Malarky, Sweet Toof & Mr Penfold

BANG! We're back in London after a whirlwind trip to New York and Toronto, hence the lack of posts on the blog, sorry about that. Kinda difficult to update from an iPhone so we figured it best left until we got back. We took alot of photos so we apologise in advance as it may be a little New York/ Toronto heavy next week.

In efforts to shake off our jet lag we got up early yesterday and checked out the Buff Monster exhibition at Stolen Space which opened while we were away. We also called into the newly opened Tony's gallery off Brick Lane with a Bortusk Leer show. On our travels we bumped into Sweet Toof who is just back from New York as well as Malarky who is just back in the UK from Barcelona. We got roped into assisting them carry some reclaimed shipping crate they had found on the street which might be used in Malarky's upcoming show with Billy at High Rollers Society. This followed a trip to Chrome and Black and a quick visit back to grab our camera and get right back into it as Sweet Toof and Malarky had lined up a shutter to paint. The gang were on fire and as it turned out one shutter became five, and next thing you know it's 3am and East London is looking a whole lot fresher.

After about the second shutter, Cambridge based artist Mr. Penfold made an appearance and also got stuck in on shutter number three. Good way to combat the Jet lag I guess and a fun evening hanging out with the artists, all the passerby's and drunks that stopped to ask if anyone was Banksy!


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the inefficiency of emotion said...

Crazy good! My 3 favourite artists of the moment all on one shutter.
Seeing Malarky's wolf and Penfold's men with SweetToof's Gnashers is awesome!! wish I had a shutter on my house to be coloured!

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