Momo Book

Last week saw the release of a new book featuring the work of American street artist MOMO. Launched at Nominae Rose in Grottaglie ahead the opening of this years FAME festival in the South of Italy the book entitled "MOMO in 74 pieces" is like a printed photographic diary of the artists last 5 years of work. Containing a selection of murals, posters, installations and drawings from cities across the globe the book is bang upto date and includes photos of MOMO's most recent mural work in Grottaglie and Rome.

We are big fans of MOMO's here at Hookedblog and while it 's great to see the last 5 years of the artists colourful works in this book, we would have liked to have seen a little more text in this publication, maybe an intro/ statement of some sort from MOMO or better still a brief description of the ideas behind some of his projects would have been a bonus.  Despite the lack of text, Angelo Milano at Studiocromie has produced a lovely book and it's a welcome addition to the Hookedblog bookshelves and walls! We were lucky enough to bag ourselves one of the 50 limited edition books also produced by Studiocromie which included three MOMO screenprints pictured below.

Momo Book with prints

Both editions of the book have now been listed on the Studiocromie website along with some new paper and ceramic editions. If you are quick you might just get one of the limited edition books!

Momo — Fame Festival 2012

Pictured above is one of a number of new additions to the streets of Grattaglie from MOMO during his visit to the city for this years Fame Festival.

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