Vibrant new works by Street Artist Ant Carver in Shoreditch, London

With fashion week in full swing it would appear the catwalks are not the only place you’ll find models looking back at you, the walls of East London recently saw two new artworks installed featuring Jourdan Dunn and Amina Blue.

The two new hand painted wheat pasted posters are the work of Hackney Wick based street artist Ant Caver (Previously on Hookedblog) who recently returned to the Brick Lane neighbourhood and installed the posters. Ant Carver has been pasting works along the Bishopsgate Goods Yard Wall that runs from Shoreditch Overground train station, along Sclater Street down to Brick Lane for some time now.

Battling for space with the flyposter companies who have plastered large parts of the wall, we were pretty surprised to see that two of his previously installed works are still visible on this wall, both of which have now been up for long enough that the works have begun to change as the elements begin to breakdown and weather the paper the works are painted on. We love seeing street works like these that have stayed up long enough for the process to happen, which you can see in some of the pictures below.

One of Ant Carver's older works installed last year that has begun to age and wheather with the elements.

Close up deatils of the first of two new street art paste ups by Ant Carver.

The new pieces see Ant Carver continue with his ongoing series of striking monochromatic portraits with layers of bright abstract elements which are painted over the image. And as with some of the artists other works such as this Inka Williams portrait mural previous painted on Commercial street, these pieces see him once again use the work of fashion photographers as reference for the pasteups.

The first of two new works from Antcarver pasted up onto the wall of the Goods Yard on Sclater Street, based on a image taken by London based photographer Jens Langkjaer of English fashion model Jourdan Dunn.
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The second new work from the artist is based on an original image taken by photographer Zavier De'Angelo and featuring Amina Blue.

Wider shots of the Goods Yard wall with three of the four works Ant Carver currently has running along the wall.

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