Eye-catching pasteups by Ant Carver in Brick Lane


There has been a boom in wheatpasted artworks going up on walls across East London of late which we suspect is in part due to the unusually warm few weeks we have had in September/ October here in the city. From screen printing to collage to hand painted the walls of Shoreditch and Brick lane have seen a lot of new pasted up works.

One of those artists installing work recently is Hackney Wick based artist Ant Caver. The artist has been back in the Brick Lane neighbourhood and installed two new hand painted wheat pasted posters. As with some of his previous street works traces of which can still be seen (see last image below) Ant Carver has continued with his ongoing series of striking monochromatic portraits with layers of bright abstract elements painted over the image. The artists two new works one male and one female are both pictured his here.


Picture of the entire piece from Ant Carver located just off Brick Lane on Buxton Street.


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The second of the new Ant Carver pieces located on Bethnal Green Road next to the Shoreditch Overground Station, and below an older piece that  also in the same location than has begun to be aged by the elements.


Ant Carver on Instagram — @Antcarver

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Eye-catching pasteups by Ant Carver in Brick Lane
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