Artist Fanakapan's Village Underground mural on Holywell Lane, London.

It's been some time since we last caught up with London-based artist Fanakapan, we last featured the artist on the blog back in August when he collaborated on a mural in the Seven Stars Yard back with Canadian street artist Birdo aka Jerry Rugg and the Horror Crew.

Fanakapans' Village Underground Mural

As we have been in and out of the country we have missed some of his more recent mural works including a collaboration in Camden with Inkfetish which has since been replaced by another mural also painted by Fanakapan this time collaborating with American street artist Elle

Fanakapan has certainly been keeping himself busy the last few months - he has also repainted the wall in the Seven Stars Yard more recently with a deflated Helium Star balloon mural which we shared on our Hookedblog Instagram account earlier this week and pictured below.

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Hookedblog managed to catch up with Fanakapan earlier this week as he has been working on a new mural in East London which he has titled 'Distraction, Destruction and Power Tools.

Yesterday saw Fanakapan complete work on the iconic large-scale Village Underground wall in Shoreditch, London with what is possibly Fanakapan's largest London mural to date. You can catch his latest creation in person on Holywell Lane in Shoreditch, London.


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The completed mural titled 'Distraction, Destruction and Power Tools' by the artist Fanakapan is located on Holywell Lane, London.

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