Shoreditch Street Art Sticker collection

Hookedblog continues to document the Shoreditch street art stickers that we find on a regular basis during our travels around London and while those of you following us the Hookedblog Instagram frequently get to see some of the street art tickers we have posted, we don't share often enough what we shoot here on the blog.

Shoreditch Street Art Sticker collection

Our last collection of stickers 'Stick it up: Shoreditch Street Art Stickers Edition 4' was posted back in June of this year.

As the end of 2016 is fast approaching we are hoping to continue this Sticker featuring into 2017 and hopefully made it more of a regular thing and not just once or twice a year as we have done in 2016.

We know there are plenty of you out there who love your street art stickers just as much we do so check out this edition selection below.

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One of artist Victoria Villasana aka Villain Art's street stickers 'Capitalism Will Tear Us Apart', spotted on Sclater Street some colored yarn she has woven into the sticker. Shared recently on our Hookedblog Instagram.

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Street Art Collective, The Toasters

Street artists the Toasters (Previously on Hookedblog) stickers have been a regular fixture on the streets of London since the early 2000s. 

For this ongoing series adorning street furniture around London and beyond the artists have been remixing their hand-cut vinyl Toaster stickers to create different cluster combinations of their work through the use of their iconic Toaster and colour. This cluster is located at the junction of Bethnal Green and Cambridge Heath Road.


Hand screen printed neon sticker from screen printer and artist Ben Rider.


'Endless Filth: New Sexy Hot' - Tart Card style sticker work by London-based street artist Endless.


The artist is unknown, but the character in the sticker looks a lot like Sir Philip Green to us with his bag of loot!


American street artist RX-Skulls stickers are a regular fixture on the East London streets.






If you missed out on our previous four Stick It Up Shoreditch Street Art Stickers features we have included the links below to the other editions.

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