Collection of Street Art shared on Hookedblog's Instagram in May 2017

At the start of the year, we began sharing a collection of some of our most liked street art photographs from the Hookedblog Instagram account here on the blog as part of a new monthly series on Hookedblog. 

Despite the platforms ever-increasing numbers, it seems not all of you are fans or users of the increasingly popular photo-sharing application. And as such we have been sharing a monthly selection of images as chosen by our you on our Instagram, with the photographs based on the most liked street art images from that month.

Hookedblog Street Art Selection for May

So we are way behind in our monthly posts in this series as we have been a little busy traveling. But for those of you who have been following the street art series since the start of the year, here it finally is our May selection of photographs from our Hookedblog Instagram. 

This month's street art selection features artworks from street artists Boe & Irony, C215( Previously on Hookedblog), Darren John, Alice Pasquini, Cosmo Sarson, and Miss Me.

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05. UK based street and graffiti artist Boe and Irony

This spikey fellow proved very popular with those of you following us on Instagram. The work of artist duo Boe & Irony this hedgehog mural can be found in Walthamstow, East London.

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04. French Street artist C215

French stencil artist C215 aka Christian GuĂ©my was in London on a short visit back in May for his solo exhibition Spitting Blood at East London's Stolen Space Gallery. 

The exhibition featured a new body of work from the Parisian street artist that focused on famous musical figures from Amy Winehouse to David Bowie to Tupac Shakur to name a few. 

While in town C215 also took some time to hit the streets with a series of his delicate multi-layered stencil portraits including this piece pictured featuring Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones which can be seen on Osborn Street just next to Stolen Space Gallery.

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03. Artist Darren John

Vibrant mural from London-based artist Darren John painted by the artist on these wooden doors along Cheshire Street just off Brick Lane in East London.

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02.Alice Pasquini

Earlier this year we traveled to Scotland, visiting Aberdeen for the first edition of NuArt Aberdeen Street Art Festival which saw the team behind the internationally renowned Nuart Festival from Norway invite 11 international street artists to bring a splash of colour to The Granite City.

One of those street artists invited to take part in the festival was Italian street artist Alice Pasquini who we caught up with at work on this mural pictured above along with a number of other works featured on the site in the post below.

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01. Cosmo Sarson

Artist Cosmo Sarson well knows for his large-scale mural depicting an image of a breakdancing Jesus Christ in Bristol opposite Banksy’s iconic Mild Mild West work. 

The artist hit up the ever-changing wall on Pedley Street just off Brick Lane with this impressive pictured mural above. Unfortunately due to this big traffic area, the work was somewhat short-lived, getting tagged up and then shortly painted over.

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Bonus Image- Miss Me

Canadian based street artist, Miss Me based out of Montreal was passing through London in May and installed a series of her large-scale black and white paste-ups in and around Shoreditch and Brick Lane.

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