Brussels Street Art Mural by street artist Chleo

We have just returned to London from a short visit which saw us travel to the Belgian capital Brussels, those of you following us on our Hookedblog Instagram account will have already seen some of our daily #HookedblogOnTour adventures shared on our Instagram Stories.

For those who missed the stories of our Brussels Street Art adventures as they were unfolding live, we have put together this blog post sharing some of the wonderful large scale murals and street art highlights from the city visit.

Brussels Street Art and Comic Murals

One of the many Brussels comic street art murals around the city.

Brussels Street Art Adventure

Enough of the Insta/ Snapchat talk for those who missed our Brussels stories we will be sharing some images from our trip over a few blog posts in the next few days. This trip was our second trip to Brussels this year, Hookedblog were here earlier in the year briefly on route to the coastal town of Oostende for this year's impressive The Crystal Ship contemporary art festival.

We had originally planned to attend the opening party of the new museum MIMA's launch exhibition 'City Lights' featuring installations and work by street artists Swoon, Faile, MOMO, and Maya Hyuke.

All the artists were in Brussels installing their work and were set to be present for the show opening but the Museum postponed the official March opening. We changed our tickets and visited Oostende instead-but planned to return to Belgium at a later date to visit the museum.

With a Eurostar sale, we were able to pick up inexpensive tickets to return to Brussels and finally visit the new museum space and take in some of the sights of Brussels.

Discover some of the best Brussels Street Art - Invader

Street Artist Invader in Brussels 

Located at the most famous tourist stop in Brussels, French street artist Invaders mosaic artwork titled 'Invader BXL_05'  would appear to be urinating pixels down on all the tourists below who are all focused on photographing the iconic bronze sculpture Manneken Pis, depicting a naked little boy urinating into the fountain below! 

The Invader mosaic work and Manneken Pis are located close to the Grand Place on rue de l'etude 31.

Street Art City Guide to Brussels, Belgium. #streetart #Murals #Brussels

Brussels Street Art Highlights

Walking around the city it wasn't long before we discovered a series of French street artist Invader's mosaic street works high above the tourists many oblivious of their presence. 

A number of the artist works are located at many of the cities iconic tourist spots so be sure to look up! Brussels has a rich history of Comic Strip Art and there are a huge number of large scale comic strip related murals painted across the city.

The city also has its very own museum dedicated to comic strip art, the Belgian Comic Strip Centre offers tours specifically for these murals but for us we were more interested in the other works that were to be found on the streets.

In between coffee spots (OR Espresso Bar and Cafe Du Salon were highlights) chocolate shops ( Pierre Marconi's flagship store at the Place du Grand Salon, who is also to be found in London, which could be a little dangerous) and more than a few Belgian beers we did a lot of walking around Brussels. 

This is probably the best way to discover the cities street art, while we did have addresses for some key pieces such as the ROA mural and the Manneken Pis Invader piece a lot of the other works were pieces we discovered while exploring the city on foot.

Street Artists whose works we found during our visit include some of the following Kashink (Fr), NY writer Smells(USA), ROA (BE), Jeff Aersol (Fr), Faile (USA), Colombian artist Gleo (CO), Alëxone (FR), Above (USA), ezbai, Otto Schade (CL) and Clet Abraham (FR).

See some of what we capture while we were in the town below,  along with street locations for those of you planning a visit to Brussels so you too can find the very best street art in Brussels.

And stayed tuned for more from our Belgian adventures, we have a few more planned posts which will include our photos from the MIMA Museum, the full set of Invader pieces we flashed while in town and last but not least a post on our trip to Doel, the ghost town located just outside Antwerp!

Brussels Street Art Stencil work by French street artist Jef Aerosol

Life-sized stencil street art by French artist Jeff Aerosol.

Discover some of the best Brussels Street Art - Jeff Aerosol

Jef Aerosol Street Art

Life-sized street art stencil of musician Bruce Springsteen painted by French street artist Jef Aerosol spray painted fittingly on the side of a second-hand record shop located at 7 Rue du Chên.

The French street artist has also decorated the front of the store which would suggest Aerosol had permission from the record store owners to install the works on the building.

The storefront features stencils of musical legends such as John Lennon, Jim Morrison & Bob Dylan as well as Jimi Hendrix.

Discover some of the best Brussels Street Art - Clet Abraham

Clet Abraham Street Art

One of the many altered Street signs by Italian based French street artist Clet Abraham we spotted while walking around the city streets.

Unfortunately, we don't remember exactly where we saw this altered sign, but be sure to also look up while walking around there are lots of street artworks not at eye-level and we came across several of the artist altered street signs. There are also a large number of paste-ups and mosaics at this higher level.

Brussels Street Art - Invader Mosaic BXL_02

Invader Street Art in Brussels

Pictured above is one of the larger mosaics still up around Brussels by French Street Artist Invader. This one is titled Invader BXL_02 for those of you playing the global street art game and using the artists' Invader Flash App. Fashing this Street Art Invader piece will get you 50 points playing his Flash Invader game.

The Invader BXL_02 mosaic is located just above the Het Zinneke bronze sculpture by Tom Frantzen, or urinating dog to you and me and one of the peeing trio of sculptures located around Brussels.

Street Artist Invader Brussels Mosaics

This and the Invader mosaic is located at Rue des Chartreux 35, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

According to the artist Invader Flash App there are a total of 40 Invader Street Art pieces to be found right across the city in Brussels. You can see in our Flash app gallery above, we managed to locate and flash a total of 12 of the 40 works in Brussels, not a bad effort on our part. We suggest you keep your eye peeled and of course be sure to look up!

Discover some of the best Brussels Street Art - Smells and kashink

Kashink / SMELLS

Some quick pieces from Paris street artist Kashink and NY Graffiti writer Smells along this wall pictured above.

Discover some of the best Brussels Street Art

Unknown Artist? 

Not far from the skate park located on Rue des Ursulines we found this work by an artist unknown to us ( if you know the artist let us know). The wall next to it also features the remains of what was once a ROA (see below) which was missing the head, all that remained were feathers and legs!

The street was also lined with parked box trucks all of which were covered in graffiti.

Discover some of the best Brussels Street Art

Discover some of the best Brussels Street Art - ROA

Belgian Street Artist ROA

Four Sleeping pigs! Classic work from Belgian street artist ROA, who is without a doubt possibly the most famous street artist in Belgium. 

This large scale Black and white mural is located in the heart of the city, painted in 2008 we believe, and looking like it could have painted yesterday.

This work is located on Lollepotstraat/rue de la Chaufferette where you will also see some smaller paste-ups / stickers and stencils by a number of other street artists.

French Street Artist Alexone Dizac mural in Brussels

French Street Artist Alëxone

This Alëxone Dizac mural is slowing evolving as graffiti writers tag over the lower levels of the work with the artist's own spray can wielding characters looking as if they are spraying the tags over themselves.

The work is located under one of the train lines on Rue Roger van der Weyden where there are also a series of works by other street artists.

American Street Art Tavar Zawacki aka Above mural in Brussels

American Street Art Tavar Zawacki aka Above

An Above arrow mural painted way back in 2005 and still looking fresh in 2016, this mural from the American street artist can be found on Rue Philippe de Champagne. 

Discover some of the best Brussels Street Art

So there you have it our quick round-up of some of the street art we discovered while in Brussels for a few days and where you can find it yourself if you happen to be visiting the city.

Have you been to Brussels? If there is anything we have left out or if you discover anything new feel free to let us know, leave a comment and let us know about it!

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