Thursday, July 02, 2015

New London Mural from Chilean native Cekis


We have previous featured the new collaborative mural on Hanbury street featuring the vibrant work of Alexis Diaz and Elian (covered here) both of whom were in London for the 'Entre Muros' group exhibition currently on show at Mya Gallery in London. The show curated by by author and editor Maximiliano Ruiz also featured the work of Nelson Rivas aka Cekis from Chile and now based in New York. The Chilean native took the opportunity to take to the streets of London during his visit to the city and painted this mural pictured here. This new work from Cekis is located on Hanbury street, just opposite the work of Elian and Alexis Diaz.


Entre Muros' is on show at MYA Gallery.
Mya Gallery, 150 Commercial Street, London, E1 6NU

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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Alexis Diaz & Elian collaborate on a new London Mural

Alexis Diaz& Elian

While Hookedblog were in Malaga, Spain it looks like this wall on Hanbury Street, just off Brick Lane has had a refresh with some new collaborative work from Alexis Diaz and Elain powered by 31_thirteen. The Puerto Rican - Argentinean duo were in town for the 'Entre Muros' group show currently on show at Mya Gallery in London.

Curated by author and editor Maximiliano Ruiz, the exhibition presented a collection of works by urban artists from Latin America. Both Elian and Alexis Diaz have pieces in this show along with Curiot and Saner from Mexico, Rodrigo Branco and Rafael Hayashi from Brazil, Jaz and Doma from Argentina, Decertor from Peru, Stinkfish from Colombia as well as Into and Cekis from Chile.

  Alexis Diaz& ElianAlexis Diaz& Elian

'Entre Muros' is on show at MYA Gallery.
Mya Gallery, 150 Commercial Street, London, E1 6NU

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Shepard Fairey new mural in Málaga, Spain


Currently in Málaga, Spain for his upcoming exhibition 'Your Eyes Here' (covered here), Shepard Fairey and his Obey teams took to the streets of Málaga shortly after touching down to begun work on a new mural for the city as part of the MAUS Project. The 20 meters high work located on the corner of Calle Tomas Heredia and Barroso was completed in just one day by Fairey and his Obey crew.


The CAC Málaga has been a partner and advocate of Fairey’s work in the streets and previously supported a large scale painted mural, "Paz Y Libertad,” in 2013 – then one of the largest outdoor mural completed by Fairey. "Paz Y Libertad” was met with overwhelming support and remains a vibrant part of the city’s aesthetic. The mural is still looking fresh and can be seen on the façade of the Colegio Garcia Lorca building. 

'Your Eyes Here' will be on show from the 27th June until the 27th of September 2015.
Centro De Arte Contemporaneo De Malaga, Calle Alemania, S/N, 29001 Malaga, Spain.

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Shepard Fairey and Dface At CAC Málaga · Centro de Arte Contemporáneo


Hookedblog have just touched down in the sunny Spanish city of Málaga for the upcoming exhibitions Wasted Youth and Your Eyes Here at the Centro De Arte Contemporaneo De Malaga. Following on from their recent stop in Berlin which saw Shepard Fairey and D*Face create new murals as part of Urban Nations PM8 event presented in association with London gallery Stolen Space, both artists are now in Malaga. This is now the first time the two artists have been in town together, they previous worked on these large scale murals back in 2013 pictured above which are still looking fresh and visible in the city next to the museum.

The two shows presented by CAC Malaga Museum will run simultaneously at the Centro De Arte Contemporaneo De Málaga.'Wasted Youth’ will be D*face’s first museum show and will feature a new collection of large scale paintings on canvas, reinterpretations of classic D*Face imagery and installation pieces. The show will also feature a retrospective body of work from the artist and the actual silkscreens and stencils used, showcasing an incredible journey of his 15 year career.

Shepard Fairey's 'Your Eyes Here' exhibition will not just be a historical overview of his works, but a dynamic up-to-the-moment showcase of his artistic evolution influenced by music, politics – peace and war – and environmental issues. The exhibition will survey the artist’s 25-year career, which includes paintings, screen prints, stencils, stickers, rubylith illustrations, collages, photographs, sculpture, and works on wood, metal, and canvas. Stay tuned for coverage from the show over the next few days.

'Wasted Youth' and 'Your Eyes Here' will be on show from the 27th June until the 27th of September 2015.
Centro De Arte Contemporaneo De Malaga, Calle Alemania, S/N, 29001 Malaga, Spain.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

David Shillinglaw's Dance of 1000 Faces Book


Returning from extended travel it's always nice to get back to London to find some packages have been delivered while we were away and are waiting to be opened. One of these surprise packages included a new publication from London based artist David Shillinglaw.

Published by Unicorn Press, Shillinglaw's new book titled The Dance of 1000 Faces celebrates the artwork and the adventures of the artist and features a collection of sketchbook drawings, photography from his recent travels as well as a number of murals he has painted on these trips across Europe and beyond.


“The faces and figures I draw, especially the journal drawings, are mirrors of myself and of those around me. My friends, people walking down the street, or people in the news. The content and forms shifts every day; bending and contorting like reflections in a hall of mirrors. The faces and figures are a portrait of every man and every woman, sexless, ageless, generic, colourless, multi- coloured, two faced, grimacing, gurning and grinning, all in constant flux.”


The book has now been released and is available to order directly from the publisher online or from Amazon here, although the publisher seem to have it on sale at a better price than amazon.


The folks over at Unicorn Press have kindly offered us a copy of David's new book to give away to one of our lucky readers. For a chance to win a copy of this book answer the simple question below and follow the rafflecopter instructions below. Each additional step completed (Tweet, Follow etc.) will increase your chances of winning a copy. The competition will run for two weeks at which point one winner will be selected at random from all the entries and notified by email. The completion will close on Thursday the 9th July, Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Nychos' MURAL 15 mural in Montreal, Canada

Nychos At Mural Festival, Montreal, Canada

In our continued coverage of this years Mural Festival in Montreal, Canada we bring you photos of Austrian street artist Nychos' newly finished wall for the festival titled "Screaming for vengeance". Completed over 5 days, the large scale mural located right on Saint Laurent Boulevard saw the artist battle with the Montreal weather working right though a number of rainy days in efforts to complete the work on time. Featuring a dissected /cross section of a Python and Eagle with some impressive transparent effects, all executed in the artists signature style he has developed over the years.

  Nychos_HOOKEDBLOG_0866_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYNychos_HOOKEDBLOG_0865_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYNychos_HOOKEDBLOG_0639_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY Nychos At Mural Festival, Montreal, Canada Nychos_HOOKEDBLOG_0637_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY Nychos At Mural Festival, Montreal, Canada

This years MURAL festival cinema programme hosted the North American premiere of the Deepest Depth Of The Burrow, a new feature length fly on the wall documentary film about lifestyle, art and travel. Filmed by Christain Fisher, Deepest Depth Of The Burrow saw him followed Nychos and his crew, the Weird as they painted their way around the globe taking in cities such as Viena, Detroit, LA, Hawaii, Paris, Berlin and more.

The American tour includes an additional three more stops where you can catch the new film:

5th June 2015 / POW WOW Long Beach, Los Angeles / Art Theatre Long Beach
01st July 2015 / San Francisco / Castro Theatre

The film will be released on DVD later in 2015. You can watch the trailer below.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Bicicleta Sem Freio's MURAL15 mural in Montreal


We last caught up with Brazilian design and illustration collective, Bicicleta Sem Freio ("Bicycle Without Brake") earlier this year in London when the artist staged their first London solo show 'Fera' (covered here) in association with Charlotte Dutoit of JUSTKIDS and Rexromae.

Currently in Montreal for this years MURAL Festival, Bicicleta Sem Freio have been working non stop since their arrival on a huge mural right in the heart of the city on Boulevard Saint-Laurent. The duo have been making some noise in the Montreal with that wild visually eye catching imagery and vibrant colour palette that the artists have become know for.

Hookedblog headed skywards in the lift yesterday with the artists to get a close up look at the mural in progress. With a large part of the block colours laid down the duo will spend the new few days adding the black key lines that will really make the colours and the mural pop right outta the wall. More soon, stay tuned.


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Thursday, June 11, 2015

JAZ's MURAL15 Mural in Montreal, Canada


Hookedblog continue with our coverage of this years edition of the MURAL festival in Montreal with one of twenty new murals being painted around the city as part of this festival.

Yesterday we spent some time with Argentinean muralist Franco Fasoli aka JAZ here in Montreal at work on a large scale wall. It was our fist time meeting this talented artist and also the first of his murals we have actually seen in person rather than online which was really exciting and we can't wait to see the wall completed. Jaz still has some work to do before this new mural is completed but it's already looking like a very strong image.

We spoke to a number of passersbys as we were taking some photos who were all enjoying this new addition to the cities walls. We also had a conversation with some of the office workers located in one of the building directly opposite JAZ's mural who were kind enough to let us in to photography JAZ's mural. One of them express her joy as she had also seen JAZ's mural work online and now she was lucky enough to be watching his mural unfold in front of her eyes from his work desk.

  JAZ_HOOKEDBLOG_9827_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYJAZ_HOOKEDBLOG_9836_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY JAZ_HOOKEDBLOG_9791_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY JAZ_HOOKEDBLOG_9808_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY JAZ takes a break from painting to pose for Martha Cooper who also stopped by yesterday to catch the artist at work. JAZ_HOOKEDBLOG_9810_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYJAZ_HOOKEDBLOG_9853_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY JAZ_HOOKEDBLOG_9822_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY Jaz has a few more days work yet to do before this mural is finished so stay tuned.

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Cyrcle's Nothing Exists solo exhibition at Montreal's Station16 Gallery


Hookedblog are currently in Montreal, Canada for the third edition of the MURAL festival which this year sees the festival grow from a 4 day festival into an impressive 11 day event with a large part of the Boulevard St-Laurent closed off to traffic for the duration of the festival. We kick off our coverage of this years festival with a selection of images from LA artists Cyrcle. The collective made up of American artists David Leavitt ( Davey Detail) and David Torres ( Rabi ) opened their latest exhibition NOTHING EXISTS! last week at Montreal's Station16 Gallery. We stopped by the gallery to check out the artists latest body of work for this show.


"Nothing exists is a philosophical quandary, a statement comprised of absolute polarities, in which it’s meaning is inherently dependent on one’s perception. This composition presents us with the opportunity to think critically. Whether abstract or rational this contradiction confronts us with a perplexing challenge, testing both our beliefs and knowledge. Somewhere between something and nothing exists a space of uncertainty. This moment is immeasurable, yet more substantial than that which is tangible.

Nothing exists, it is waiting to be defined. Questioning this requires faith and fact. The more we understand that nothing is something, we realize nothing exists. See blind. Hear silence. Feel the truth. " Crycle_HOOKEDBLOG_9651_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYCrycle_HOOKEDBLOG_9917_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYCyrcle_HOOKEDBLOG_9646_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYCyrcle_HOOKEDBLOG_9907_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY

The 'Nothing Exists' exhibition continues at Station16 for the duration of the Mural Festival and until the 4th July 2015.
Station16 Gallery, 3523 Boul St-Laurent , Montreal, Quebec H2X 2T6.

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Thursday, June 04, 2015

RONE x Mommi London Mural


International street artist Rone was recently in London again. The Melbourne based artist was flown into town to work on a new bespoke interior mural, commissioned by South London restaurant MOMMI, a Japanese-Latin Raw Bar + Grill which is set to open towards the end of the month. 

Hookedblog were invited over to the new space to check out the mural the artist had created for the venue. On arrival at their Clapham High Street space we discovered Rone just finishing up his mural in amongst an army of construction workers who were busily working away on the interior all around him. There was still a considerable amount of work to be done on the inside of this new restaurant when we visited in early May. This is clearly evident from some of our photos included in the post, cables hanging from the ceiling, fixtures and fitting yet to be installed. Rone's mural created in amongst all this choas is a mix of old and new styles from the artist, featuring large scale screen printed posters layered up onto the wall to create a textured repeat patterned background. Over the screen printed posters Rone hand painted one of his signature stylised female beauties, who was photographed by the artist to use in this mural.


We have yet to see Rone's mural in the finished space, which will also be joined by an exclusive collection of photographs by famed photographer Ben Watts, brother of actress Naomi Watts. His collection of his bold, bright and vivacious images will  be on display throughout the restaurant. If their taste in art is anything to go by we imagine the interior and food at this new restaurant will be equally excellent. MOMMI is set to open at the end of June, check their Mommi website for more info and should you want to see the entire process Mommi have put together this short video interview with Rone which also included footage of him at work on the commissioned mural. Check out the clip below.


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