Fanakapan's Star Yard London Mural

Fanakapan London Mural

London based artist and Horror crew member Fanakapan (Previously on Hookedblog) was among one of the stand out artists for us in London last year. Throughout 2015 the artist painted a number of murals honing his skills and mastering the art of creating life like 3D photo realistic looking metallic helium balloons on a 2D surface. From letters, numbers to 3D balloon animals the artist skills saw these works come to life on walls from London to Brooklyn.

Fanakapan had previously painted a helium ballon mural in East London's Star Yard, a small car park just off brick lane that has become popular with artist and tourists alike. His 'Star' mural pictured below in reverse to also reads 'Rats' depending on how you read the work was perhaps one of the longest running pieces in the every changing yard and would have run longer only for the artist himself chose to paint over the work with this new creation.

We were fortunate to catch Fanakapan while he was building up the layers of spray paint on the new mural again keeping with the chrome effects we have seen in his helium works and once again pushing the effects further in this new piece. Check out a selection of our photographs below from an afternoon watching the artist at work.

Fanakapan London Mural

Fanakapan's 'STAR' mural or 'RATS' when read in reverse — this long running piece was painted over by the artist himself pictured above with some chalk additions added by another artist.

Fanakapan London Mural

We caught up with Fanakapan earlier in the month while he was at work, sketching up the new mural in Star Yard off Brick Lane in East London.

Fanakapan London MuralFanakapan London Mural Fanakapan London Mural Fanakapan London Mural Fanakapan London Mural

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