and SheoneNick Walker and SheoneROAROA Conor Harrington Conor Harrington UnknownUnknownPhlegm Phlegm Mr Penfold Mr.Penfold.