Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cosmic Mind — New Jimmy C Mural

Jimmy C

The last week has seen a number of new walls getting a fresh lick of spray paint around Shoreditch in East London. One of those walls getting redecorated saw London based Australian artist Jimmy C aka James Cochran creating a new mural in the energetic pointillist / drip style that has become associated with the artist. Entitled ‘Cosmic Mind’ and featuring a portrait of a woman, this vibrant new piece from Jimmy C can be seen in person at New Inn Yard, just off Curtain rd and Great Eastern St.


To see some of Jimmy C's other Shoreditch murals and to get an idea of how the artist creates works in what he calls his aerosol pointillist style, have a look at this Our Paint, Our Message film, shot by motion photographer Randy Larcombe. The film below catches up with Jimmy C working in his studio and follows him on a tour through the constantly changing streets of Shoreditch.

Find Jimmy C online:
Jimmy C Website
Jimmy C Instagram

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

VHILS for the Phytology Project


We shared an image of this Vhils piece on our Hookedblog Instagram account yesterday and have since had a lot of people asking for it's location, so we thought we would share some additional images and a little info about the piece, oh and of course the location for those of you wanting to see the piece in person.

Tucked away down a side street just off Bethnal Green Road ( the station end) in the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve is Phytology*,  a research base project launched by Nomad in association with Cape Farewell and the Teesdale & Hollybush TRA. The term Phytology* is a rarely used 17th century word meaning botany and this action-research project is about bringing together artists and botanists to explore the ecology & medicinal properties of wild plants and weeds common to derelict and undeveloped urban sites.

Situated within the north west corner of the Nature Reserve, this new medicinal plant field is being celebrated with a series of year-long artist commissions taking place in the Reserve and the Vhils piece pictured was one of these commissions.

Vhils Vhils

VHILS_HOOKEDBLOG_122136_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEYVHILS_HOOKEDBLOG_122144_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEY Phytology is open until the 14 September 2014, Friday and Saturday, 10:00am – 5:00pm, or at other times by appointment. Email info@phytology.org.uk Admission, free.
The Vhils piece is located on the exterior street wall and no appointment is needed to see it!

For addition information on the project, the thirty-two species of wild plants they have sown and the upcoming planned event and commissions visit the Phytology website,

Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, Middleton Street, Bethnal Green, E2 9RR, London
Google Map

Monday, August 04, 2014

Sickboy — Make It Last Forever Exhibition Photos

Sickboy — Make It Last Forever

Make it last forever opened on a super humid summer evening on Thursday 24th July and marked Sickboy's first London gallery appearance at the Outsiders space. Having forgotten to rsvp for the opening party we almost didn't make it into the space as the gallery was packed to capacity with the crowds eventually spilling out onto the streets outside.

The Make it last forever show featured an all new body of work, giving us a glimpse into the colourful and twisted world of Sickboy! Large scale canvas works, paintings on aluminum, drawings plus an elaborate large installation designed specifically for the lower gallery space. Also on show was a display case featuring some of the artists treasures from his personal collection along with some laser cut and etched wooden and perspex editioned objects, one of which was included in the Sickboy coffin we unearthed a week prior to the exhibition opening, when we took part in Sickboy's London Tresure Hunt (covered here).

As is often common at preview evenings it was difficult to take in all the work with so many people in the space from buyers, fans, family, friends and a whole bunch of artists in attendance showing support and sharing a beer. Another visit was a must for us and returning to the show allowed us the space to absorb some of the crazy details and characters in Sickboy's canvas work. Below are a selection of the images we captured on our return to the Outsiders.

Sickboy — Make It Last ForeverSickboy — Make It Last ForeverSickboy — Make It Last ForeverSickboy — Make It Last Forever

Sickboy — Make It Last ForeverSickboy — Make It Last ForeverSickboy — Make It Last ForeverSickboy — Make It Last ForeverSickboy — Make It Last ForeverSickboy — Make It Last ForeverSickboy — Make It Last Forever #MakeItLastForever will run at the space until Saturday 30th of August 2014.

The Outsiders — 8 Greek Street — Soho —  London — W1D4DG

We've been pinning some of our favourite Sickboy pieces both outdoor and indoor work onto our dedicated Sickboy Pinterest Board go have a look at some of the artists other work.

Find Sickboy online:
Sickboy Website
Sickboy Instagram

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Going mobile in East London


We were recently invited to join a group of fellow bloggers for a stroll around East London to check out some of the art on the streets and put the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera to the test. Leaving our Canon DSLR at home on the day, each of us were given a handset for the afternoon to capture some of what we saw as we worked our way from Bethnal Green, through Brick Lane and finishing up in Shoreditch.

As a long time Apple and iPhone user I was curious to see how I would cope with this handset and operating system while testing the camera at the same time. Unboxing the phone I was a little taken back the the size of the phone, it's nearly double the size of our existing phone, yet despite it's larger size the phone is exceptionally light. Set up was pretty straight forward especially if you are a user of Google products such as gmail, google+ etc. Before setting off we downloaded twitter and instagram so we could share some of our finds on the day as we journey trough East London. The larger screen on the phone was really great especially when using instagram, all the images were sharp and filled the screen and after just a few hours with the phone it took a little getting used to the much smaller iPhone screen when we returned the handsets at the end of the afternoon. The images featured in this post were all taken on the phone, which has an impressive 16-megapixel camera.

20140712_123845 20140712_12331620140712_©Mark_Rigney
20140712_13261420140712_130827 20140712_134427 20140712_13451420140712_135941

As phone cameras go we were impressed with the outcome of the pictures we captured on the afternoon. The phone is great for mobile photography if you are on the move due to it's light weight and with speedy autofocus it's perfect for capturing and sharing images instantly across your social networks. Unlike our iPhone the S5 also boasts a whole range of settings which in an afternoon we didn't really get the opportunity to put to the test, functions such as manual ISO settings upto 800, real time HDR mode, selective focus and the option to change metering modes some of which as DSLR users we are accustomed to using. A fun afternoon and great to see some works such as the Vhils piece pictured up top which we had not seen before. 

20140712_135754 20140712_134036

Thanks to Brittany and Anna for the invitation and also 3 Mobile and Samsung for allowing us the chance to test the camera on the phone. Shouts out to our fellow bloggers on the day,  Marcus Maschwitz , Selena The Places , The Usual Shutter Specs and The Art Of The State.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sickboy Makes It Last Forever Treasure Hunt


In the run up to his London show multi-disciplinary street artist Sickboy created five laser-etched coffins which were packed with artist ephemera, original sketches, exclusive Sickboy sticker packs and cosmic curio. Signed and numbered by the artist, each of the coffins were buried in shallow graves across the capital (one north, one South, one West and two in East London).

The treasure Hunt took place on the morning of Friday 18th July with the Outsiders Galleryreleasing details of the hunt to their newsletter subscribers. The email included some hints as to the location of the buried treasure. For each of the five coffins an ariel view map was provided along with detail of a Sickboy temple flag marking the location of the buried treasure.


Within the hour images of exhumed coffins were starting to appear on instagram and twitter as treasure hunters began to share photos of their unearthed coffins We were also seeing images and hearing on twitter tales of hunters being beaten to the treasure by others or getting to the location too late only to find empty holes in the ground!

As much as we wanted to join in on the fun and go hunting for the East London coffins, we were already running late for a meeting that morning and with a few hours having passed since the location map were emailed out we figured all five would surely have been found. En route to Liverpool Street station we took a slight detour via Hanbury Street and were really shocked when we spotted one of the five Sickboy temple flags sticking up in a flower bed. At first we figured someone had taken the coffin and left the flag behind, but after some digging, the hidden treasure buried beneath the dirt soon revealed itself.


Grabbing a few snaps we removed the coffin from the ground, slung it under our arm and headed for the train station. Rocking up to our meeting a little later than we had planned saw some strange looks thrown our way as we turned up with muddy hands and coffin under arm! It was a few hours later before we got the opportunity to unglue the coffin lid and reveal the contents. Have a look at the Sickboy video which will give you an idea of the goodies that were to be found inside.

Make It Last Forever will mark Sickboy's first London gallery appearance, a comprehensive showcase which will feature a unique body of surreal abstract canvases with an elaborate installation designed specifically for The Outsiders’ basement space. Make It Last Forever Exhibition opens with a launch party Thursday 24th July and will run at the space until Saturday 30th of August 2014.

The Outsiders — 8 Greek Street — Soho —  London — W1D4DG

We've been pinning some of our favourite Sickboy pieces both outdoor and indoor work onto our dedicated Sickboy Pinterest Board go have a look at some of the artists other work.

Find Sickboy online:
Sickboy Website
Sickboy Instagram

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fintan Magee London Studio Visit

Fintan Magee

Australian muralist Fintan Magee is currently in London working on a new body of work for the upcoming two man show “Oceanic” with New Zeland artist Askew One. Presented by Rex Romae Gallery the exhibition opens in Shoreditch in a pop-up space later this week with a preview evening on Thursday 24th July.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Fintan last week in his temporary Hackney Wick studio in East London as he was putting the finishing touches to his new body of work. Drawing on his own personal experience, this series of figurative works on paper will see Magee create "a narrative surrounding his experience with the 2011 Brisbane floods and explores greater issues of climate change and the environment." With works for the show now complete, Magee has moved back into Shoreditch where he has begun work on a large scale mural within the exhibition space. Check out some of the teaser images of the work below and stay tuned for images of the mural he is currently working on.

  Fintan MageeFintan MageeFintan Magee Fintan McGeeFintan McGeeFintan McGeeFintan McGee Fintan Magee

The exhibition will also see the release of a limited edition collaborative print also titled "Oceanic" by Askew One and Fintan Magee which will be available to buy at the exhibtiion and online for those not in London.

Opening Reception: Thursday, 24 July, 2014, 6:00 – 9:00 pm Exhibition dates: 24 — 30 July, 2014
Location: 17-19 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London EC2 (Map)

Broken Fingaz 'Sex Picnic' Zine

Broken Fingaz

East London's Redchurch Street was where it was at last month  for the launch of Israeli street artists Broken Fingaz new erotic zine Sex Picnic and accompanying exhibition. The multi-coloured risograph zine  has been printed by London's Hato Press in an edition of 400 and was only available from the exhibition space on Redchurch street, but a few remaining copies have now been made available online via the artists website. Alongside the standard Sex Picnic zine release the artists produced a boxed edition of the zine which included a limited edition screen print and t-shirt.

Broken Fingaz Zine


Broken Fingaz Zine
Broken Fingaz

The exhibition of Broken Fingaz work is open daily until the 30th July, 12 — 8pm, where you can pick up your copy of the zine .

The Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery (MEN) — 30A Redchurch Street — London —  E2 7DP

If you missed the exhibition the guys from Dirtyface were there at the launch of the new zine and captured what went down on the evening in this short film.

For even more Broken Fingaz Crew eye candy, have a look at some of our other features on the blog listed below or head over to our Pinterest page and see what we have been pinning to our Broken Fingaz Board.

Broken Fingaz 'Super Sex' Mural in East London.

Broken Fingaz 'Super Sex 02' Mural in East London.

Broken Fingaz Crew Hit the streets of London.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Invader launches FlashInvaders App

Having built his career around the pixellation of 1970s 8-bit video games it was inevitable that the Paris based street artist Invader would release his own game. Using mobile phone technology Invader has created the 'FlashInvaders' app, a reality based game on the streets of the invaded Invader cities around the globe.

Available for free on iOS and Android, download the FlashInvader app, hit the streets of your city and "flash" as many Space Invader pieces as you can find. The app uses your GPS location and the invader you flash to authenticate the piece and if it's recognised you will score some points. The more you snap the more points you get and move up the games leader board.


We love the idea of this street based game for street art fans all competing with each other for the top score, although with well over a 1000 Invader pieces around their city waiting to be flashed, we think the Parisian fans have the advantage! Let the games commence! Good Luck.

Download the FlashInvader App for free from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.
FlashInvaders images via Invader website.