At the start of 2017 we began sharing a selection of our most liked street art instagram photographs here on the blog as part of a new monthly series on Hookedblog. Despite the platforms ever increasing numbers not all of you are fans or users of the popular photo sharing application. And as such we have been sharing a monthly selection of images as chosen by our instagram followers based on the most liked images from that month.

April Selection

We have been a little busy here than usual as we are already well into May but below is our April selection of photographs from our Hookedblog instagram. This months selection features works from street artists Hyuro, Alex Senna, Jaune (Previously on Hookedblog), Add Fuel (Previously on Hookedblog) and Ricky Lee Gordan.

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05 — Hyuro 
The work of Spanish artist Hyuro aka Tamara Djurovic and painted for this year's edition of the Crystal Ship Festival in Ostend, Belgium. According to Hyuro, "This piece was inspired by the long-standing state in Belgium, an inconstant integral situation that lives every day to the limit of disintegration. Separated into two irreconcilable linguistic communities, with different cultures, along with old ethnic discords and other stories, are the basis of the crisis of this fragmented country. Researchers said that Belgium is the country that was the longest time without consolidating its own government, paradoxically, its capital Brussels is considered the European Union capital. It is said that if Belgium collapses, the European Union will follow its steps.

The image shows a person recomposing a broken pottery, it will be unthinkable to return it to its original state, neither to know how much it would be able to take once recomposed, not even how much it will be able to resist. Taking this from a more human perspective, this wall speaks about the fragility of life in all its aspects."

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04 — Jaune and Add Fuel 
Super fun collaborative piece from Belgian stencil artist Jaune (Previously on Hookedblog and Portugeuses street artist Addfuel(Previously on Hookedblog) painted on a side street in Aberdeen, Scotland for as part of the NuartAberdeen Festival.

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03 — Phlegm
UK street artist Phlegm painted this stunning large scale mural in Belgium, we featured this recent mural on the blog last month when we caught up with the artist at work on this magical new work. Follow the link below to see some of the close up detials of the mural as well as our pictures of Phlegm at work.

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02 — Alex Senna

São Paulo street artists Alex Senna returned to London ahead of his solo exhibition at the Unit5 Gallery in Hackney. The artist found some time to hit the streets of London painting a number of murals during his visit including this large scale work which is still visible on Hackney Road.

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01 — Ricky Lee Gordon
Top of our list this month is the large scale mural pictured above by Ricky Lee Gordon. Ricky is a self-taught artist born in Johannesburg South Africa and currently based in Los Angeles. Painted in Ostend, Brussels the mural text reads 'Throw a drop of water in the sea to prevent it from drying up'

So there you have it our April selection, let us know if you have a favourite photograph from our selection in the comments section below and be sure to head over and give us a follow on our Hookedblog Instagram account if you are not doing so already. And don’t forget to show us some love and hit the heart button on your favourite pictures and help shape the next selection at the end of the month.

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