Alice Pasquini - Shoreditch Street Art , London

It would appear Rome based street artist Alice Pasquini (aka AliCè) is back visiting the UK at the moment. Following a trip to Manchester last week which saw the Italian street artist create a number of new Manchester street art pieces, it looks like she has also found some time to visit us here in  London.

Alice Pasquini Shoreditch Street Art

While I was out hunting for new London Street art, I discovered Alice Pasquini had made a visit to London and she had taken to the streets of East London installing a series of new street artworks.

On our stroll around Shoreditch, I managed to locate and photograph five brand new pieces from the Italian street artist. The new artworks were a combination of small scale hand-drawn multi-coloured pieces along with some that now incorporate stenciled elements into the street artwork.

Alice Pasquini - Shoreditch Street Art , London

Close-up detail of the lead picture above of this lovely London street art cat piece painted by Alice Pasquini and located along Blackall Street in Shoreditch, London.

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London Street Art by Alice Pasquini

Alice Pasquini - Street Art on Shoreditch High Street, London

The close-up above and a wider shot below of this Alice Pasquini London street art stencil piece painted on a column on the entrance to the car park located just of Shoreditch High Street.

The walls of this Shoreditch car park have become a popular hot spot for London street art and graffiti artists to paint.

Alice Pasquini - Street Art on Shoreditch High Street, London

Additional London Street Art by Pasquini

We last saw Alice Pasquini in London back in July 2011 when she was in town visiting with fellow stencil artist, French street artist C215, who at the time was exhibiting in a joint show titled 'Border Line' at London's Signal Gallery with photographer Romany WG.

Alice Pasquini and C215 installed a number of London street art pieces on that city visit. If you missed the works they installed on the streets, take a look at our collection of photographs we took of their stencil work back in July, as is often the case many of their Shoreditch street art pieces have been removed and are no more. Follow the link below to check out the work.

Alice Pasquini - London Street Art on Brick Lane, London

Alice Pasquini's piece painted just of Brick Lane on Pedley Street, London.

Alice Pasquini - London Street Art on Brick Lane, London

Where to find Alice Pasquini's London Street Art?

A number of people have been messaging us via our  Hookedblog Twitter and Hookedblog Instagram social accounts asking for the locations of these new Alice Pasquini street art pieces as they want to see them in person.

For those of you interested in seeing Pasquini's new Shoreditch and Brick Lane street art pieces, we have put together this Google Map highlighting the locations of where you can find Alice Pasquini's new London Street Art. Check out the map and locations below.

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