Street Art City Guide to Stavanger, Norway*

Belgian Street Artist Jaune, stencil art in Stavanger, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Stavanger has in recent years become the must visit European Street art hot spot. Located on the western coast of Norway, and known to many as the energy and oil capital of Europe, Stavanger has slowly been gaining recognition globalally for the cities art and culture and is now considered one of the world’s leading destinations for Street Art by fans and enthausists.

Tall ship in Stavanger, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

This coastal city with it's 18th and 19th-century wooden houses seems an unlikely location as a leading desitination for street art, but this city hosts works from some of the leading practitioner of the street art movement.

The explosion of street art across the city is for the most part as a result of the annual NuArt Festival. Founded by Martyn Reed in the early 2000s the festival started life as a sister festival to the NuMusic electronic festival also run by Reed. The NuMusic festival ran for 15 years with NuArt running alongside the music festival until 2015 when Reed shifted his focus to other projects, launching a gallery in Stavanger and more recently a new sister edition of the NuArt festival in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Our first visit to Stavanger and the NuArt Festival was back in 2014 and we were delighted to re-visit the city again this year during the most recent edition of the festival - invited back on this occasion by Visit Norway and Region Stavanger to explore the cities street art and take in some of the countries breathtaking nature, culture and gastronomy.

White Wooden Houses in Stavanger, Norway. Photo © Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

NuArt Festival 

Each year NuArt festival invites a selection of international and national street artists and muralists to create works in Stavanger, both outdoors on the streets and indoors in the form of a large scale exhibition at Tou Scene, a former beer brewery now used as a multi functional space for Contemporary Arts.

With the festival organisers attempting to located new walls for each edition of the festival, a large number of works from previous NuArt editions can still be seen around the city. Some weathered by the costal climate, others still looking surprising fresh considering their age.

Works from as far back as 2008 are located right across Stavanger - from the city centre to the Harbour and further afield there is plenty of quality Street Art to be discovered. Download a copy of the google street art map below before you set off either by foot or bike should you want to cover more ground. We suggest following the map by foot as it will allow you to explore some of the historic parts of Stavanger while checking out the street art.

The Nuart festival usually takes place around the last week of August / first week of September — we suggest checking the NuArt festival website if you plan to attend the next edition.

   Dabs & Myla, Street Art Mural in Stavanger Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Dabs and Myla in Stavanger city centre.

City Centre Street Art

Unlike some cities where the street art is focused in one or two areas in the city, you can expect to find street art right across Stavanger including the city centre. Wander around the cobbled pedestrian streets of the cities centres shoppping district and find works by Martin Watson, NDA Streetart, SPY, Dabs and Myla, Ben Eine, JPS, Logan Hicks, John Feckner, Niels Shoe Meulam, Ernest Zaxharevic, Slava Ptrk and Jaune.

Be sure to look up as down too when walking around as there are a number of altered street signs by american based artist Dan Witz still to be seen and miniature concrete looking towerblocks by German stencil artist EVOL who transformed a number of the street level electrical boxes.

Visit Øvre Holmegate named as Stavanger's most colourful street where all the bulidings have been painted in vibrant colours, here you will spot some beautiful life size wheat pasted work from Swoon plus works from David Choe.

Ben Eine Typographic Street Art Mural in Stavanger, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

London artist's Ben Eine's typographic mural work from the 2012 edition of the NuArt festival and still going strong.

Views of Stavanger Harbour in Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Stavanger Harbour
A short stroll from the main shopping streets and you will find yourself at the equally colourful Stavanger Harbour. As the 3rd largest Norwegian cruise port it's not uncommon to see super sized cruise ships docked right in the heart of the city. The port is also the jump of point for cruises to the spectacular Lysefjord and Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock) which are just an hour’s boat trip away from the city.

Walking around this part of the city you will find street art works by DalEast, Futura, Faith47, Nick Walker, Ampparito, Jaune, Martin Watson and Sandra Chevalier.

Faith47 Mural in Stavanger, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Faith47 mural painted in Stavanger for the 2013 edition of the NuArt Festival.

Isaac Cordal, Street Art Sculpture, Stavanger, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Isaac Cordal — The Belgian based Spanish artist's work can be found right across Stavanger. The small scultpural works are often installed high above eye level so be sure to look up when walking around the city.

ROA, Whale Mural in Stavanger, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

This large blue whale is one of two large works in Stavanger by Belgian street artist ROA who visited the city in 2013.

Icy & Sot, Street Art Mural in Stavanger, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Icy & Sot in Stavanger, Norway. 2017


The work of German duo Herakut in Stavanger, Norway. 2017

Norwegian Street Artist Pole Stencil work in Stavanger, Norway, Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Pøbel meaning hooligan, is a pseudonymous Norwegian street artist based in Stavanger. This lifesize stencil work sprayed back in 2010 with fellow Norwigen artist Østrem who we believe painted the pieces letters is starting to slowly fade as the elements weather the paint on this piece.

Polish artists ETAM Crew Mural in Stavanger, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Polish duo ETAM Crew painted this large scale mural titled “First day of school” back in 2014 and is still looking fresh.

Tou Scene 

Kvitsøygata 25, 4014 Stavanger, Norway.
This former brewery and now contempory art space is where the NuArt Festival team are based during the festival and the location of the large scale indoor exhibitions staged during the festival. The NuArt Plus Symposium is also held at the venue with a series of talks, presentations, worshops, panel debates and film screenings.

You will also find a large number of works in and around Tou Scene as well as on the building itself. Expect to see work from C215, John Feckner, Strok, Bahia Shehab, Icy and Sot, Isaac Cordal, Eron, Escif, ±MaisMenos±, Outings Project, Slava Ptrk, AddFuel to name a few.

Tou Scene Event Space in Stavanger, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Beyond Tou Scene

Take a wander a little bit further out past the Tour Scene space and you will discover some stunning murals and street works by Fintan Magee, Spy, Henrik Uldalen, Hyuro, Borondo, Ricky Lee Gordon and Know Hope amongst others.

FIntan Magee, Silo Murals in Stavanger, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Australian artist Fintan Magee painted this work titled ‘Monument to a Disappearing Monument' for the 2016 edition of the festival. Magee spent two weeks working across the two 50m silos on this dual mural that is one of the largest works to date created in the city.

"ALIVE' work by artist SPY in Stavanger, Norway.

Henrik Uldalen in Stavanger, Norway. 2017

Add Fuel, Street Art Mural. Stavanger, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Add Fuel

A new addition as of 2017 to the Stavanger Airport in Sola just outside the city. The mural features the work of Portuguese artist Add Fuel who was invited by the NuArt team to add his work to the two exisiting street art works that greet you on your arrival at Stavanger Airport. Add Fuel's mural is a rework of the traditional ‘Rosemåling’ patterns taken from the Rogaland region in Norway.

Street Art Stavanger Map

If you are planning to visit Stavanger, the team at NuArt have created the Google map below which will help you track down the exact locations of the street art around the city featured in our post.

Street Art Tours in Stavanger

While the street art map we have shared is a great way to navigate your way around the city and locate the street art and murals, sometimes it’s good to take a tour and hear the history and stories behind the works.

Nuart run 90 minutes private tours for groups of all sizes and ages taking in the works both little and large from the festival across the city. Private street art tours start from 3000NOK for the first 15 people, plus 100NOK for each additonal person with the tours available in both English and Norwegian.

To arrange a tour get in touch with the Nuart team via email Tours are available in both English and Norwegian.

Stavanger Street Art Gallery

Axel Void, Street Art in Stavanger Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Axel Void in Stavanger, Norway.

Martin Whatson collaboration with Sandra Chevalier in Stavanger, Norway.

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ELLA&PITR, Street Art in Stavanger Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Ella & Pitr in Stavanger, Norway. 2017

HOWNOSM, Street Art Mural in Stavanger Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

How and Nosm in Stavanger, Norway. 2017

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*Visit Norway and Region Stavanger kindly hosted our Stavanger trip, but all opinions are as always our own.

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