Street Art: Our Most Liked Instagram Photos From January 2017

As we move into February we thought we would share with you a selection of some of our most liked photographs we shared throughout the month of January across on the Hookedblog Instagram account. Previously we have been sharing these monthly selections on our Hookedblog Twitter, but as we know some of you are not using this platform and have been missing out. With Instagram allowing you the ability to embed your photographs we figured why not share them on the blog too.

So here you have it our first collection on the blog of the photographs our Instagram followers liked the most, the selection features new street art works as well as some older pieces such as the Banksy 'Les Misérables' work which was a throw back Thursday #TBT post! The selection features work by Donk, Fanakapan, Banksy, Ben Rider, C215 and our cover image above featuring the work of JDK (Previously on Hookedblog) and Qwert_Art

Let us know what your favourites are from the selection in the comments section below and be sure to head over and give us a follow on our Hookedblog Instagram if you are not doing so already. And don’t forget to hit the like button on your favourite pictures and help shape our February selection at the end of the month.

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London based street artist DONK's(Previously on Hookedblog) work is a regular fixture on the city streets, more often than not his pasteup works featuring his own photography which he hand screen prints before installing them in the streets.

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London based artist Fanakapan (Previously on Hookedblog) has pretty much claimed this wall as his own over the last year or so. Located in the Star Yard car park just off Brick Lane, Fanakapan has painted numerous murals at this location with his most recent pictured above a 3D photo realistic looking metallic helium X shaped balloon marking his spot!

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French stencil artist C215 is another regular on the blog and this detailed Cat stencil work was one in a series of cat related stencils he installed around East London on one of his many visit to the city. We tracked down many of the works and shared them previous in this post titled 'C215's Clowder of Cats'.

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Banksy's 'Les Misérables' (Previously on Hookedblog) stencil work appeared opposite the French Embassy in Knightsbridge London back in January 2016.

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Over the holidays we caught up with artist / screen printer Benjamin Rider late one evening as he was installing a series of printed works in Central London, more on than soon so stay tuned!

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