Street Artists Aida Wilde, Donk And Zombiesqueegee hit the Streets of London

A vibrant series of new screen printed pasteups have recently popped up on the streets of East London. Street artists Donk (Previously on Hookedblog), Aida Wilde(Previously on Hookedblog) and Zombiesqueegee aka Ben Rider hit the neighbourhoods of Brick Lane and Shoreditch earlier this week. All three artists work independently but we have previously seen them collaborated on a number of projects together including a project on the ceiling of the Leake Street Tunnel in Waterloo,  made famous by British stencil artist Banksy (Previously on Hookedblog).


"Daddy I Want A Fucking Pony" — Aida Wilde.

Aida Wilde, Donk & Zombiesqueegee

The three artists were also featured back in the summer of 2016 when they made our list of favourite London street art from the summer (Previously on Hookedblog) which we had selected for a feature in Time Out Magazine. One of the pieces chosen by us for the summer street art feature was the Lord Napier Pub in Hackney Wick which saw a host of previous and current resident street and graffiti artists or the ‘Lunatics’ as curator and artist Aida Wilde called them, takeover and transform the pub with a riot of colourful works. Donk, Aida Wilde and Zombiesqueegee were among the group of artists adding their hand screen printed posters to the walls of the pub.

Check out some of the vibrant series of screen printed pasteup works that we have spotted so far by the artists around the neighbourhood, if you have seen any we have missed let us know below.


'Bang Bang, World Peace" — Aida Wilde on Heneage Street, London.

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"I Believe in The Happily Fucking Ever After" — Aida Wilde on Fashion Street, London.


'Ain't Nothing Goin' Up But The Rent' — Aida Wilde on Fashion Street, London.


'Life is a Fucking Unicorn Shitting Rianbows of Candy' — Aida Wilde. 'Grab This' — Ben Rider.


Close up of one of Ben Rider's screen printed collage pasteup on Fashion Street in East London.


'Bombs Away' — Ben Rider


Another of Rider's 'Grab This' works referencing a certain pussy grabbing American politician.


These double wooden doors on Fournier Street, off Brick Lane have long been a popular spot with street artists.


Close up of Donk's work on the Fournier Street doors pictured above.


Donk's screen printed photographic work on Heneage Street, London.

Aide Wilde on Instagram — @aida_wilde
Donk on Instagram — @donklondon
Ben Rider on Instragram — @zombiesqueegee

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