C215 - Shoreditch Street Art stencil work on Paul Street

French street artist C215 aka Christian Guémy and Rome based street artist AliCè aka Alice Pasquini have both been visiting London and hitting the streets of East London over the last couple of days with a number of multi-layered street art stencil and hand-painted pieces.

C215 and AliCè London Street Art

Hookedblog took to the streets with our camera and managed to capture a number of the new works the artist installed across Shoreditch and the Brick Lane area.

We found that some of their Shoreditch street art pieces had already been removed by the local council and another work located on a Brick Lane painted on a doorway featuring a collaborative piece from both artists was stolen before we could get a picture of the work. Below is a selection of our pictures of the street artworks installed by the duo that we did manage to track down.

Alice Pasquini - Shoreditch Street Art on Paul Street

One of Alice Pasquini's works on Paul Street in East London.

Alice Pasquini - Shoreditch Street Art on Blackall Street

A hand-painted piece on a door on Blackall street by Alice Pasquini featuring a seated kissing couple.

C215 - Shoreditch Street Art on Blackall Street, London

Also on Blackall Street is this multi-layered stencil portrait by C215.

C215 - Shoreditch Street Art on Commercial Street, London

Just around the corner from Blackall Street, we spotted this french style window with shutters stenciled on the back of a red London postbox on Commercial Street, next to the Pure Evil art gallery.

C215 - Shoreditch Street Art

Another beautiful multi-layered street art portrait stencil piece by C215.

Alice Pasquini - Shoreditch Street Art on Blackall Street, London

C215 - Shoreditch Street Art Portrait of artist Ben Slow

A portrait of London artist Ben Slow spray painted on this hatch door on New North Place by C215 pictured in the photograph above.

The 'Border Line' exhibition

In addition to the new London street art installed across East London, artist C215 was also in town to take part in a joint London exhibition with photographer Romany WG at the Signal Gallery which opened on Thursday 7th July 2011.

The 'Border Line' exhibition featured all new works from C215 and RomanyWG was showing a collection of photographs from C215's 'Community Service' book and his recently released 'Out of Sight' Urban Art/Abandoned Spaces book. The exhibition continues at the gallery until the 23rd of July.

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