Large scale wheat paste by Elbow Toe in Shoreditch. Photo ©Hookedblog
As it's Friday here is a selection of London Street Art we have photographed over the last few days in East London. With Elbow-Toe in town for his 'Due Date' show at Black Rat Press we have seen some large scale pieces appearing on the streets from the artist. Two have been spotted so far, we expect more is to come in the next couple of days.

We thought these Xylo replica iphone pieces had all been removed/stolen but this one on Brick Lane is still up. There were another 3 or 4 of these iphones places around East London and were designed to raise awareness of the suicide epidemic that was happening in the Chinese consumer electronic factories. (More here)

This miniature doorway is one of about 10 different paste ups that have started appearing in the last week or two at street level, each featuring a different image.

Earlier in the week he headed up to Regents Canal to check out the other large scale Elbow-Toe piece and bumped in stencil artist Teddy Baden. The artist was just finishing up this scuba diving dog stencil on one of the moored canal boats. Check more of the artists stencil work on his website.

Finally we have no idea what these combination padlock chains with number tags on them are about or if it is even streetart but we have now clocked 5 or 6 of them in the last week in various locations across East London with each one having a different number tag. If anyone has info about them please share!

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