Belgium — We are currently making our way across Europe on route to the coastal city of Ostend for the Crystal Ship festival via the Eurostar. This will be our first visit to Belgium city of Ostend, we have previously visited Brussels on two separate occasion and following one of those trips we put together a Issuu Street Art / Graffiti Photo Zine (Previously on Hookedblog) from that trip which we shared on Hookedblog back in 2012. We are looking forward to our trip to Ostend and hope we will have as much fun there as on our previous trip to Belgium.

We caught wind of The Crystal Ship a few weeks back though our friends at Fifth Wall TV who will also be attending the festival, and what with Eurostars' Spring Sale we purchased ourselves a 'Belgian Station Ticket' something we had not heard of before but it includes travel to Brussels-Midi/Zuid and then onwards to any station in Belgium which for us will be Ostend!

The Crystal Ship

The Crystal Ship is a contemporary art festival with a focus on art in public space which launch last week, on the 28th March with artists painting until the 10th April 2016 in the city of Ostend. An all star line up of 25 international and national artists are descending on the city to create large scale murals and installations which will form an artistic trail across Ostend. Artists taking part in this first edition of the Crystal Ship Festival include:

1010 (DE) - AGOSTINO IACURCI (IT) - CYRCLE (US)(Previously on Hookedblog) -DISORDERLINE (B) - ELIAN (AR) - ELLA & PITR (FR) - EVERSIEMPRE (AR) - FAITH47 (SA)(Previously on Hookedblog) - FINTAN MAGEE (AU)(Previously on Hookedblog) - GUIDO VAN HELTEN (AU)(Previously on Hookedblog) - HERR SEELE (B) - JAUNE (B) - JAZ (AR)(Previously on Hookedblog) - LOCATELLI (B) - MISTER FIKSIT (B) - NOIR (B) - NUART PRESENTS BIANCOSHOCK (IT) & ISAAC CORDAL (ES) - PIXELPANCHO (IT)(Previously on Hookedblog) - POL COSMO (B) - ROBERT MONTGOMERY (UK) - ROA (B)(Previously on Hookedblog) - SIEGFRIED VYNCK (B) - SMATES (B) - ZIO ZIEGLER (US)

Stay tuned as we will be bringing you progress updates from Crystal Ship Festival while we are in town.

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