Whitecross Street Party 2022 in London

Islington’s Whitecross Street Party returned for 2022, with the theme of “reclaiming public space” for this edition. The much-loved annual festival is now in its 12th year and has become a regular feature on the summer calendar for London's street art fans. 

With street artists and graffiti writers painting murals live throughout the weekend, the festival always draws a large crowd wanting to see the artists in action and the completed artworks which together form a large outdoor street art exhibition.

Alongside the live street art, there are always a host of other kid-friendly activities at the Whitecross Street festival, from live music curated and produced by young local groups, silent discos, street performers, food trucks, art and craft market stalls, and various other community workshops this free summer festival is always a fun weekender.


UK artist Sophie Mess at work on her mural high above the crowds, located at 124 Whitecross Street - above the Chinese Hot Pot restaurant. Also pictured to the right is the mural work of artist Aspire.

Street Art and Graffiti

As with previous editions of the Whitecross Street Party, the weekend saw a broad selection of both graffiti and street artists invited to paint live across the two-day festival.

There were a number of collaborative artworks this year with Bristol superstars Piro, Epok, and Eko working on a large mural together on panels mounted on one of the buildings along Whitecross Street, just south of Roscoe Street. The weekend also saw a collaborative mural from artists Ben Eine and Lucie Flynn mixing their styles together on a wall located on Garrett Street.

In total 25 world-class artists painted live at the festival some of whom are featured below in my gallery of images taken over both days. Some of the artists featured include Voyder, WOSKerski, Jelly J, Pinky, Snoe, Sophie Mess, Aspire, Perspire, Driper, Pixie, Ricky Also, and Neolita.


UK artist Aspire is pictured above in front of his Whitecross Street Party mural on Roscoe Street near Whitecross Street with photographer and street art tour guide Dean from Not Banksy Forum.


Street Artist Perspicere was in the early stages of building up his thread art portrait on Roscoe Street near Whitecross Street.

Street Art World Record

Street artist Perspicere was back for the 2022 edition of the festival with an attempt for a new world record with the creation of a 3m x 3m (7.03m²) circular portrait using an estimated 25km of sewing thread pictured below. 

The street artist is currently waiting on confirmation he has produced the world's largest thread art portrait from the Guinness World Records. You will find the awesome piece on display for the next year on Roscoe Street near Whitecross Street, London.

Whitecross-Street-Party-Street-Artist-Perspicere Close up

Close-up detail of the completed string art portrait by artist Perspicere.
Whitecross-Street-Party-Street-Artist-Perspicere Festival goers taking a closer look at the completed large-scale string art portrait by artist Perspicere.

Whitecross Street Party Art Trail

If you missed the Whitecross Street Party you can still enjoy the “Rise of the Nonconformists” outdoor exhibition. Artworks painted live at WXSP over the two days of the event by participating artists have been installed on buildings along Whitecross Street creating a street art trail. 

The exhibition trail begins on Old Street between Bunhill Row and Whitecross Street and the works will stay up year-round, adding colour and vibrancy to the Islington neighborhood.

Whitecross Street, Islington, EC1, is walking distance from both Old Street and Barbican underground stations.


Artist Driper adds the final touches to complete his Whitecross Street Party work as onlookers take in all the action. The work can now be found on the Peabody Estate Wall, Whitecross Street.


Graffiti artist SNOE is at work on his piece for the Whitecross street party.


Vibrant work from Brighton-based artist Pinky. His "Spread Love" work has now been installed on the Peabody Estate Wall, Whitecross Street.


Artist Pixie adds the final touches to her boards painted on Sunday at Whitecross Street Party.

London, Whitecross-Street-Party-Artist-ALSO

In keeping with the theme of this year's street party, 'Reclaiming Public Space', the artist Ricky Also paints a geometric typographic work that reads "RECLAIM". His work can now be seen on the Peabody Estate Wall, Whitecross Street

London, Whitecross-Street-Party-Artist-JellyJ

Artist and WOM Collective crew member Jelly J takes a break from painting to pose for a portrait. Her mural work has been relocated to Dufferin Street corner of Whitecross Street.
London's Whitecross Street party with artist Neolita live painting Artist Neolita at work on her mural bringing her signature monster characters to life. 
London, Whitecross-Street-Party-Artist-Ben-RiderArtist, illustrator, and printer Ben Rider was one of the many independent sellers taking over the market stall selling his screen-printed goods 

London, Whitecross-Street-Party-Artist-Wosk

Artist WOSKerski is pictured in the lift adding his signature to his toucan ice lolly mural titled 'Summer Meltdown'. The artwork is located on Banner Street (corner of Whitecross, above the Market Café)

Artist Voyder at work on his mural titled "The Madonna of East London", located on the corner of Whitecross Street at Old Street, London.

He was still working on this piece when we left Whitecross Street Party late on Sunday evening. I will need to revisit to see the completed work.

England- London Whitecross Street Party art trail in Islington featuring a collection of street art and graffiti works. #streetart #graffiti #murals

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