Street Art Mural by Ben Eine ' Peace Is Possible' Shoreditch. Photo ©Hookedblog / Mark Rigney

The recent May Bank Holiday weekend saw a huge amount of London street art activity on the streets of East London in part due to the mini heatwave in the city.

Artist Ben Eine's Shoreditch Street Art

One of the street artists taking advantage of the sunny London weather over the weekend was world-renowned street artist Ben Eine

The artist spent two days at work on the giant typographic mural on Ebor Street painting over one of his own murals previously painted along the same wall. Replacing the previous type-based piece with a new mural that reads ‘Peace is Possible'.

The wall was conceived and painted in response to London’s recent knife crime epidemic, which has this year alone claimed 37 lives in the capital.

Street Art Mural by Ben Eine ' Peace Is Possible' Shoreditch. Photo ©Hookedblog / Mark Rigney

Street artist Ben Eine at work on his ‘Peace is Possible’ mural in Shoreditch to remember victims of knife crime.

Ben Eine Peace Is Possible Mural

Artist Ben Eine, a regular on the streets of London and cities across the globe and whose art former Prime Minister David Cameron gifted to former President Barack Obama back in 2010, has collaborated with global peace ambassador Prem Rawat on the mural in Shoreditch, London. 

The phrase “Peace is Possible” is a message communicated by Prem Rawat, who has spent five decades speaking to hundreds of millions of people worldwide about the subject of peace.

The poignant words sprayed across the wall are a reminder to both us Londoners and visitors of the need to peacefully coexist in the capital. 

Knife crime has been at the forefront of the UK and international media headlines in recent months as stabbings occur across the capital.

"The Peace Wall mural is part of Prem Rawat’s larger campaign to use his international experience and Peace Education Programme (PEP) towards helping heal communities affected by violence. 

His work and PEP initiative have helped to heal communities around the world, including in Colombia where Prem has helped bring peace to ex-combatants, victims, and other groups impacted by the five-decade civil war with FARC."

Street Art Mural by Ben Eine ' Peace Is Possible' Shoreditch. Photo ©Hookedblog / Mark Rigney

The 'Peace' section of the ben Eine mural on Ebor Street, London. Running the entire length of the street, the entire wall is next to impossible to photograph in one shot even with a super wide-angle lens.

Shoreditch Street Art Mural by Ben Eine on Ebor Street

Ben Eine has said: “With so many stabbings in London already this year, it’s paramount that we’re all working towards a solution to this horrible epidemic and trying our best to heal those who have been caught up in it all. 

I am proud to be involved in this project that seeks to bring hope to communities affected by knife crime. Hopefully, this Peace Wall will help keep the discussion alive and inspire people to work towards a practical solution”.

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