Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stinkfish — Colourful Street Artist hits Bristol


Based in Bogotá, Colombian street artist Stinkfish spent some time in London earlier this month and took the opportunity to create some new works while he was in town. Hookedblog caught up with the artist at work while he was in London and have covered the three vibrant street stencil pieces (covered here and here) he put up  including the mural above in Shoreditch in East London .

Having left his mark on London and before flying back to South America, Stinkfish was invited down to Bristol by 1LoveArt who located a large wall for him to paint in St Werburghs Park, Bristol. 1LoveArt have just shared with us a short film they made with Vince John featuring Stinkfish at work painting this large Bristol mural titled 'Taj Mahal Girl'. Check out the film below and after stop by the 1LoveArt website to see some of the new original pieces Stinkfish painted for the gallery during his stay in Brisol.


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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dale Grimshaw's E17 mural for Wood Street Walls


East London's Wood Street Walls Project continue to bring art to the streets of Walthamstow with the addition of their lastest mural featuring the work of London based artist Dale Grimshaw. Following a recent leg injury which saw the artist out of action for some weeks this photo realistic mural pictured saw Dale back on his feet and marks his return to the streets. Located on a wall of the Hurricane Rooms at the junction of Hoe Street and Forest Road just opposite The Bell pub which also features another of Wood St. Walls murals featuring a We Like Static collab with stencil artist Teddy Baden.

This new mural with Dale Grimshaw brings Wood Streets Walls Project total up to six murals. Hookedblog have previous covered some of the other artists mural on the blog including the work of We Like Static (covered here and here), The Toasters vibrant exploding toasters mural (covered here)and Malarky's recent Rent's Too High mural (covered here). For those wanting to catch the works in person we have just put together an art map with the locations of where all the murals can be found. And what with the upcoming 2015 edition of the E17 Art Trail kicking off on the 30th May it might just be the ideal time to visit this part of London and check out Wood St. Walls street art works.

The E17 Art Trail now in it's 11th year, is a two week long program of community led events which will celebrate the creativity in the borough. They will host 250 events and exhibitions and this year will see 100s of local artist open up their studio space to the public. More info on the E17 Art Trail can be found on their website here and our Wood Street Walls street art map is included below.

DaleGrimsham_HOOKEDBLOG_7511_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYDaleGrimsham_HOOKEDBLOG_7505_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYDale Grimshaw's finished mural.

Roll over the map to see the locations and images of the Wood St Walls Murals.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rolling Around Hackney Wick with SweetToof


On a recent visit to Hackney Wick it was apparent that London based artist Sweet Toof had returned from his travels in South America and had been hitting the streets in the area. We featured a number of theses new works only last week on the blog (covered here).

Returning for another visit to this East London neighbourhood it is evident that Sweet Toof is King is this part of town, from the street stickers to the drippy pavement teeth tags, murals and not to mention the large scale rooftop roller pieces immediately visible as you pull into Hackney Wick Train station, there would appear to be no surface that the artist has not redecorated. While strolling around Fish Island we discovered another series of new murals from the artist featuring his signature characters, rollers ready for some rooftop action no doubt. With an increasing number of the works going up in and around Shoreditch now painted on legal or managed walls it's refreshing to see that some street artists are still painting such large scale works illegally. Below are a selection of images of the two new pieces we discovered on our latest trip to the Wick.


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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Colombian Street Artist Stinkfish hits the Streets


Hookedblog have already featured Colombian street artist Stinkfish earlier this week covering the two vibrant stencil works the visiting artist created in Shoreditch, East London over the weekend (covered here).

Yesterday saw the street artist return to Shoreditch to create his third work pictured. As mentioned in our previous post many of the artists works are based upon on discarded photographs, magazines, old album covers as well as the artists own photographs. The life sized standing figure with a small child is based upon a photograph Stinkfish took at Pokhara bus station in Nepal back in August of 2013, you can see the original image Stinkfish shared on his instagram account below. The image was recently used by Stinkfish for a four storey mural he painted last month in Amsterdam and now recreated again here in London as a scaled down version of the image.


A photo posted by stinkfish (@stinkfishstink) on

Photo taken by Stinkfish in Nepal.


The finished London version of Stinkfish's work based on the photograph above can be located on Rivington Street in Shoreditch.

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Playtime in London with Street Artists Donk


A regular fixture on the streets of London, the street artist and photographer known as Donk has been making photographic & zerox based paste-up poster art since 2008. His large scale pasteups often featuring his own photography can be seen right across London and later this month Donk will be staging his very first solo show titled 'Playtime'. Curated by Dalton based Print Club, the Playtime exhibition will be presented in their Millers Avenue gallery space and will see Donk showing a series of original artworks along with the release of some new print editions.

On the title of the forthcoming show Donk says, "I called the show playtime. Firstly, because the ideas for these images have been ignited, directly or indirectly, by the many happy hours of play time I have spent with my son. 

Over these 12 years together, we have actually managed to rove space and time. We battled with many villainous foe and forged enduring friendships with the most unlikely selection of surreal characters. We have been been slain and lost, then reborn and saved on countless occasions."

The show’s title also embraces the importance of a similar sense of playtime within the adult creative process, and the idea that we are not necessarily so far removed from our former childhood selves. He continues "playtime serves as a reminder of the slightly glib truism that; no matter how tricky things get we’re not here for a long time, so we may as well try and have a good time!"


Donk and Printclub will also be taking part in the worldwide #freeartfriday this Friday, 15th May where the artist will be leaving a limited edition piece of artwork somewhere on the streets of Dalston for one lucky passer by to claim! The location of the artwork will be revealed via Instagram with a posted photo of the location from both @printclublondon and @donklondon accounts.


Donk_HOOKEDBLOG_6083_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY The PLAYTIME exhibition opens with a private view, Thursday 21st May from 6pm until 9pm and will then continue at the space until Thursday 28th May. To attend the private view, please RSVP on Print Club's eventbrite page here.
Print Club Gallery, Millers Avenue. Dalston E8 2DS

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stinkfish — Colourful Street Artist Hits London


Based in Bogotá, Colombian artist Stinkfish is the latest South American street artist to visit London. The last few weeks we have seen new street works across East London from Brazilian artists Sliks and Bailon (covered here) along with a number of works from Cranio, also from Brasil (covered here and here).

As with the other three artists mentioned, Stinkfish is a regular visitor to London making the trip here about once a year and leaving his mark on the city on each visit. Some of his previous shutters works (covered here) and roof top piece (covered here) can still be seen as well as some smaller pasteups and stickers.

We caught up with Stinkfish over the weekend as he was working on his second piece of the day, both spots located with help from Global Street Art. These two new vibrant street portraits like most of Stinkfish's works are based on discarded photographs, magazines, old album covers or photographs of anonymous characters on the streets he has taken himself. A mix of abstract freehand spray work along with some multi-layered stencils are used to build up the layers of colour and shapes in the creation of his street portraits. Below are a selection of images we captures of the artist at work.

STINKFISH_HOOKEDBLOG_7327_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYSTINKFISH_HOOKEDBLOG_7323_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYAdding the finishing touches to the piece.
STINKFISH_HOOKEDBLOG_7350_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYThe second of the two pieces created by the artist on Great Eastern Street, London. STINKFISH_HOOKEDBLOG_7376_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY

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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Cranio's Indigenous Blue Men revisit Brick Lane


Brazilian street artist Cranio has been in London the last two weeks following his solo exhibition 'Amores' at Montana Gallery in Barcelona, Spain. Hookedblog have already featured one of the artists new works painted on Brick Lane shortly after he arrived in London (covered here).

This week saw Cranio return to the Brick Lane area to begin work on a wall on Pedley Street located opposite the artists other London piece. This popular wall has featured the works of many talented artists over the years and is one that Cranio has previous painted back in October of 2012 (covered here). The rain and wind from earlier in the week slowed down work considerable on this piece which Cranio finally finished late yesterday evening. With the artist due to be in town for a few more weeks, we expect we will be seeing more of Carnio’s distinctive Indians around London.


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Spring Offering Mural by Bailon, Sliks & Jimmy C


Following their successful joint exhibition Naturally Unstable with Dope Gallery last week in Shoreditch, South American artists Mateus Bailon and Rafael Sliks took to the streets of London over the long Bank Holiday weekend. Friday saw fellow Brazilian artist Cranio who is also in London (covered here) join the two artists on a collaborative mural in Bethnal Green (photos to follow) for Global Street Art's Colour the Capital project. Spending the day working on this mural it was Saturday that saw Bailon and Sliks set about tackling this huge wall at the end of Hanbury street in East London.

Whitewashing the wall earlier in the week a number of the locals mistook the two artists in their matching boiler suits as workers from the council, employed to buff the wall clean. Many were happy on hearing the duo were in fact artists who would be creating one large cohesive mural across the entire wall, although there were some concerns among one or two locals that this new work would not be up to the standard of the previous smaller works that they had enjoyed seeing at the location. We assured them that the new work would be a much better use of this large scale wall and suggested they return to see the finished piece.


Once work began on the vast space Sliks and Bailon soon realised the mammoth task they had taken on and made the decision to invite London based Australian street artist Jimmy C to join them in creating the mural. This is not the first time Jimmy C has worked with Sliks, the two artists previously collaborated on a piece last year in São Paulo, Brazil and with their signature styles working very well together it made sense for them to work with him again on this mural.


Drawing inspiration from the blooming trees opposite the mural, Jimmy C set about creating a desert like landscape dotted with a series of Cherry Blossom style trees to join Sliks large scale alien character and Bailon's flock of birds. Two full days of work and some few thousand photographs taken by the crowds who gathered to watch the three at work and the mural was complete. Following some discussion as to the title for the finished mural, the three artists agreed that the piece should be named a 'Spring Offering'.


The completed 'Spring Offering' mural featuring the work of all three artists is located at the bottom of Hanbury Street, just off Brick Lane and was created with assistance from Bricklane1.

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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Malarky's Rents Too High, London Mural


We headed out to Leytonstone during the week to check in with our friends at Wood Street Walls Project and to photography their latest project. Based in Wood Street, founder and local resident Mark Clack has been working for a number of months on this community art project with which he aims to brightening up the surrounding neighbourhoods by providing local and established artists with a platform to display their work. London based artists Malarky is the latest artist to team up with the Wood Street Walls Project creating this vibrant new 'Rents Too High' mural pictured here in Leytonstone.

Hookedblog have previous covered the project’s first piece of public art created back in November in the Ravenswood Industrial Estate, which featured the work of Tom Jackson and Craig Evans from WeLikeStatic, who also happen to be E17 residents (covered here). Further mural projects have seen Wood Street Walls work with stencil artist Teddy Baden, ATM and again with WeLikeStatic on their super sized ‘Game On’ mural (covered here). We have also covered the eye-poppingly colourful mural by The Toasters (covered here).


Wood Street Walls also plan to establish a new creative space for Wood Street's artist community. Mark has launched a crowd funding project which plans to raise funds to revive the disused Manual Instruction Centre building on Brooke Road E17, turning it into Wood Street Studios spaces. According to Mark “Waltham Forest only has 70 studios. In comparison the number in our neighbouring Borough of Hackney is 1124.” Alongside the much needed affordable studio space for artists in the area, they plan to host free monthly workshops for the local community to encourage the next generation of young artists in Waltham Forest and the surrounding area.

The crowd funding campaign has now gone live and you can show your support by donating to the project on their campaign website which includes all the details of the project.


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Friday, May 01, 2015

Paul Insect & Sweet Toof's Elusive Box Truck

Sweet Toof & Paul Insect Box Truck

A one time regular fixture alongside the Whitechapel Market stretch of road in East London, the White Box trucks of the market traders were once decorated on all sides with vibrant works by various street and graffiti artists. Now a rare sight these days following regulation changes in Transport For London's Low Emission Zone (LEZ), which saw many of these moving canvases disappear from the streets as traders replaced their trucks to comply with the emission standards set within the zone which covers most of Greater London. We have previous featured some of these box trucks and vans on Hookedblog over the years some of which included works from Malarky (covered here) Mr Penfold, Billy(covered here), Roids(covered here), Horfe and Panik among others.

Back in December we spotted this Box Truck late one evening featuring work from London artists Sweet Toof and Paul Insect. From what we can tell it was painted sometime late last year but it was the first time we had seen it in person and as it was late we only managing to capture a low light noisy iPhone photo. We have been on the look out since for this moving canvas in efforts to capture some better shots of the work but as these trucks tend to move about it was only yesterday we came across this Box Truck again, four months after we first captured it with our iPhone. have a look at the images before and click trough on some of the links above to see some of the earlier box truck works.

  Sweet Toof & Paul Insect Box TruckSweet Toof & Paul Insect Box TruckSweet Toof & Paul Insect Box TruckSweet Toof & Paul Insect Box Truck

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