Stick it up: Shoreditch Street Art Stickers Edition 6

Who doesn’t love stickers! Every other artist we know nearly always has a handful in their back pockets or bag ready to hit a wall or lamppost or to share with their fans. It's been far too long since we shared a selection of East London street art stickers on the blog. The last edition of Stick it up: Shoreditch Street Art Stickers 5 was featured on the blog back in December so this our sixth edition in our series is very well overdue.

So here is our latest collection of what grabbed our attention recently as with the other editions some of the stickers we photographed are screen printed others had drawn, some super luxury screen printed vinyl stickers. Take a look at the selection below which features work from Insa, City Kitty, Darren John, PEZ, Vinnie Nylon, Eddie Colla, Bast, CA$H for your Warhol, A.CE, ABOVE, RX Skulls and a few others who names we are not so sure on. If anyone knows who the unnamed works are by be sure to let us know the artists names and we will update the post.


Street Artist Eddie Colla


Sticker work from PEZ and Vinnie Nylon, two artists who also collaborated on some larger work over the summer on some Shoreditch walls. We shared a selection of the work in this post; Colourful New Work from Spanish Street Artist PEZ in London.




City Kitty

New York based street artist Citty Kitty's work has been appearing on the streets of East London for some time now both his hand coloured stickers such as the one above along with his larger pasteups. His most recent visit to town was in June of this year and a number of his large works can still be seen up on the walls of Shoreditch and Brick Lane. If you are not in London you can check out some these summer piece in our post; New York Street Artist City Kitty Revisits London.


Darren John







A classic image from graffiti artist Insa who is known for his hand painted animated street art murals where online meets offline with the GIF-ITI project.


New York based artist CA$H for you Warhol.


If you missed out on our previous four Stick It Up Shoreditch Street Art Sticker features, we have included the links below to the other editions.

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