Montreal Mural Festival.

Montreal, Cananda — Hookedblog is back in Montreal for this years edition of Mural Festival (Previously on Hookedblog), we had a blast at last years event and as we were already in New York on #HookedblogonTour adventure we figured we would book ourselves a flight from New York to Montreal to see what was going down at this year's edition. With an Airbnb sorted we dropped our bags off and hit the streets of Boulevard St-Laurent.

Year on year MURAL seems to grow in size and scale with this year's 4th edition looking set to be the best one yet. As with previous editions, there is an extensive program of events running for the duration of the festivals from free bloc parties/gigs, exhibition launches, film screenings, art, food, music as well as all the artists painting murals right across the city until June 19th. During the street festival, traffic is closed on St. Laurent from Sherbrooke to Mount Royal, remaining open to pedestrians.

  Mural by street artist Other for Mural Festival in Montreal

The work of Canadian artist Other from a previous edition still looking great in the Montreal sunshine.

2016 MURAL Line-Up

The 2016 edition of the MURAL Festival has seen the team bring together another exciting group of world-renowned artists from 8 different countries, including: D*Face (UK)(Previously on Hookedblog), Buff Monster (USA), Meggs (Australia)(Previously on Hookedblog), Natalia Rak (Poland), Felipe Pantone (Spain), Grems (France), Klone Yourself (Israel), and Acidum Project(Brazil).

The festival will also host many well-known Canadian artists, including Fonki, Jonathan Bergeron, Zek, HSiX of A’Shop, X-Ray, Five-Eight, Jason Botkin, Roadsworth and Miss Terri.

Alongside the planned murals this year's festival will with see the creation of several temporary and semi-permanent original sculptural art installations; featuring artists Maser (Ireland)(Previous on Hookedblog), Felipe Pantone (Spain), Fafi (France), Stikki Peaches (Canada)(Previously on Hookedblog) and many others.

  UK street artist Dface at work on a mural in a lift for Mural Festival in MontrealUK street artist D*Face at work on this huge mural for the festival opposite their main festival stage.Matoe_HOOKEDBLOG_7799_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYCanadian street and collage artist Mateo takes the shot of his finished mural.
  Matoe_HOOKEDBLOG_0400_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYMateo's finished mural. MEGGS_HOOKEDBLOG_0371_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY

Australian artist MEGGS takes on the huge wall that last year saw some impressive work from Bicicleta Sem Freio(Previously on Hookedblog). We are loving MEGGS tropical colour palette he is using for his mural which looks set to be a worthy replacement to the Bicicleta Sem Freio wall.


Following on from his successful show at StolenSpace Gallery in London, Felipe Pantone (Previously on Hookedblog) is now in Montreal and working on the other large scale wall opposite MEGGS.


This is what Polish artist Natalia Rak's mural is looking like after just two days! We can't wait to see the completed work.

Stay tuned as we will be bringing you progress updates from the MURAL Festival while we are in town. You can also follow our Montreal adventure over on the Hookedblog snapchat for some behind the scenes snaps or join us on the Hookedblog Instagram for updates during the day. And with MURAL festival already at the halfway point here is a short video of what you have been missing.

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