Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pyramidoracle hits the streets of London


Hookedblog recently shared a number of images featuring the work of New York artist Pyramidoracle who is currently based in London (covered here). His large scale black and white portrait paste ups hand painted on what looks like brown wrapping paper were something that we discovered on the streets of London while walking around the neighbourhood with our camera, snapping anything that captured our eye. As we mentioned in our previous post it was refreshing to stumble upon Pyramidoracle work in person, having not seen any of it online via instagram / twitter or other social media channels.

Well it looks like Pyramidoracle has been hitting the streets once again with some fresh works, pictured here are two fresh new pieces we found earlier in the week, one located on the Street Art Tour hotspot of Hanbury Street just off Brick Lane and the other near Limehouse, we are not too sure of the street name. We look forward to discovering more from this artist while he is in London.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils: Dissonance at Lazarides


We last saw Portuguese artist Vhils aka Alexandre Farto on the streets of London back in the summer of 2014 when the artists created the above piece in the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve for the Phytology* Project (covered here). Later this week sees the artist return of to Lazarides Gallery in London to present a new body of multidisciplinary work featuring figurative compositions comprised of wood, billboard, metal and Styrofoam dioramas.

Alexandre Farto has been interacting visually with the urban environment under the name of Vhils since his days as a prolific graffiti writer in the early 2000s. For this his first London show since 2012,  Dissonance will showcase the ultimate culmination of his ideas initiated and developed in his last two solo exhibitions in 2014: Dissection, held at Lisbon's EDP Museum and Vestiges, showcased in Paris.

"I first saw Alex's work back in 2007 and was totally floored. Here was this crazy Portuguese kid, doing these mad portraits on the street by chopping out bits of walls. It was one of the most innovative techniques I'd ever seen. It has been a pleasure to see how much he has come on from those early days to his most recent museum show in Lisbon. Long may it continue." — Steve Lazarides


Dissonance at Lazarides Gallery opens to the public on Friday 27th March with a privte view the evening before on the Thursday 26th March, 6- 9pm. The exhibition will then continue at the space from 27th March until the 23rd April 2015.

Lazarides Rathbone, 11 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1HR

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The 3D Street Art Faces of French artist Gregos

Gregos in Shoreditch, London Streetart

Have you spotted any of these around London yet! They’re the work of Parisian street artist Gregos, who we caught up with last year when he paid a visit to London (covered here). The artist was in town for the launch of the French street art publication Vitry Ville Street Art, who along with a number of other French street artists were featured in the book. Taking to the streets during his trip, Gregos installed 50 small and large 3D sculptures all modelled on his own face, onto walls around the capital.

With over 500 faces already installed around Paris, it looks like the artist is back in town and plans to leave another 50 3D pieces for Londoners to discover, bringing his total up to 100 for London. Below are a selection of his installations we stumbled upon this afternoon as we took a wonder around Shoreditch and Brick Lane. Let us know if you spot any of the other 50 around London, feel free to share their location too!

  Gregos in Shoreditch, London StreetartGregos in ShoreditchGregos in ShoreditchGregos in ShoreditchGregos in Shoreditch

See some of our images from Gregos's first London visit here.

Find Gregos online:
Gregos website
Gregos Instagram

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stunning new mural from EVOCA1 in London, UK.


Following on from last weeks collaborative mural on Hanbury Street with Pixel Pancho (covered here), Miami based artist Evoca1 is back on the streets. With progress now well under way on this his second London mural, we caught up with Evoca1 earlier today taking advantage of the Spring Sun to push progress forward on what looks set to be a stunning new addition to London. For those of you hitting East London over the weekend to check out the lastest works in the street be sure to include Evoca1's new work on your list. His mural can be found on Scaler Street. Stay tuned for pictures of the finished wall.



Unfortunately someone took a dislike / issue to what EVOCA1 was painting and took it upon themselves to paint out most of the work he had put in over a four day period. It is very unlikely EVOCA1 will return to redo the work and it's a shame we will not get to see what was looking set to be a great piece finished.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Stick it up: Berlin. Street Art Stickers

STICKITUP_BERLINHookedblog have been in Berlin the last few days in case you hadn't noticed enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. We have already shared some images of the latest Berlin mural painted as part of Urban Nation's Project M/7 in association with Brooklyn Street Art. The Four story Portrait of Freedom mural was painted by Iranian duo Icy & Sot, and is their largest stencil work to date, check out coverage here.

While we process the images we took at Urban Nation we have decided to share a selection of the street art stickers we captured during or visit. Like most major cities Berlin's street furniture is covered in stickers of all shapes and sizes, from the handmade to the super slick multi-coloured vinyl stickers. And unlike London with its anti-graffiti paint coating most street furniture, Berlin would appear not to be interested/ have the funds to remove the cities stickers.

The collection of stickers we captured below highlights some of the international and local street artists passing though/ living / working and exhibiting in the city. Our selection of images features stickers from 1UP, JUST, Reka, Shephard Fairey, Elle, Dscreet, Aida, Icy & Sot, Dabs & Myla, Pille, Mobstr, VNA, Mjar, Kashink, RAE and XoXoXo. Stay tuned for more from our Berlin adventures.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Hidden Years book: Volume Two by Faith47


South African artist Faith47 will be releasing the second in a personal collectable series of self published zines and limited edition mini screen prints. The Hidden Years series saw Volume One (covered here) released last year on the Summer Solstice via the artists newly launched online webshop. The release of the second edition in the series will coincide with the Spring Equinox on Friday 20th March 2015.

The A5 sized book will feature a compilation of the artists photographs taken during her travels in the karoo, beijing, jerusalem, shanghai, johannesburg, cape town, london, melun, rochester, kathmandu, los angeles, miami, durban, bangkok, malmö, antanarivo, madrid, wuhan, rome, missouri and gaeta. The book is extremely limited and will be released in an edition of just 100, each of which will be signed and numbered by Faith47. The publication will be sold along with a new five colour mini print titled 'Bleed' printed on Stardream Antique Gold paper.

The set will be $95.00 incl shipping and will be on sale online: LOS ANGELES - 10AM :: NEW YORK - 1PM :: LONDON - 5PM :: JOHANNESBURG - 7PM :: BEIJING 1AM.

Faith47 has produced a short video allowing us a sneak preview of the new zine and print in the clip below.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Icy&Sot "Portrait of Freedom" mural for project M/7 Urban Nation, Berlin


If you missed our previous post here, we have been in Berlin the last couple of days for the latest version of Urban Nations Project M/7 which saw a number of important Brooklyn street artists present a diverse and stunning collection of portraits in a show entitled Persons of Interest, curated by Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo of Brooklyn Street Art (BSA). Invited over to contribute were ICY and SOT, two stencils artists and brothers from Tabriz Iran, currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Hookedblog last caught up with the artists at this years edition of NuArt in Stavanger, as they were among those invited to take part in the annual art festival creating a large scale mural work indoors and out.

ICY & SOT Alongside their indoor work for the Persons of Interest exhibition ( more on that soon), the two brothers took on the task of creating a mural on the outside of the Project M/7 building with what we believe is their largest stencil piece to date. Covering four floors of the building facade the sticking stencil piece is unmissable to all those whizzing past the building on the trains opposite. If you are in Berlin be sure to stop by and check the mural in person located on Bülowstrasse 7/ 97, 10783 Berlin, Germany.


Find Icy & Sot online:
Icy & Sot website
Icy & Sot Instagram

Pixel Pancho and Evoca1 collaborate on a new East London Mural

Evoca1 & Pixel Pancho

While Hookedblog were off in Berlin on an adventure, it looks like Dominican born, Miami based artist Evoca1 has completed work on his latest mural, which he started working on last week here in London.

Hitting up one of the ever changing wall spots on Hanbury Street, East London with assistance from 31 Thirteen, Evoca1 was joined on the wall by Pixel Pancho. We have already featured the large scale wall painted by Pixel Pancho in Dalston (covered here), completed last week ahead of his London solo exhibition which is now on show at StolenSpace Gallery. With Pixel Pancho's 'Memory of Our Life' show opening on the Thursday, the artist had some time to allow him to collaborate with Evoca1 on this new mural titled 'Reflection' and located on Hanbury Street.

  Evoca1 & Pixel Pancho Evoca1 & Pixel Pancho Evoca1 is still in London and has already begun work on a second large scale mural, stayed tuned for updates on this.

Find Evoca1 online:
Evoca1 website
Evoca1 Instagram
Evoca1 Facebook

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Adventures in Berlin — 01

BERLIN_STREETART_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY Greeting from Berlin readers, Hookedblog are on the move again and will be broadcasting across our Hookedblog social channels Instagram, Twitter and Facebook from this wonderful city for the next few days. It's been over four years since we were last in Berlin and we thought it was well past time we revisited and checked out what was happening in town. We were last in Berlin back in 2010 and remember being quite shocked at the time how quickly the city had changed, having first visited in 2001 and again in 2004. As we return it will be interesting to see what effect another four years has had on the city if any.

We are looking forward to hitting the streets in the morning and checking out the local street art scene, we ran outta space on our camera memory cards on our last visit. There was so much Berlin streetart to see and enjoy we put together two photos zines on our return to London including many of the images we shot on that trip. We have since uploaded both of the zine onto ISSUU, both of which you can view here for issue 01 and the second issue is here.


It would appear on this visit that our dates are perfectly timed and we are excited that we will be in town for the opening of the PERSONS OF INTEREST Opens Project M/7 for Urban Nation (UN). We have missed the previous editions at Urban Nation and it will be great to finally check out this ongoing project. For this edition Urban Nation along with Brooklyn Street Art (BSA) are bringing a taste of Brooklyn to Berlin with PERSONS OF INTEREST, a stunning portraiture show which will see all new original artworks from a diverse collection of 12 important Brooklyn Street Artists including: Cake, Chris Stain, Dain, Don Rimx, El Sol 25, Esteban Del Valle, Gaia, Icy & Sot, Nohjcoley, Spector, Swoon.

Curators Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo asked each of the invited artists to choose as subject a portrait of a German or Brooklyn figure with a German connection who has inspired him or her personally or professionally. The chosen persons, to be unveiled March 14th for UN’s Project M/7, include artists, poets, writers, a political theorist, a social activist, a civil engineer and of course a glamorous leading lady of the silver screen, among others.

“The point is that Street Art often takes its inspiration from society and the street, acting as a mirror that reflects us back to ourselves. We all wanted to reflect aspects of Berlin’s rich culture back to the passersby of UN as well,” — says Harrington.

The show will open at 7-10 pm 14th March (in Bülowstrasse 97) with an opening reception where guests will have the opportunity to meet the curators and artists in person. The exhibition will then continue at the space until 15th June 2015. We will hopefully see some of you there tomorrow evening.

Urban Nation, Bülowstrasse 7/ 97, 10783 Berlin, Germany

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Jaunt UK Book Launch Tour


Long time friend of Hookedblog Jeroen Smeets established 'The Jaunt' project back in 2013, for our readers not yet familiar with the project, The Jaunt combines two of Jeroen's favourite things Art & Travel. Since the launch of the project a variety of trips with artists have been organised seeing them travel to places such as Helsinki, Istanbul, Antwerp, Los Angeles and beyond. Artists like Niels 'Shoe' Meulman, Cleon Peterson, Mike Perry, Erosie, David Shillinglaw and many others have been sent on their way to become inspired. After each trip the artists along with The Jaunt create a unique artwork capturing the spirit and essence of their trip and an editioned print is printed based on this artwork. The artists were encouraged to keep a travel diary in the form of photos, sketches, notes some of which were shared on The Jaunt website.

With over 10 artists having taken part in the project, The Jaunt have gathered all the stories, drawings, snapshots and keepsakes from the artists on their trips and brought them together in their first publication launching later this month in the UK. Featuring exclusive interviews with the artists about their creative process and unique sketches and photos from the trips each of them took, the book will allow us to experience a little of what the artists encountered during their jaunt!

The UK book launch will see Jeroen hitting up three cities starting in London with the first launch in the tour taking place at Beach London in East London, the second at Provide in Birmingham and the third will see them in Leeds at Colour May Vary. For the Beach London launch there will be a short presentation about their project, an exhibition of their prints and a book signing by David Shillinglaw who was one of the ten artists to take part. Dates and location for the launch events are below as is a short film featuring Shillinglaw sharing his thoughts about his jaunt to Denmark.

Thursday 26th March: Beach London.
Beach London,20 Cheshire Street, London E2 6EH.

Friday 27th March: Provide, Birmingham.
PROVIDE, Custard Factory, Birmingham B9 4AT.

Saturday 28th March: Colours May Vary, Leeds.
Colours May Vary, Munro House, Duke Street, Leeds LS9 8AG.