Street Artist Dr.D - Shoreditch Billboard

Street artist Dr.D (Previously on Hookedblog) has been hitting the east London streets again over the May bank holiday weekend. Known for his billboard cut n paste modifications and subversive poster takeovers the artist installed two new works over the weekend.

As with most of the artists' work it often has a very short lifespan as the media companies tend to replace the adverts on a regular basis, so you need to keep your eyes peeled if you are to catch his work in person on the street. We were fortunate to catch both of these new pieces from the artist, one a billboard takeover on Hackney Road, and the second a paste-up/ installation on Shoreditch High Street.

  DRD_HOOKEDBLOG_8348_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY Dr.D Billboard takeover located on Hackney Road, London.DRD_HOOKEDBLOG_8341_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY
Dr.D's paste-up/ installation located on Shoreditch High Street, London opposite the ACE Hotel.


Both works feature media tycoon Rupert Murdock with Dr.D changing the wording of Sky, the satellite broadcasting company to Sly as well as altering their tag line from 'Believe In Better' to ' Believe in Bitter'. The Shoreditch High Street work also saw the artist install a satellite dish spray with the altered 'Sly' logo. Dr.D has created a SLY TV website, which suggests that 'At Sly, we listen to you. All the time.'! The Tumblr page has been set up to tie in with the project on which he has shared the below short video of him installing the two works pictured here. The site also suggested that as he may or may not have manipulated and ‘hacked’ advertising space online as well as in real life which may have brought you to the Sly site.

Of the project Dr.D has said; "This intervention was brought to you by Sly Television. You may have come here by clicking through an ad for Sky Television or any of its affiliates. This site and this project has no formal connection with Sky Television, Sky News, BSkyB or any of its entities. But we do think that Rupert Murdoch is the closest real life thing we have to Gargamel or an evil Bond villain." You can see the installation of the works in the film below:

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