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The month of January was unusually busy on the streets of London. Despite the cold winter weather, we saw a large amount of activity from the cities street artists with a number of large scale works and smaller pieces being installed including some new murals from London street artist Fanakapan, Mr. Cenz, Dan Kitchener, Ant Carver as well as new works from visiting street artists Alice Pasquini from Rome and American street artist Eddie Colla.

Continuing our series started last year we present here a selection of our most liked photographed from January that we shared on the Hookedblog Instagram Account. Our selection features new works from David Shillinglaw, Invader, Smok, and Ant Carver, have a look at the images below.

05. SMOK

Diving straight into 2018 we kicked our year off on Instagram with this cracking mural by Street Artist SMOK. This impressive swimming polo bear was painted by the Belgian street artist in Antwerp.

We photographed this work late last when while we were on a street art hunting trip in the Belgian city. We have given a massive shout out to Tim from StreetArtAntwerp for showing us around his city and introducing us to the mural work of SMOK.

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04. Invader

A classic mosaic piece in Paris from the French Street Artist Invader which we spotted while biking around the 13th arrondissement of Paris after a visit to the city to catch the artist's superb exhibition 'Hello My Game Is...' at Le Musée en Herbe which had been extended to early January.

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03. David Shillinglaw

Painted back in September of 2017 by London based artist David Shillinglaw, we here at Hookedblog somehow missed this colourful mural. Shillinglaw painted this piece on the wall at Zetland House close to Old Street in East London which has previously been painted by Dale Grimshaw and more recently by street artist Dan Kitchener aka DANK who repainted the wall just two days after we photographed the Shillinglaw mural pictured above.

02. Ant Carver

We just love it when street art paste-ups get to run long enough on a wall that they begin to change and break down as the paper is aged by the elements resulting in interesting textures just like this vibrant Ant Carver piece in Shoreditch.

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01. Hookedblog Best of 2017

Our most liked post of the month was of course our best of 2017 collection of images shared on our Hookedblog Instagram throughout the year. We compiled as many of our favorites as we could squeeze into this short video clip featuring far too many street artists to name here. Check out the video above.

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