We have already mentioned in a previous post featuring the work of Ant Carver the sudden rise of wheatpasted posters on the streets of Shoreditch and Brick Lane. We had suggested that the rise may have been in part due to the warmer September / October whether we have had here in London this year which has seen street artists continue to work outdoors.

Hookedblog have been spotting a small series of pasteups here and there throughout the last year or so by street artist JDK. Other than a few shared message over Instagram we don't know too much about this artist, what we do know is that she has previously worked as a sculpture on a number of large scale public works with fibre glass being her preferred medium of choice before moving from the US to the UK.


In the last few weeks we have seen a whole new series of beautiful small scale hand drawn pasteups from the artist installed around Brick Lane and Shoreditch. Pictured here are a selection of the street art works we found on our travels around the neighbourhood which might possibly be designs for future sculpture works!

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