French Street Artist Invader installs new 8-Bit Mosaic in London

London — There was excitement yesterday among the London street art community as news and images began appearing online hinting at a visit from the elusive French Artist Invader. 

Invader street art in London

Known globally for his pixelated space invader street mosaics' which are often based on computer game characters and created using colored ceramic tiles of varying sizes.

The artist was last seen in London back in 2013 for his seventh invasion of London, this most recent visit marking the start of his eighteenth London Invasion. 

Invaders, last visit (Previously on Hookedblog) saw the artist installing a number of now iconic large-scale works including the much-loved Star Wars Invader piece featuring a pixelated Luke Skywalker battling with Darth Vader on the side of the American car wash in East London. Other notable pieces from that invasion include a David Bowie Ziggy-inspired piece located on City Road also in East London.

The first new work from the ninth invasion has been installed as spotted by some eagle-eyed Invader fans on Instagram. Hookedblog headed over to Camden this morning to capture some images of this new work. The large-scale pixelated mosaic piece is a two-part work with an invader character speeding away from a rainy storm cloud very fitting for the UK. 

We expect we will be seeing a number of additional works from this french artist over the next few days so stay tuned for updates as we begin the Invader treasure hunt right across London.

  French Street Artist Invader installs new 8-Bit Mosaic in LondonFrench Street Artist Invader installs new 8-Bit Mosaic in London
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French Street Artist Invader installs new 8-Bit Mosaic in LondonInvader Was Here sticker spotted nearby the new work.

For our readers planning to seek out this new Invader works pictured you will find it located on Buck Street a short distance from Camden Underground Station, be sure to download the artists free app/game called Flash Invader(Previously on Hookedblog) where you gain points for each of the artist works you flash around the globe. We managed to Flash Invader LDN_139 and won ourselves 100pts in the game.

UPDATE: The Invasion Continues...

As we previously mentioned we suspected there would be additional works from Invader who is currently invading London with his pixelated mosaics. Following our posting of the above piece titled LDN_139 earlier today, we discovered a second piece from the artist in North London. Having flashed the paintbrush waving invader mosaic pictured below with the FlashInvader app we were awarded 30pts and made aware that this work is LDN_142!

For those of you not familiar with the relevance of the numbers, each Invader piece installed is given a city and number reference in this instance 'LDN' is the city reference and the numbers 139 & 142 refer to the number of works the artist has installed across the city. As each new work is installed the number is increased which suggests that there are two additional pieces LDN_140, LDN_141  already up somewhere in London! Keep your eyes peeled and be sure to LOOK UP on your travels. More to follow...

  Invader_HOOKEDBLOG_9789_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYFrench Street Artist Invader installs new 8-Bit Mosaic in London French Street Artist Invader installs new 8-Bit Mosaic in London

UPDATE 2: The Invasion Continues...

Found one of these awesome flower pieces where the artist has transformed a CCTV camera into a sunflower for this one in Holloway. This is one of two flower pieces we are yet to find the other work.

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