Malarky & Bromley

Preparations are well under way for this years Whitecross Street Party: Rise of the non conformists in East London. Now in it's third year the upcoming two day event later in July will see Whitecross Street transformed with public art demo’s, music, comedy, theatre and food stalls. Alongside the free events taking place over the weekend the street will also be turned into an open air art gallery for six weeks featuring works from both established and emerging street and graffiti artists. This year will see outdoor work from Busk, Dan Hillier, Dr.D, DSCREET, Inkfetish, Malarky, Ronzo, Run, Solo One, Shepard Fairey, Teddy Badden, Will Barras, Xenz and Best Ever to name a few.

Hookedblog recently caught up with street artist Malarky and illustrator Matthew Bromley as they made a start on the huge mural they are painting on the street for the festival. The street has also seen new additions from Irish artist Conor Harrington as well as some large scale stencil work from Teddy Baden on Banner Street featuring one of the Olympic London 2012 mascots! For more info on the Street Party and the full line up of artist hit up the Whitecross Street party website.

 _MG_47464_©2012Mark Rigney_MG_4777_©2012Mark Rigney _MG_4789_©2012Mark Rigney _MG_4837_©2012Mark Rigney _MG_4843_©2012Mark Rigney _MG_4852_©2012Mark Rigney _MG_4767_©2012Mark Rigney The Whitecross Street Party takes place:
Saturday, 21 July 2012, 12pm - 6pm
Sunday, 22 July 2012, 12pm - 6pm

Whitecross St, Islington, London EC1 Nearest Tube: Old Street _MG_4861_©2012Mark Rigney

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