French Street Artist C215 Installs New London Stencil Work

The start of May saw us here in London get a visit from French stencil artist C215 aka Christian Guemy. The Paris-based street artist was in London for his solo show Spitting Blood (Previously on Hookedblog) at East London gallery Stolen Space. The show is currently on show at the gallery until the 28th May and saw the artist create a series of multi-layered stencil works based on musical icons from Amy Winehouse to Mick Rock which C215 sprayed onto vinyl records for the show collection.

01 — Lemmy of Motorhead by C215 can be located on Buxton Street, London.

New C215 Stencil work in London

As with C215's previous London visits over the years, the street artist took to the cities streets with his spray paint and stencils installing a series of both one and multicoloured stencil works around East London. The highly detailed multi-layered stencil pieces also saw the artist continue the theme from his solo show out into the street and new street works also featured some musical icons. In total, we found six stencil piece from the artist which feature Amy Winehouse, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, Lemmy of Motorhead, French Rapper Booba, Iggy Pop and for all you cat lovers a cat stencil on Sclater street.

We were also fortunate enough to bump into C215, busy at work on Osborn Street putting the finishing touches to his Amy Winehouse stencil piece. If you are in the neighbourhood be sure to go look for the new stencil works from the artist and if you find any additional work that we have not shared let us know. Below are the stencil works we found along with the locations should you want to see them in person.


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02 — The completed Amy Winehouse stencil work by C215 on a red London postal box, located on Osborn Street just next to Stolen Space Gallery.



03 — C215's Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones can been seen on Osborn Street just next to Stolen Space Gallery.



04 — French Rapper Booba makes an appearance on Brick Lane via one of C215's Black and White stencils.



05 — Iggy Pop features on a door located on Brick Lane close to the Beigel Shop.



06 — For all you cat lovers, C215 has sprayed a new cat stencil to the city adding to some of those he previously left on the streets of London. We have previously shared a post on the blog featuring a collection of these stencil cats. You can see the post here: C215 's Clowder of Cats. The new piece from the artist can be found on Sclater Street in East London just down the street from Shoreditch Overground Station.


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