Lord Napier Pub with Street Art in Hackney Wick

As we head into September and the London temperature begin to drop, we have been looking back over the last few months of summer. As London summers go we have had a pretty good year this year for those sun worshippers of you out there. Street Art wise, this summer we feel it has been particularly quiet here in the city more so than previous years, there feels like there wasn’t much happening around the city work wise. To be honest though we were away over the summer for about a month in both New York visiting the Coney Art Walls (Previously on Hookedblog) and in Montreal for the Mural Festival (Previously on Hookedblog) but even still we don’t feel we missed a huge amount while we were away.

Anyway the reason we have been looking back over the summer months was the folks over at Time Out London got in touch with us last week and asked us if we would pick a selection of what for us was the best new street art that has gone up in London over the summer months as they wanted to include them in this weeks magazine. Its always tough when you are asked to pick a small selection of pieces, it’s like being asked to name your favourite top 10 street artists or songs or movie, you make your list and then you remember that piece you had forgotten about and then you have to decide what you are gonna bump down outta the list to include what you forgot and then you remember another that you really like and just have to include and you continue like this for some time before you settle on the final selection. Well it was like that for us and despite what we said earlier about the volume of work going up there was still plenty of quality street art around for us to chose from for our selection.

Our job was made that little bit easier as we wanted to include works that were still visible on the streets for the Time Out magazine's London readers should they want to visit them in person. There has been lots of great work over the summer that we could have included but it has been painted over/ replaced, removed or knocked down as is increasingly common and we choose to leave these work of our shortlist. We also wanted to select a diverse range of street art works from stencils to pasteups to street interventions and not just send them a photo series of colourful murals, so this also helped inform of selection.

For those of you in London the magazine is available to pick up for free from various outlets across London, you can check where to get Time Out magazine on their website to see where you can grab yourself a copy to see of selection. For our readers outside of London and further afield, Time out London will be sharing the feature online on their website soon we are told, once it is online we will share the link here so you can see who else featured in our summer street art selection.

So we would love to hear who your summer favourites are, who's been wowing you this summer with their street art in your city? Is there one piece or artist that really stood out for you? Let us know in the comments section and share some photos if you have them we would love to see them.

Post Update

The piece we originally wrote for Time Out Magazine has now been shared on their website. If you missed the printed edition of this piece you can see our full street art election over on the Time Out website in a piece they have called 'Check out London's best new street art from this summer'.

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