French street artists Manoly and Parse/Error instal new street art works up on walls in Shoreditch, London

A midweek freelance job in Haggerston that ran late recently saw us walking down Kingsland Road, East London about 10pm when we spotted the familiar sight of a street artist pasting work up onto a wall. 

A second look and we saw a female figure applying wheat paste to the surface while three others stood to the side watching the artist at work.

We initially thought that the recent French visiting street artists Kamlaurene had returned as the street artist installing the work was next to one of the large-scale installed works by the French Duo. As we got closer we recognized the faces of street artists Manyoly and Parse/Error, another French duo based out of Marseille.

We had caught up with Manyoly by chance on her previous London visit and documented her installing a series of small and large-scale hand-painted posters around Brick Lane and Shoreditch back in 2017.

Close up of a painted face by French Street Artist Manyoly

Manyoly Street Art In Shoreditch, London

For a second time, we once again stumbled upon the street artist in London at work. On this occasion, Manoly and Parse/Error were both in town for just 24 hours before heading to Paris and then onwards to their base in Marseille.

They were both installing a number of paper-based pieces in the neighborhood and were accompanied by local London street artist Neonsavage and Instagrammer/ photographer Kitkatlondon who were guiding the artists around Shoreditch.

We spent some time with the group helping suggest some possible locations for installing work before hunger got the better of us and we said our goodbyes and departed for food.

We revisited the locations in daylight the following day, photographing the new works installed by all three artists, take a look at the selection of street art images below.

French Street Artist Manyoly face to face with fellow French duo Kamlaurene

Face to face, Manyoly's portrait paste-ups join the work of fellow French street artist Kamlaurene who recently installed a series of their handpainted works when they visited London.

French Street Artist Manyoly revisits London wit new colourful pasteups

Shoreditch street art hotspot for wheat-pasted posters just down from the Shoreditch Overground train station. Pictured is the street artwork of Manaloy, Neonsavage's three-eyed cartoon birds.

French Street Artist Manyoly colourful female portrait  pasteups

French Street Artist Manyoly adding to the wall of street art pasteups

Close up detail of female portrait work by French Street Artist Manyoly

French Street Artist Manyoly in London with female portrait pasteups

One of the new works pasted up by French street artist Manyoly on Heneage Street, just off Brick Lane, with one of artist Neonsavage's birds pictured above the portrait.

Street Art Pasteups by London artist Neonsavage

London-based street artist Neonsavage's little bird paste-ups flying around Manyoly's portrait paste-ups.

French street artist Parse/Error artwork in London

One of the posters installed by French artist Parse/Error on Kingsland Road, London.

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