We have returned to London to find street artist Amara Por Dios has completed work on the iconic wall of Village Underground in East London. The Swedish artist now based in London has been decorating the streets of city for the last two years with her vibrant tribal like murals featuring various characters and repeat patterns in a style that is now instantly recognizable as hers.


We caught up with Amara Por Dios in December in the early stages of her mural which took her five days in total to complete. Due to time restrictions, the sheer scale of the Village Underground wall and the bitter cold December weather, on this occasion she opted to strip out the colour and create a black and white only mural for what is her largest mural to date.

Amara Por Dios Amara Por Dios

The completed mural from Amara Por Dios can be seen on Holywell Lane, Shoreditch, London. This wall tends to have a high turnover of murals some last a few days others a month or two so we suggest swinging by and checking it in person if you are in the neighbourhood.


And finally videographers Whitesao followed Amara’s progression from start to finish on this mural, see what she got up to in this their first in a series of Whitesao Disclosed Vlogs.
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