Shoreditch street art sticker by British artist D*Face

A little later than planned again as with our previous edition, but we have been traveling for a large portion of April covering both the Crystal Ship Festival (Previously on Hookedblog) in Ostend, Belgium, and the first edition of the NuArt Aberdeen Festival in Scotland and as such have been a little short on time. 

But we started the year with the idea to share one of these Instagram photograph sections once a month and although we are halfway through the month we still wanted to share our March selection as we know many of you are not using the Instagram platform.

March Street Art Selection

For our third collection of photographs, our Instagram followers liked the most, the March Street Art selection features artworks by artist Donk & Skelton Cardboard, D*Face, Aida Wilde, Amara Por Dios, Protest Stencil, and an extra bonus image with the work of Sweet Toof and Paul Insect.

Let us know if you have a favorite photograph from our March selection below in the comments section below and be sure to head over and give us a follow on our Hookedblog Instagram if you are not doing so already. And don’t forget to show us some love and hit the heart button on your favorite pictures and help shape the next selection at the end of the month.

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05 — Street artist Donk and Skeleton Cardboard

Large-scale collaborative work from London-based street artists Donk(Previously on Hookedblog) and SkeletonCardboard titled best Before End! and located on Pitfield's Street in East London.

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04 — Artist Aida Wilde

Hackney Wick-based screen printer and street artist Aida Wilde has been hitting the London streets of late with her hand screen printed slogan posters such as this classic Ain't nothin' goin' up but the Rent!

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03 — Street Artist Amara Por Dios

We caught up with Swedish street artist Amara Por Dios at work on this Star Yard mural, one of her last before moving back to her home country. 

The vibrant work featuring her signature colours and characters has proved popular with locals /tourists and with other street artists, it seems as the mural is still up all these weeks later, which is unusual for the Star Yard walls which have a high turn around of work.

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02 — London street artist D*Face

This mural by London-based Street Artist D*Face was painted on East London's Sclater Street outside the artist's cafe /bike space Rebels Alliance.

A rare car-free day for this mural saw us finally capture an image of the work in its entirety. (Since posting, the mural has now been painted over / refreshed with a new work by another artist).

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01 — Protest Stencil

There has been a recent boom across London and the globe in subvertising and adbusting with recent events such as Subvert The City seeing an increased number of artists and activists replaced outdoor advertising with art. 

The ad shell piece above was a large-scale cutout stencil placed over one of the many digital advertising screens that have started to replace the traditional paper adverts.

Installed by a London-based group calling themselves the Protest Stencil, the work was produced in support of Dog Section Press' recently self-published book Advertising Shits in Your Head (Strategies For Resistance)

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Bonus Image — Sweet Toof and Paul Insect

A favorite of ours here at Hookedblog, this super fun collaborative box truck by London artists Paul Insect and Sweet Toof always brings a smile to our face when we happen upon it. The truck is often located at the Whitechapel Market in East London close to the Whitechapel underground station.

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