Street Art: Our Most Liked Photos

In our ongoing street art gallery blog series we started this year, we have been sharing our most liked street art Instagram photographs from each month as selected by you are followers based on your likes and comments. 

Our October selection of photographs features works from artists Invader (Previously on Hookedblog), ROA (Previously on Hookedblog), Resto, Ant Carver (Previously on Hookedblog) and Outings Project —  have a look at the collection of images below.

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05. ROA 

We recently traveled to Belgium taking in Gent and Antwerp on our visit. We took the time to catch Belgian street artist ROA's 'Cataclysm' exhibition, his first Belgian show in four years. While we were traveling we also caught some of the artist's street work including this great piece in Gent.

If you find yourself in Belgium anytime soon be sure to visit the exhibition as ROA's Cataclysm exhibition runs At The Gallery until the 7th January 2018 so plenty of time for you ROA fans out there to get yourselves over to Antwerp for a visit.

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04. RESTO 

We spent a few days cycling around Antwerp and Gent in Belgium where we have introduced to the work of artist Resto. We found a number of the artists work around Gent including this great canal-side mural pictured which features a painting of the house owner and his pet dog. 

While in Gent we also stopped by the artist's very own bar, Jigger's where they serve some awesome cocktails, just want you to need after a day of cycling around the city. Be sure to stop by if you visit Gent.

Jigger's, Oudburg 169000 Gent

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03. Outings Project 

The work of French artist Julien de Casabianca who in 2014 launched his Outings Project, which consists of him bringing paintings from museum walls into the streets. 

The above large scale piece was installed in Aberdeen earlier this year as part of the first edition of the NuArt Aberdeen festival.

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02. Invader 

This classic mini CCTV mosaic by French street artist Invader in the City Of London opposite Liverpool Street Station was recently re-installed by the Invader reactivation team. 

The restored piece labeled LDN_099 is looking good as new and you will be able to flash the restored piece with the Invader Flash app earning yourself some points in the game. Available for free on iOS and Android, the Flash app is a reality game based on the streets of the invaded Invader cities around the globe.

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01. Ant Carver 

London based street artist Ant Carver has been a regular on the blog with his series of colorful hand-painted paste-ups and mural work across London. 

We recently featured some of the artists' new works that appeared in Shoreditch and the above piece was one of the new works from the artist. If you missed our feature you can still catch it here — Vibrant new works by Ant Carver in Shoreditch, London.

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