Street Artist Fanakapan debrand/ rebrand Mural in London, UK.

Earlier this month while taking a quick walk around Hookedblog ran into London street artist Fanakapan. We last caught up with the artist over the Christmas season when Fanakapan painted not one but two murals at a time when most are winding down and taking a break for the holiday seasons.

Artist Fanakapan' Hackney Street Art Mural

Both of those new works were featured on the blog in separate blog posts. Fanakapan's festive-themed reindeer mural has now been painted over but his second larger mural titled 'Follow The Leader' is still visible on Hanbury Street just off East London's famous Brick Lane.

Painted over two days Fanakapan repainted the double gates along the Regents canal on Canal Walk in East London. This location has been painted by the artist on a number of previous occasions some of which we have managed to photograph, others we have unfortunately missed.

Previously the gates at this location have featured a Festive Reindeer, Snoopy with his sidekick Woodstock painted as a helium balloon in a piece titled 'Woodstock Got High', a neochrome octopus, a Halloween pumpkin, and a 3D chrome smile face.

Street Artist Fanakapan debrand/ rebrand Mural in London, UK.

Fanakapan at work on his debrand/ rebrand Mural in London. February 2018.

Street Artist Fanakapan debrand/ rebrand Mural in London, UK.

Fanakapan debrand/ rebrand Mural

For the recent mural, Fanakapan has continued with his helium balloon series that he has perfected so well. With Valentine’s Day falling at the start of the month, Fanakapan picked up a LOVE helium balloon at his local supermarket.

Using some spirits to remove the printed graphics from the love heart-shaped helium balloon Fanakapan then painted the clear transparent balloon with some spray-painted smiley faces before photographing the repainted balloon to use as a reference for his piece.

Having more than mastered his technique for painting chrome helium balloons and objects with spray paint, Fanakapan has applied these skills to the latest piece giving the clear love heart-shaped ballon a three-dimensional quality so realistic it looks as if the oversized balloon is about to float off into the sky above.

Street Artist Fanakapan debrand/ rebrand Mural in London, UK.

The completed mural is located along the regents' canal on Canal Street and the artist has titled the mural debrand/ rebrand. Should you plan and visit the mural in person don’t miss the other mural by Fanakapan further along the street featuring one of the artists Neochrome Skulls!

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