Shoreditch Street Art, Owl mural in Shoreditch Church, London by artist Dscreet

Continuing with our ongoing London Street Art series of photographs we present here a new selection of East London street art captured by us here at Hookedblog over the last couple of days including some new miniature street art pieces from everyone's favorite Mexican street artist Pablo Delgado. 

London street art on Hanbury Street by artist Malarky

London Street Art

The east London neighborhoods of Brick Lane and Shoreditch are still our must-visit city locations to see and photograph London street art. The walls are alive with an ever-changing collection of murals, stencils, stickers, graffiti, and street art paste-ups, and no two visits are ever the same. 

New works often go up on daily basis and what you see one day might not be there the next such is the pace at which the walls change. If you see something shoot it as it might be there on your next visit.

Hookedblog Street Art Collection, Edition 18

This photographic collection is a small snippet of some of the street artworks we discovered one afternoon while walking around the neighborhood. Alongside the work of artist Pablo Delgado, we have also taken some photographs featuring the work of Burning Candy graffiti crew member Dscreet, who has been hitting up a wall at the back of the Shoreditch High Street church with one of his signature graffiti owls characters.

Another artist whose work we were fortunate enough to catch on the street was of London-based street artist D*Face, who has been installing some altered concrete paving slabs featuring his work. French stencil artist C215 aka Christian Guémy was recently in London and there are a number of his elaborate stencil pieces to the found on Old Street. 

Other artists featured include Australian street artist Anthony Lister, Italian street artist Alice Pasquini and London-based artist Malary. Have a look at the collection of London street art images below.

London Street Art stencil work by French artist C215

French Street Artist C215

The work of Paris-based, French street artist C215 aka Christian Guémy pictured above is sprayed directly onto a red post box using multi-layered stencils. The piece featuring a couple on a swing is located on Paul Street, London. A number of other stencil works by the artist are located on walls close to the piece above in and around Leonard Street.

London street art portrait of a women in a headscarf by artist C215

Multi-layered stencil portrait work on Blackall Street, London by Paris-based street artist C215.

London street art, sleeping homeless man stencil by artist C215

A second multi-layered stencil piece by artist C215 was painted on the side of an electrical box also on Paul Street, London. If you find the piece on the red post box pictured above, you will find this second piece directly behind you if you turn 180 degrees.

London street art, portrait stencil by artist C215 
Another of artist C215's vibrant multi-layered street art portraits in London.
  Shoreditch Street Art, Mexican artist Pablo Delgado Miniature Street Art

Miniature London street art by Mexican street artist Pablo Delgado is pictured above.

Mexican Street Artist Pablo Delgado

One of Mexican street artist Pablo Delgado's fantastic miniature street art scenes was created with mini pasted-up images to which the artist adds some hand-painted shadows to the pavement adding an extra dimension to his paper street works. The one pictured was located and photographed on Calvin Street, London.

See some of the artists' other miniature street artworks can be seen in this Pablo Delgado post we have previously shared.

London street art by artist Anthony Lister

Australian street artist Anthony Lister Marker Tag along Hackney Road, London.

A large-scale street art paste-up was installed by an artist unknown to this. This work was pasted to a wall along Red Church Street, London. If you know who the artist is feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Brick Lane Street Art, by Artist D*Face Street Art Paving Stone

Street Artist D*Face

London street artist D*Face's altered concrete paving slab "Danger, death from above"— This short-lived piece was located on the corner of Hanbury Street / Commercial Road in London and was stolen by a fan/ collector not long after we shot the work.

London street art by Alice Pasquini featuring a girls with an umbrella and small dog 

Italian Street Artist Alice Pasquini

Rome-based Italian street artist Alice Pasquini is a frequent visitor to London and we love discovering her beautiful small street artworks. The street artist's work is a mix of stencils with hand-drawn elements and posca paint markers used to create these miniature street art scenes.

More Street Art from Hookedblog

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Brick Lane Street Art

Want even more street art? Why not take a tour of the East London neighborhood yourself with our self-guided Street Art Tour of Brick Lane which features all the areas' street art hotspots along with a Google map you can download and save to your phone ensuring you are guaranteed to see some of the freshest street art artworks. 

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