Buff Monster's Seven Deadly Sins street art mural for Montreal's Mural Festival

We have been in Montreal, Canada the last week for the 2016 edition of Mural Festival. While in town we got to meet and hang out with New York-based street artist Buff Monster.

Artist Buff Monster' Montreal Street Art

The artist was one of 16 invited artists taking part in this year's MURAL festival(Previously on Hookedblog). We caught up with Buff Monster while he was working on his large wall for the festival and spent some time in the scissor lift shooting him at work over a number of days.

Featuring some of the artists' signature characters painted in a vibrant colour palette, the wall depicts the classic seven deadly sins, from gluttony to lust but all with a Buff Monster twist.

"I’ve been painting ice cream and ice cream characters for a long time, but the work is never about ice cream, of course. It’s a metaphor for life; our time here is limited and we’re constantly melting. 

I love still-life paintings from the Renaissance, but they didn’t have ice cream back then. So ice cream serves as a modern metaphor for a timeless theme", says Buff Monster.

Artist Buff Monster's at work Seven Deadly Sins wall for Mural Festival

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Buff Monster's Seven Deadly Sins wall for Mural Festival

Buff Monster's Seven Deadly Sins wall for Mural Festival

Artist Buff Monster portrait in front of his Seven Deadly Sins wall for Mural Festival

New York artist Buff Monster takes a break to pose for a quick photo.

With the wall complete, we joined Buff Monster, Dana Dynamite, and the Instagrafite crew to hit up one of Montreal's famous ice cream spots, La Diperie. Whipped ice cream on cones dipped in liquid hot chocolate and sprinkled with your topping of choice!! 

We had a dark sea salt chocolate sprinkled with toasted almonds, the perfect finish to a hot afternoon shooting the artist in the lift and also very fitting as ice cream features in Buff Monsters wall!!

Alongside his mural, Buff Monster was also in Montreal for a booking signing at Station16 Galley for his Stay Melty book with some other goodies from the artist also on sale. 

With his seven deadly sins wall such a hit with the locals the book quickly sold out, but we did manage to pick ourselves up one of Buff Monsters awesome triangle Illuminati Kitty pin badges (still available on the Buffmonster website).

Buff Monster's Seven Deadly Sins wall for Mural Festival

The mural is complete, time for ice cream. Buff Monster stands in front of the finished mural.

  Buff Monster's Seven Deadly Sins wall for Mural Festival

The completed Seven Deadly Sins Buff Monster mural is located just of Boulevard St.Laurent. in Montreal, Canada.

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