We have been a little short of time recently and this post is going up a little later than we had planned, but better late than never as they say. Hackney Wick based screenprinter and street artist Aida Wilde has been making some noise on the streets of late with her most recent street art works.

Following the Instagram release of her now sold out Girl Seeking Guy screen printed zine as well as a series of new limited print editions released with East London gallery Nelly Duff, Wilde still somehow found time to hit the streets of London.

Hitting up the neighbourhood streets of Shoreditch and Brick Lane, Wilde installed a series of vibrantly graphic slogan works along with fellow street artists and screenprinters Ben Rider aka Zombiesqueegee and Donk (Previously on Hookedblog). Her printed pasteup works included slogans such as 'Daddy I Want A Fucking Pony', 'I Believe in the Hapily Fucking Ever After’ and ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ Up But The Rent’. We featured this series of new slogan street works just the other week in the blog in this post ‘Street Artists Aida Wilde, Donk And Zombiesqueegee hit the Streets of London’


Adbusting with Aida Wilde

Since we last posted about Wilde she has already been back on the streets of Shoreditch this time around on a solo mission with a bit of site specific adbusting. The artist took over a series of fly posters on one of the many supposedly authorised (by who is unclear) fly-poster sites just off Shoreditch High Street. Having seen the row of fly-posters for the recent Spring/Summer 2017 campaign by US clothing giant GAP at this location, Wilde screen printed a series of words which were then pasted onto the ‘I Am GAP’ campaign posters altering their original message.

Of this new project which Aida Wilde shared on her Instagram account she has said;

"For the likes of Dior, Prada, Versace, Missoni, Gucci, Pucci, Jacuzzi blah blah fucking whatever blah... The streets are doing the talking. This catastrophe will not be accessorised & diluted by the industries "this seasons fashion week trend" The whole world has woken up.... This will not end next season! Nor will it sell you more shit...."— Aida Wilde

The posters ran for a number of days before they were replaced with another advertising fly poster campaign, if you missed the takeover have a look at some of the images we captured of the work.


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'I Am Woman', 'Equality Gap', 'I Am Man', Aida Wilde Shoreditch London 2017.




Pictured is the entire row of adbusted fly-posters altered by Aida Wilde in Shoreditch, London 2017.

Aida Wilde on Instagram — @aida_wilde

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