Brick Lane Street Art pasteups by Zombiezqueege. Photo ©Hookedblog / Mark Rigney

A little later than we planned but we have put together a selection of our most liked photographs in February by those of you following us on our Hookedblog Instagram account. The month was busy with many street artists emerging from their studios after a long winter and taking to the streets with new works.

The end of February also saw us hit the big 10K, super amazing that we've now got 10,000 of the best Instagram followers! 

Thanks to everyone who is following and enjoying the content we share on this platform, it’s been a slow climb to this milestone number but we are happy that we have achieved this with quality content rather than taking shortcuts as so many other street art Instagram accounts have done, using bots and apps to inflate their number count with fake followers - but that subject is a whole other blog post in itself.

February Street Art Selection

So back to our February selection, here you have it our second collection on the blog of the photographs our Instagram followers liked the most, as with our January collection the selection of images features a mix of new street artworks as well as an older ROA piece which was a throwback Thursday #TBT post! 

The February selection features street artwork by ROA(Previously on Hookedblog), Spanish street artist OKUDA (Previously on Hookedblog), Ant Carver (Previously on Hookedblog), Fanakapan (Previously on Hookedblog), Zombiesqueege and graffiti writer Mr.Cenz.

Let us know what your favourites photographs are from the selection below in the comments section below and be sure to head over and give us a follow on our Hookedblog Instagram if you are not doing so already. 

And don’t forget to show us some love and hit the heart button on your favorite pictures and help shape our March selection at the end of the month.

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05 — ROA Hedgehog Mural on Chance Street, London. 

Painted back in 2012, this much loved Hedgehog mural by Belgian artist ROA (Previously on Hookedblog) on Chance Street has in the last few months seen the hedgehog legs lost to graffiti writers.

Before this mural was even finished back in 2012 it was heavily photographed and has continued to be a popular mural with locals, tourists, and the large volume of street art tours who wind their way around the streets of East London. 

As such this mural was always gonna be a target for taggers with the black background of the mural and the volume of people taking pictures of this wall, but this is the nature of street art it is ephemeral and not meant to be permeant.

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04 — OKUDA Bear Mural on Sclater Street, London.

Spanish artist OKUDA was in town for his solo show at Stolen Space gallery in February and found some time while in town to paint this colorful bear mural on Sclater Street in East London.

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03 — Ant Carver paste-ups on Gimsby Street, London.

London based artist Ant Carver recently hit the streets with a new series of vibrant paste-ups a selection of which we featured along with the one pictured above in the previous post 'Striking new street art by Ant Carver in Shoreditch, London'.

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02 — Fanakapan Helium Dog Mural in the Star Yard Car Park, London.

London based street artist Fanakapan returned to East London's Star Yard car park to give this work which previously featured the artist's work a refresh with this helium style balloon dog. 

We caught up with Fanakapan while he was at work on this work and we featured a series of work in progress images along with the completed mural in this post 'Chrome Ballon Dog Mural by Fanakapan in London, UK'.

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01 — Zombiesqueegee aka Ben Rider paste-ups on Quaker Street, London.

Screenprinter and artist Zombiesqueegee aka Ben Rider is back again this month in our top list has also featured in our Street Art: Our Most Liked Instagram Photos From January 2017 post. 

The artist has been hitting the streets of East London with a series of new screen printed paste-ups and this neon'Grab This' cat work referencing a certain pussy-grabbing American politician seemed to be popular with those on you on Instagram.

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Bonus Image — Mr Cenz Mural on Fashion Street, London.

London based graffiti writer Mr.Cenz (Previously on Hookedblog) recently returned to the streets of London after a winter spent indoors in his studio. Returning to the streets the artist hit up this wall on Fashion Street off Brick Lane in East London with this vibrant new mural. 

See some of the details from the mural in this post on the blog from earlier in the month 'Striking London Mural by Graffiti Artist Mr Cenz'.

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A collection of our most liked street art photographs from the Hookedblog Instagram. #streetart #murals #Hookedblog

Where to find the best Brick Lane Street Art?

Visiting London and want to see some of the best Shoreditch and Brick Lane Street Art and graffiti? 

Why not take a look at our free Hookedblog Street Art Tour of Brick Lane which will guide you with locations and a google map to some of the key London street art hotspots in the neighborhood where you are guaranteed to see some of the freshest street art and graffiti along with some of the areas famous street art murals.

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