Publisher Dog Section Press recently launched their crowdfunding project in effort to cover the printing costs for their upcoming publication 'Advertising Shits In Your Head (Strategies For Resistance)', a short book about subvertising.

Advertising Shits In Your Head will combine theory and practice in one short book about the modern subvertising movement and will feature Public Ad Campaigns, Brandalism, Special Patrol Group and Dr. D (Previously on Hookedblog). Dog Section Press are a not-for-profit publisher and all of their publications are printed with workers' co-operative Calverts.

Of the new publication Jordan Seiler of Public Ad Campaign has said,
"Advertising Shits In Your Head concisely describes, through unique first-hand accounts, the range of concerns adressed by today's subvertising community. From a right to the city argument, to the belief that advertising is the biggest obstacle to avoiding catastrophic climate change, Advertising Shits In Your Head envisions a movement looking far beyond culture jamming and corporate identity sabotage." 

Bill Posters of Brandalism who is also featured in the book says,
"Advertising Shits in Your Head gives form and context to culture jamming practices in the 21st Century. It is an important contribution on the path to realising the possibilities of creative practice as a vehicle for social change. Providing important theoretical and historical context that unites the twin strands of activism – creativity and resistance – it shows how creative minds are getting together in the age of digital networks to hack space and place, and challenge the presence of capitalist values within our public, private and cultural spaces. Advertisers most definitely shit in your head: this book is here to stop them."

Protestencil took to the streets of London over the weekend and installed an Advertising Shits In Your Head cutout stencil piece fixed directly over bus shelter advertising in a number of locations in support of Dog Section Press' crowdfunding campaign. As these are digital, the adverts and colours behind the stencils are ever-changing but the Advertising Shits In Your Head message is constant.

Crowdfunding Details

To help ensure Dog Section Press raise the fund to publish this book head over to their Advertising Shits in Your Head Crowdfuner website where you can pledge from £3 to £200 pounds towards their £3000 printing costs for the publication. 

As with many other crowdfunding platforms, each pledge will allow you to claim a reward ranging from a Pre-ordered copy of the Advertising Shits In Your Head book to a takeover of a billboard in your honour! There is just 50 days left for Dog Section Press to reach its crowdfunded target so click the link above, pledge some money and get yourself a copy of the book.

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