ROA's 'Cataclysm' Exhibition in Antwerp, Belgium*

Street Art Mural in Ghent, Belgium featuring work from street artist ROA

Hookedblog were recently in Antwerp having been invited to check out some of the Street Art in Flanders as part of a visit organised by Visit Flanders. We spent a few days in Belgium seeking out the street art in Antwerp as well as Ghent, two cities we have not visited before. We will be sharing our extended street art city guides from both locations on the blog soon.

One artist whose work we were certain we would see on our visit was that of Belgian street and graffiti artist ROA (Previously on Hookedblog). Hailing from Ghent, ROA is international known for his large scale black and white murals. With an interest in anatomy and the animal kingdom ROA’s murals often feature wild / urban animals and birds that are usually native to the country the mural in being painted in.

While exploring the streets of Ghent and Antwerp we did indeed discover some of ROA’s murals including some of those pictured here but not as many as we had hope. And while we didn’t track down as many works as we would have like to have seen, while in Antwerp we did actually managed to catch with the elusive artist himself.
  Street Art Mural in Ghent, Belgium featuring work from street artist ROA

We found these sleeping rabbits bt ROA in Ghent, Belgium.

Street Art Mural in Ghent, Belgium featuring work from street artist ROA

Street Art Mural in Ghent, Belgium featuring work from street artist ROA

One of ROA's birds joined by another Belgian artist Bue along the canal in Ghent, Belgium.

Gallery work by street artist ROA

'Cataclysm' Exhibition

ROA, unlike most street artists, is not on social media and it was only after our arrival in Antwerp that we learned of the news of an exhibition from the artist. With a few weeks before the official opening of the exhibition, we dropped ROA a message on the off chance he might already be in town ahead of the show. Within an hour we were excited to get a message back inviting us over to the gallery for a sneak peek of the show.

Later that afternoon we found ourselves catching up with ROA at the gallery space. We learned that the exhibition titled 'Cataclysm' is ROA’s first show in Belgium in four years and what a beautiful space for the show. At The Gallery hosting the exhibition is an impressive large gallery space, bathed in lots natural light and is where ROA produced this all-new body of work during a six-week artist in residence period in the gallery space.

With a number of the large scale works still in progress ROA asked us not to share too many photos online ahead of the shows official opening, so below are a small selection of images we took during our visit.

ROA's Cataclysm exhibition will run At The Gallery until the 7th January 2018 so plenty of time for you ROA fans out there to get yourselves over to Antwerp for a visit. Here at Hookedblog, we are already planning our return visit to Antwerp for a second visit to the exhibition now that all the works have been finished.

Belgian street artist ROA at work in his studio

ROA at work on one of the large pieces painted on wooden panel reclaimed from an old church during his six-week residency in the gallery.

Belgian street artist ROA at work in his studio.

Belgian street artist ROA at work in his studio.

The exhibition opened to the public on Saturday 7 October 2017 and will run at the space until the 7th January 2018.

Location: At The Gallery - Leopoldstraat 57, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

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*We were guests of Visit Flanders, however, all opinions are our own.
For more information about Antwerp, visit the official Visit Antwerp website.


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