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London's streets have recently seen an invasion of animals with a host of international street artists painting various wild life inspired murals across the city. The last month alone has seen a number of stunning new additions from Belgian artist ROA, one in South Bank (covered here) and another larger mural in Bethnal Green (covered here). We have also seen animal inspired murals from South African artist Faith47 (covered here), Israeli artist Dede (covered here) and not forgetting the many new creatures painted by DALeast (covered here and here).


Last week we took to the skies with American artist Cernesto as the artist painted his second mural in the city before he headed back to New York. Having previously painted a mural on Leonard Street featuring a collection of elephants and various other creatures (covered here), the artist made use of DALeast cherry picker, hitting the upper levels of the building on Grimsby Street just off Brick Lane, added two new elephant characters to the wall. Have a look at our coverage below of this new mural.

Cernesto CernestoCernesto Cernesto Cernesto
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