Artist Nychos At Mural Festival, Montreal, Canada

In our continued coverage of this year's Mural Festival in Montreal, Canada we bring you photos of Austrian street artist Nychos' newly finished wall for the festival titled "Screaming for vengeance".

Artist Nychos Montreal Mural

Completed over 5 days, the large-scale mural located right on Saint Laurent Boulevard saw the artist battle with the Montreal weather working right through a number of rainy days in efforts to complete the work on time. Featuring a dissected /cross-section of a Python and Eagle with some impressive transparent effects, all executed in the artist's signature style he has developed over the years.




Nychos At Mural Festival, Montreal, Canada


Nychos At Mural Festival, Montreal, Canada

This year's MURAL festival cinema program hosted the North American premiere of the Deepest Depth Of The Burrow, a new feature-length fly-on-the-wall documentary film about lifestyle, art, and travel. Filmed by Christain Fisher, Deepest Depth Of The Burrow saw him follow Nychos and his crew, the Weird as they painted their way around the globe taking in cities such as Viena, Detroit, LA, Hawaii, Paris, Berlin, and more.

The American tour includes an additional three stops where you can catch the new film:

5th June 2015 / POW WOW Long Beach, Los Angeles / Art Theatre Long Beach
01st July 2015 / San Francisco / Castro Theatre

You can watch the film online on the Rabbiteye Movement youtube channel.
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