Artist Add Fuel 's street art mural, Stavanger Airport, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Portuguese street artist Add Fuel is the latest artist to add his work to the walls of Stavanger Airport, in Sola, a municipality in Rogaland county, Norway.

The project was curated by the team at NuArt which also hosts the annual NuArt Festival in Stavanger.

Street Artist Add Fuel at NuArt Festival

Add Fuel was among the artists who were invited to create street artwork across the city for the 2016 edition of the NuArt festival and the festival team invited Add Fuel back in September 2017 for this project at the Norwegian airport.

This is the third such project NuArt has curated at the city airport, previous projects have seen Polish artist M-City paint the Sola airport control tower back in 2013 which is visible as your flight lands on the runway.

Norwegian stencil artist Martin Whatson has painted a large-scale stencil piece directly opposite Sola airport’s entrance that welcomes you as leave the airport. 

It’s impressive to see these artists work in an environment that one does not often associate with this form of artwork, to our knowledge we don’t know of any other airports that have welcomed street art on their buildings.

Add Fuel 's street art mural, Stavanger Airport, Nuart 2017. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

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Add Fuel 's street art mural, Stavanger Airport, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

Add Fuel Stavanger Airport Street Art Mural

For his mural, Add Fuel has continued with his ongoing project which sees him reinterpret the langue of traditional tile designs, specifically referencing the Portuguese azulejo tiles. 

To contextualize his street pieces outside of Portugal, Add Fuel has been researching other traditional patterns from the regions in which he is working.

Earlier this year we caught the Add Fuel’s mural in Aberdeen, Scotland while we were in town for the Aberdeen edition of NuArt. His Aberdeen piece saw him draw inspiration from the tiled floors found in many of the cities' older shop doors as well as the Victorian tenement flats.

Add Fuel 's street art mural, Stavanger Airport, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

For this work, his second in Stavanger, Add Fuel designed a reworking of the traditional ‘RosemÃ¥ling’ patterns taken from the Rogaland region in Norway. Using 10 colours and 3 layers of stencils to build up the patterns on the surface of the building.

Of the work Add Fuel has described the pieces as “a dimensional and formal exploration of overlapped patterned repetition in a non-linear surface where two apparently familiar elements coexist in the same space”. The mural is the second of his “Disruption” series which he has been developing around the Rosemaling style.

Add Fuel 's street art mural, Stavanger Airport, Norway. Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

The completed mural by artist Add Fuel was painted outside Stavanger Airport, Norway.

For even more street art in the city, why not check out our Street Art City Guide to Stavanger, Norway which features photographs and a Stavanger street art map with the locations of some of our favorite murals and street art pieces.

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