Stavanger, Norway: A Street Art Hot Spot


Earlier this month Hookedblog were lucky enough to attend this years edition of NuArt International Street Art Festival held in Stavanger, Norway. Despite been seen as the centre of the oil industry in Norway, this coastal city with it's 18th and 19th-century wooden houses seems an unlikely location for one of the globe's street art hot spots. But Stavanger's streets are covered with street art which is for the most part down to the hard work of NuArt's founder and director Martyn Reed, who along with his teams have been hosting groups of international street artists from across the globe since 2005.

While we work our way through the photographs we took of this years artists we though we would share a selection of some of the art we captured around the city. Below is the first part of our Stavanger street art selection, a taster if you will with more to follow. Stay tuned!

C215_HOOKEDBLOG_5065_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEY French stencil artist C215 Vhils_HOOKEDBLOG_0678_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEY Striking Vhils work from a previous edition of NuArt Festival.

We loved finding German artist EVOL's multi layered-stencils pieces dotted around the city in which he creates realistic apartment buildings complete with satellite dishes out of various street furniture.



Great to see some of Dan Witz fun street signs still running in this beautiful part of the city, considering these pieces were not created this year they have done well to stay up. Witz was recently in London for a project with PETA and saw the installation of nearly 30 street pieces for the project, many of which have been removed/ stolen by so called fans!


Stencil artist JPS passed thought Stavanger during the festival leaving a number of un-official stencil works across the city. We say un-official in that he was not part of this years official festival line-up but neither were artists Bon and Alex Face who were also in town and collaborated with Martin Whatson during their time in the city. It is not uncommon at festivals to see other artists visiting and installing work, what with large crowds of dedicated street art fans it's one way to get your work seen.


Another of JPS's stencil pieces this time a miniature version of the piece some of you might recognise from an iconic spot in Bristol.
  BON_HOOKEDBLOG_0313_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEY Alex Face and Bon hit the streets with some Norwegian themed work.

The Nuart exhibition opened on Saturday 6th September and will continue at until October 12.
Tou Scene (Kvitsøygaten 25, 4012 Stavanger, Norway.
For a full program of event hit up the NuArt website.
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